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  1. Buff cash drops

  2. HTTPS

    YES! Secure the site and speed it up. +1
  3. Forums Notifications

    i would really love if I could more easily access this! Also maybe update the way you can see where posts you follow are. It's kind of hard to find for those new to this forums. If you click your username and go to recent activity you can see the posts you are following or have commented on.
  4. Staking Cash and Trading items

    I'd like to see how this poll turns out. Quite controversial.
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

    Congrats to all 3 of you! Keep up the hard work!
  6. Buff Infernal Adze

    Thanks for the response in poll! Seems like most are content with the way it is
  7. Buff Infernal Adze

    So the infernal adze is a almost essential to a skiller. The current state of it is all out of whack though. Currently, you need 80 woodcutting to use it. This simply makes it almost redundant, because you cannot utilize it's full effects. I believe for it to be worth the grind of agility we should allow it to be equivalent to a rune axe; Allowing us to use at level 41. Thus we would be able to continue the Wc grind through low level trees, allowing us to train firemaking at the same time, like it was originally intended for. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion, and I would like to hear all players thoughts regarding this, especially people who play as iron-men or skillers.
  8. Game Updates | 14th July 2019

    Thanks dread! Love this open dev blog! Clear and concise and thank you for explaining the lag/Dc's. There was a lot of assumptions and you cleared it up with this. Good work.

    @Encore, he will 2 trade double your bank. Trust. No scam.

    @Jessica Twas the most recent post in this category, so I never took a look at the dates. My bad.

    This is sketchy at best.
  12. what do we need more of

    I think this is an excellent idea. We donated for extras. I'm sure all PVM'ers would love this. Notice how only pkers are against the idea and suggest we go to wildy.
  13. Buying ROW (i)

    Buying ROW (1) 850m. Pm Ankou in game. Was bought, thanks to all who showed interest and pmed me. Just goes to show that you should make forum posts.
  14. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn, i'm big safe now
  15. Price Guide

    Thanks Megaman for attempting a detailed price guide. The server is still new so prices are in extreme fluctuation. Please be patient.

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