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  1. Rare Frag Shop

    Hey all, I 100% agree with you. A lot of staff members can attest that I am also a contributor for the prices for the items in the Rare frag shop to be lower than they were proposed (for example, Patrick's Cape was proposed to be 3,500 tokens, which was way too high in my opinion). Please use the following list. I want to ensure you all have the most up-to-date prices for your judgement:
  2. Game Updates | 21st January 2019

    I'm all for listening to players' ideas and updates, but posts like these are offsetting for me to do so, to be honest. Let me put it like this: this was a shit fucking comment yet again. <- my opinion that im entitled to btw That's a good way to spark some fire.
  3. Game Updates | 21st January 2019

    And we now have a first drop!
  4. Game Updates | 21st January 2019

    It is under the Hydra update section, you guess
  5. We will now be updating on Tuesdays. Dragon Hunter Lance (DHL) Changes & Other Hydra Items - The Dragon hunter lance now has a speed of 3 ticks, the same as a Lime whip. - It now will deal its 60% accuracy boost on KBD. - It now works against Vorkath. So, it should be the BiS now for dragons, topping even the Toxic blowpipe. - The Ferocious gloves now have +20 Strength bonus, being +5 higher than Primal gauntlets and +7 higher than the Goliath gloves. More on the Dragon Hunter Lance and the other Hydra items can be found on update 13.0.21: Wilderness Changes - The Bank pin interface will now not show up in the Wilderness. You will be, however, prompted to enter it upon leaving the Wilderness. - Fix Singles vs. Multi combat. - The Blood chest key's teleblock effect will now not be lost on relog. New Rare Frag Shop - The Beret mask has been added for 750 fragments. - The Ring of coins has been added for 1,500 fragments. - Patrick's Cape has been added for 2,000 fragments. Small Droprate Changes - Barrelchest Add Promethium gauntlets and Promethium boots as a 1/450 drop chance. The Chaotic rapier and longsword now drop at a 1/250 rate. - Corporeal beast Add Divine sigil as a 1/1000 drop chance. Tournament Changes - Regular tournaments now have targets be randomized instead of being the very next player to enter you or before you. - On death in the tournaments, the vengeance timer should now reset. In Regards to Starters We're dumb. So, we forgot to reset the database with all your IPs for the starters, hence why not many people got them. I have cleared the database of all usernames that were added before the 7th of December. So, maybe you can get a starter pack now. Idk, I got it. Also, ignore the starter in that picture. We have a new starter: Sorry for the inconvenience. Wiki Changes (credits @Jeremiah and @UimPsy) - Update Staff page - Giant Mole Locations + Drops update - Luminescent Icefiend Locations + Drops update - Update Bandos Avatar - Update Avatar of Creation - Update Premium info - Update E-Premium info - Update RDI info - Add info on middlemanning - Nex sets updated - Update Nex - Update Avatar of Destruction - Update Bork - Update Hope devourers Miscellaneous Changes - The "Check" option now works for the colored Slayer helms (not when equipped tho teehee). - The K/D ratio is now rounded to 2 decimal places, lmfao - The bug with items being lost when the front-most placeholder in a tab is deleted using the "Delete All Placeholders" button is now fixed. - Fix all bones being counted towards the Chaos alter achievement. - Add headset to sets dropped from Balance Elementals - General Graardor's herb drops are now noted (shoutout to @budda)
  6. shmeee mee shmoo mooo

    I'll have the bug fixed soon.
  7. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Multi zones? O.o Items notable, yeah. Skin colors, same reason as presets.
  8. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    That's not "riddled with bugs." Most of these issued were patched within hours. In regards to TP, it was only game breaking for the rich. Hence why we didn't consider it a need to update ASAP (since it annoys people when we do). Presets, sure. That's perfectly valid and I'm sorry on behalf of our development team about that. It was made by a developer who never tested his stuff and is not here anymore because of that.
  9. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Because your client is not up to date.
  10. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Tell me content that has been made this relaunch that has been "riddled with bugs." I really want to hear. I make weekly beta testing that goes tested for 2 days with input from as many staff members as possible. Tell me the riddled with bugs Hydra. Tell me the riddled with bugs Looting bag. It never happened.
  11. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2019

    Thanks I'll look at it this update.
  12. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Added them. Should be in live server.
  13. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    I added announcements for DWH, Steel Phat, and Imbued Hearts. Asked players for more, none said more. I'll add those ones.
  14. Just some QoL things

    We have some plans on making Spellbook swapping a perk of the Magic cape (with daily caps). Also, update 13.0.23 has added ::presets for RDI+, so hopefully addresses those needs.

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