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  1. Death NPC - Wilderness

    Include ALL untradeables, more risk going in to wildy. means that more ppl mabye pk and mabye some bosses in wildy coulde been buffed etc
  2. Clearing The Whole Game

  3. Clearing The Whole Game

    u still dident kill me
  4. Clearing The Whole Game

    naa was our first or secound time 1v1 sorry for posting 3 times X) my site dident show the 2 first postes
  5. Clearing The Whole Game

    Non of u have killed me so dont see u have cleard the game
  6. Buying and Selling Donations

    +1 mabye they will get something bigger donator zones aswell then like one for 2500$ or something , and do the zone bigger (ldi/rdi)
  7. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    Says the one who needs to use 500 alt accs
  8. Pins

    il take rest 2.5mea my fee
  9. Mysterious emblem

    5m on here is nothing... that way to low man.. And they shouolde bee dropable when u kill some1 who has it on them. and make bounty hunter stor more profitable... i have gotten 2 tier 10 this launch but cba with it becouse its nada to get there.. have around 15 emblems from 240 kills soo they shoulde be easyer to get.
  10. Player Base Enhancement Program

  11. The Pride

    Its not a new clan it's just bs from my cc x)) GF mate ,
  12. Helping me with comp cape

    +1 digi but just do edge dh pk or somthing with lime or a good speck wep. U can have alot of rng
  13. Credit Pin

    +1 whoulde been nice if those coulde been traded for 07 aswell. some ppl have alot of 07... and struggle to get nrgp soo or they can just do so di pins puts $ valuie on the acc.

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