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  1. Kinda curious...

    2010 I think
  2. Vet rank

    why you @ me noob
  3. Cruz's Resignation

    m8 ur in trouble now
  4. Cruz's Resignation

    Alright big man.. take it easy !
  5. Vet rank

    Cruz is retired so nice try
  6. Cruz's Resignation

    Yes.... now that people have protested against the decision ?
  7. Cruz's Resignation

    Are you being sarcastic good sir? Do we need to have a face off.. a 1v1 at mage bank? If basic decisions such as keeping a weirdo pedophile shithead banned then this game truly has no hope... not like people had much hope anyways. I've been out of the game for years now but this is just a simple common sense decision.
  8. Cruz's Resignation

    What a terrible decision to unban him lmao Good on you to take a stand! Now I have decided to reinstate you as staff as the new manager. Conratz
  9. Jimba's retirement

    All trolling aside congratulations on the contract ! Hope it goes well Sad to see you go, you were the only fun one on here! GLHF @Jimba
  10. selling 2b osrs [BTC ONLY]

    M8 I trust this as much as I trust a blind person driving
  11. So who's here from before 2015?

    i played nr since 2010
  12. Scorch4Vet

    I should be the one choosing vets you fucking donger
  13. Scorch4Vet

    shut up you suck too
  14. Scorch4Vet

    Give it an I'll be nice on shoutbox if not I just flame u forever

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