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  1. Cruz's Resignation

    Cruz for Admin again!
  2. the un-Perm-banning of fred

    I completely agree with @Mularich on this we do not need toxic people on the server. We need a player base which will help each other and grow together. Not undermine each other.
  3. Ldi Title Suggestion

    Love the idea!
  4. Bandos Avatar

    There's no way to tell how much time until Avatar spawns, which is what we want
  5. 2B Exp Max Cape

    2B Exp Max Cape Before the reset a 2B Max Cape was in the works of being created, that being, a cape available only once you have a completed all achievements and 2B exp in all skills. As of now, I have yet to hear about implementing it into the game. Many players have already achieved a comp cape and feel like they need something else to keep them going. So why not this? The cape has already been created by Dread previously and just needs to be coded into the game. Benefits: I believe the cape should be BIS, thus, it should have the following stats: - Stats of a God cape (i) Comp - Stats of a Infernal Comp - Stats of a Assembler Comp With these 3 stats combined it would be BIS for any style of combat without having to change capes. Cost: Can be purchased for 1B cape. OR Can be purchased for 500m, infernal cape, vork head, and a god cape (i).
  6. Trading post poll

    @Cayleb Why not keep the trading post but make it so the currency is gp instead of tokens. Thus, high quantity items such as skilling supplies, potions, food and low tier armour and weapons can be sold on it. Keep the expensive items sold player to player.
  7. 3rd age

    How much?
  8. buying red/green h-ween

    Ill offer 1 gp more! pm me!

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