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  1. Proposal for a launcher with an OS buddy like interface to include: XP tracking interface that includes XP per hour, highscores, trade post avg values, item search etc. Would make it UI friendly and also SUPER convenient for all players. And in my opinion a much need feature if you're looking to attract players.
  2. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    ah yes, 2+ weeks and only two minor updates. Eta till server dies?
  3. Simply put, ran into getting a reward from treasure trails, however i cannot wield it. That item being the magical watering can. Which, it's a rare, and has a handle so why not? and I'm not sure what the full list of rewards that there are. But if any other rewards have the same issue, to be fixed. Can't be proud of a Rare if you can't show it off.
  4. Advertisement?

    "stop working on raids" "theres a bunch of good suggestions that could add content to the game" "focus on advertising instead of the game" Make up your mind. Also, advertising the server won't at all impede the developers who are working on raids. But hey, someone as dense as you wouldn't understand that
  5. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Harmless as it may be, it still takes time to implement it. Time that could be used towards actual improvements/ content additions. -1
  6. LDI Prayer

    I agree, sadly you can't specify who can or can't vote, so a poll is completely useless for this. Just wish an important person who can change it sees it and actually considers it
  7. LDI Prayer

    I know there's going to be a lot of Non LDI player's who will disagree, simply because it doesn't affect them. But my suggestion is for LDI players to have Unlimited prayer (like it is on LDI and RDI) for all donater islands. In OG NR, for RDI it was unlimited prayer everywhere, which can be seen as too op, however this is strictly just donation areas and only for LDI players vs it being RDI and LDI.
  8. Armor Dyes

    just a quick suggestion, and quite honestly a long shot. But I feel as though it'd be a pretty neat feature, 1. For fashionscape, and two. slight boosts for pvm, maybe even pvp. Simple as it sounds, armor dyes. The ability to dye armor colors to give them a different aesthetic with just base color dyes and also the ability to get rare dyes that have slight boosting/ particle effects. IE: like an abyssal dye that can dye armor black for PVP armor or regular armor as well. It would give players much more variety and more uniqueness. And give players something to PVM more for/ boss for more.
  9. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    what drops fero gloves?
  10. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    +1 There's a lot of things lacking that don't grab players used to be daily, if not hourly events that had players on just for those. Voting events, holiday events, and other spurious events that people could expect during the day. There's been 0 advertising, there still aren't any raids. And there's no excuses left at this point. Either fix this shit or give the server to someone who gives a damn and wants to make it great again and put it in the top 10 on vote sites... The nostalgia factor is gone, and the pking train is gone as well. This isn't 2008 anymore, this isn't the after effects of RuneScape getting rid of the wilderness which is what drove people here.
  11. So who's here from before 2015?

    December 2008
  12. This is Goodbye

    Nah, this is a first to be honest. Only times I went inactive was during deployments.
  13. This is Goodbye

    I'm sorry to say but I honestly just can't put any more investment into NR... After so many years of this server coming up and going down. Supporting it since 2008 and on through the multitude of the clone servers, I honestly just can't do it anymore. NR has lost it's touch, and quite honestly after dealing with the constant resets and take downs of this server alone. It just proves to me it's not at a good point, and even after this reset it is still in it's same momentum. Hate me for saying this if you want, but I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, and I feel as though my money has been wasted. Bye near reality, I do really hope you guys come back from this.
  14. HYPE

    The hype died a long time ago.

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