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  1. Buying bulk d pins nrgp

    Pm me on here or in game
  2. Despawned Npc

    Might see or hear of something getting done about it two weeks from now
  3. Despawned Npc

    Just seems like it’s one thing after another at this point
  4. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    What about cayleb promoted to developer? O.o
  5. Posin's entry

    I’m not mad I would of posted this if I knew it would of won
  6. Posin's entry

    You really won with this junk lol
  7. Server Downtime

    Been around before 2k17
  8. Turquoise Slayer Helm Powers?

    Go check with the slayer master in rewards it tells you all of them.
  9. vote

    Good idea but leave the slayer bosses for slayer
  10. We the Players

    + 1 to all of this other than abby demons 1/6000 drop. they are wayyyy to easy to kill and if we implement that it should be at least 1/10000
  11. Server Downtime

    Been around longer than you though lmao. At least I’m not hated by 99% of the community. Leave it to weens boyfriend to come save the day. All you do is talk shit about this server but still find yourself wasting your time here I don’t get it. Didn’t you quit already?
  12. Server Downtime

    Ween why do you still lurk the forums
  13. Server Downtime

    I’ve been around for 3 of them, this wasn’t an eco reset though.
  14. Server Downtime

    Why are you still bitching even after they gave us an update on what’s going on? It’s like nothing’s ever good enough for you plebs
  15. Server Downtime

    Thank you for an update Jacmob. hope to see this pull through

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