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  1. Mission success

    2 or 3 weeks ago, I came back with a hit list of players that I wanted to hunt and kill. Along the way, a lot of alliances were built and hell even a clan was formed and we did pretty well considering our hasty uprising. However, it may come as a slight disappointment to many of you that I unfortunately have no wish or time to properly organize and run a clan. I did it for the sole purpose of opposing the leaders of the pride. In the end, I realized that I had finished what I had come back for after running through my hitlist twice over with the help of some strong alliances. I think It's time for me to return to my training schedule in preparation for new challenges. All of this being said, here is a list of who I believe to be the top PKer's who currently play NR in no particular order Sanctuary/West Side El Chap0 I hate spots Death709 Swizz kekmen ( king obongo) Haze420 Noice Hermoine I'm sure there are more good PKers out there, maybe i just haven't caught them online. Special thanks to mr pk 16 and jorge for outstanding loyalty and scouting. Special fuck you to I am j0n and stiffygoat for their treason against the Maasai Tribe. You are both mediocre. you fear power and challenge. You only seek easy victory. For that you're both pussies in my book. I hope they eat you. And finally, what to do with all of the loot............ If you consider yourself a good NHer shoot me a pm on the forums and ill give you a little hookup to keep you rollin. other than that, I will no longer be online in game.
  2. PRAYER!

    Support. While it has definitely made things interesting, I'm tired of seeing my guys lose their key items not because they've been smited, but because they've used all of their resources before the fight has even started. I also support an increase in the power of the smite/SS prayers. Furthermore, Spots, this is for you.
  3. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    So down.
  4. Maasai Tribe

    Seems you speak fluent Maasai. You're in
  5. Maasai Tribe

    Atop a hill on a hot, dry day in the midst of a savanna, a pride of lions feast on the flesh of a freshly killed antelope. The lions fight over the flesh as it's the first prey they've seen in the vast, unforgiving landscape in many moons; however, as they struggle for dominance their gaze is diverted to an object in the distance. Is that a man running straight at them with a spear? No it's a distraction. A tribal warrior emerges from the carcass of the shredded antelope. Never mind how he got in there. Another leaps from a tree and how the fuck did that other guy get here so fast? They isolate the alpha lion, killing him and making quick work of the rest. The great lion has kept this savanna's ecosystem in check for many generations, but the warriors of the Maasai tribe emerge when the lions must be kept in check. We are the Maasai tribe. This is our rite of passage. Welcome to the hunt. Recruitment Criteria must speak fluent Maasai None. We'll train you. For those of you seeking to learn more about pvp, this is your golden opportunity. We're primarily a multi war clan with one strong competitor. Wars will be held between the Lions and the Maasai. We also participate in the singles scene, so those interested in that aspect are welcome to join us on some trips. we'll host internal clan wars for training purposes and pvp events for rewards. Current member count: around 20
  6. Share your kill log

  7. transfer device

  8. transfer device

    selling transfer device pm me
  9. buying di and die osgp

    title says is all folks pm me

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