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  1. [Near] Reality Check

    Unfortunately as much love as we show this server. They don’t want to show us the same respect. it’s the miss communication from the so called developers with their false promises with little to no action and evidence. What they need to realise it’s that we are the fuel to this server and that without any updates or action that this server will surely die in the next coming month if not less.
  2. Despawned Npc

    The problem has been resolved, my only issue now is for how long until it happens again it wouldn't happen if they actually took care to look into the issue rather than going with turning it off and on again.
  3. Despawned Npc

    You really need to have a bigger look into why some Npc despawn without a warning and furthermore, don’t return. it’s not only bloody annoying when you only have access to a certain amount but even put who put lots of money into this server are being let down because even the bosses they kill despawn and don’t come back until a server restart. I can handle it happening to me because I haven’t donated you and quite frankly won’t until I can see a stable service to the server. Please, please please fix this issue because some of us love to pvm and with this happening making it increasingly difficult.
  4. Server Downtime

    Thanks for the long awaited update, god bless and hope the server gets the facelift it deserves!
  5. My Account

    Congrats on the anguish and all your other achievements so far
  6. Selling serpentine helm

    Serpentine helm in my tradepost 900 tokens

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