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  1. Lime Pick

    Currently, the lime pickaxe acts as a rune pick. If possible please buff the speed to that of the dragon or a bit faster, please. Aesthetically, it's quite beautiful but as aforementioned, it needs improvements in functionality.
  2. White Inferno Cape

    I contend that it doesn't offer you, nor the community a "purposeful" benefit as it is simply a troll item attainable like the one in a million lime whip. However, the reasoning isn't to create or do anything meaningful but to add a gimmicky addition to the game for those cow challengers and it takes fives mins to recolor an inferno cape and composite the animation.
  3. Just a Show of hands

    PvM, merchanting and making friends.
  4. White Inferno Cape

  5. White Inferno Cape

    I'd like to have a white inferno cape added to the cow droplist. Here is the concept art:
  6. New Lead Developer

  7. What about an opt-in option for notifications that will give you a feed of current forum activity.
  8. Highest Priority Suggestion

    Well, when raids come out scythes will be subsequently added back into the game along with other desirable endgame weapons.
  9. The Future of Near-Reality

    This is dreadful, but I do hope he makes a return less the frag store remain in Halloween purgatory.
  10. Buying Ava's Assembler

    Buying Ava's Assembler PM in-game
  11. blowpipe range

    -1 support Blowpipe already op doesn't need a buff.
  12. Trade Post Command for LDI/RDI

    +1 Sure why not! Great server supporters such as yourselves should be awarded more convenient tools to make your play experience more enjoyable.
  13. Slayer Master Teleport

    I'd like to suggest that the slayer rings be modified to allow players to teleport directly to their perspective slayer masters at no charge or at the meager cost of one ring charge consumed. What is wrong with the current teleportation system via skills teleports? Well, the difference of selecting option after option to reach your slayer master is quite apparent compared to other skill teleportations where you may stay for prolonged amounts of time, but as many know slayer requires the repetitive action of taking on new tasks and this can be mind-numbing going through the process frequently, so my aforementioned solution will improve upon and better the experience of the community and those seeking to conquer the two billion milestones will be grateful.
  14. Lottery

    That's an interesting idea; having a timed unlimited pot would improve upon the current lotto system.
  15. Lottery

    I believe there should be a set limit on the number of tickets one can purchase. Who's to say someone won't purchase 8/10 of the pot and win 80% of the time. In addition to limiting the number of tickets, I'd like to see the lottery changed to a weekly basis and the pot to an unlimited one. The change would make the lotto a more exciting and enjoyable experience to look forward to.

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