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  1. The Pride

    wildy was empty tonight, pretty smooth
  2. I consider this an assault on my dignity, sirs, nice to have some more mobs in wildy though
  3. breaks on death

    fully agree

    I don't agree that it would make that much difference but do agree it would help at least somewhat; +1 This kinda thing shouldn't require a Suggestions thread though. Those prices should be updated on a regular basis regardless, perhaps monthly.
  5. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    Additions to OP Brawling Gloves: I forgot that Brawling Gloves are also 'meant' to give further bonus xp if used in wildy -- if that could be implemented too, that would be great (I checked and there currently isn't any further bonus xp, or at least not with the Smithing gloves. Smithing: Make All option (or Make X) Fishing: Rocktails spot in Wildy Resource Area - Idk if this is on purpose or not but the double resource doesn't count towards achievement, whilst Runite Ore and Dark Crab do. Haven't checked Magic Logs. Wildy Resource Area: If possible, again due to the addition of the 2b Xp Cape, make the double resource gain give xp (afaict it doesn't but admittedly I didn't check) Completionist Cape: Not sure how popular this would be (hence the slightly lighter shade of blue that nobody can tell is a slightly lighter shade of blue): Add alternatives to a couple of the comp cape achievements, specifically: (1) Reach a Kill Streak of 6 and (2) Trade in a Tier 10 Emblem. I don't know if everyone agrees but these two achievements seem quite out of place relative to the rest (as they are actual 'achievements', whilst the rest are just time consuming activities), almost as if they should be 'additional' achievements to get a slightly better comp. cape, or a comp cape with a pking-influenced cosmetic. The alternatives I have in mind would probably be: (1) Win a PvP Tourny with at least x Entrants and (2) Trade in x Coins worth of Relics from Revenants Micro
  6. RPKs

    Try outs?! This is the final team; show some respect, sir! It is literally just a team of people pking who aren't that good but will add to the activity of wildy without driving new players away, or maybe some of us are, I don't know, I just know that my switching is like that of an arthritic retard. NB: I don't care much for the clan name we settled on but it was late when we decided and we may change it at some point
  7. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    There's no point continuing this thread but i did also suggest that inf boots just be added to pkp shop, although they will probably just remain redundant forever if wizard boots are so cheap from die shop. Chap0, I don't think you can get coronavirus without leaving your custom-built bedroom
  8. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    Doesn't seem like you read my post or the further posts; I'm not definitively suggesting that an inf boots (kept on death) version be added to the server -- just that they are easier to acquire, or you only need to acquire them once. Right now, it is only wizard boots worth bothering with, as per the above posts.
  9. RPKs

    RPKs (reality pks) You will see the reason for the name explained below! A like-minded clan, focusing on a progression (or regression of sorts) of Near Reality [back] to its golden days, or at least a sufficient level of delusion to hope for such! We focus on fighting other pkers and only attacking as such primarily; we don't want to deter new players from continuing with NR and we just want wildy to be as enjoyable as it can be, whilst ensuring there is always a competitive environment in wildy. Original RPKs Members Leaders: Microdegen and Mneon Captains: Viten and Usa staker Lieutenants: Jackboy and Zpktaor Rules: 1. No attacking new players 2. No attacking non-pkers, unless they are members of other clans and/or are risking reasonable loot 3. No staking against other members of the clan Other Activities Whilst primarily a pk clan, we also do PvM and PvMers that wish to pk occasionally are welcome to apply for membership. Requirements for Membership 1. No affiliation with another clan or team, be it official or unofficial 2. Primary aim being to pk for fun and ensure the server grows in popularity; no, indadvertent or otherwise, deterrence of new players; only attack pkers and/or riskers and/or members of other clans Right now we are probably full but if you wish to register your interest, please do, and or look at making your own clans to contend and enhance the existing state of Wildy. The clan membership maximum will be subject to change but right now will stay at around 6, until NR population grows; we do not want to over-populate wildy; several smaller teams/clans are preferable. Micro
  10. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    That's what I meant by the last part of my most recent post -- with the existence of those, at that cost, you may as well just remove infinity boots from the game; they aren't worth bothering to farm for for pking, and they aren't worth bothering to farm for pvm.
  11. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    I agree to an extent that it's not ideal -- I mean, i guess the preferred situation is adding reg inf boots to pkp and/or other shops. I wouldn't suggest this for any other standard hybrid or tribrid item though for what it's worth -- maybe a shop on di or die would be a good option in fact to drain some gp? I'm aware that there is a shop on die to get wizard boots, mind, which aren't much different -- that said, if they render infinity boots pretty much redundant, that in itself is rather worrying; no item in-game should be redundant or not sought after.
  12. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    Problem is i probably spend too much time focusing on the structure and format and then forget half of the actual content! That's great! I would've liked to have put more specificity into it in terms of the exp bonus from the gloves, and the rectification of the redundant items, but I tend to get bored and lose concentration typing things out for too long! As above though, if players and devs are receptive to the idea, I'm happy to do the leg work with working out the preferred xp bonus per gloves, dependent on how fast the 2b cape should be relative to comp -- just give me a shout.
  13. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    Hadn't quite paid attention to it much but since starting playing NR again, I've noticed that Infinity boots seem to be in very short supply, with the only way to get them being Battle Mages, and at that, they aren't very common. With this in mind, my suggestion is: a somewhat rare drop from Battle Mages: Infinity Boots (kept on death) Perhaps 1:1000 drop rate? Alternatively, add regular Infinity Boots into PKP Shop and/or Mage Arena Shop -- perhaps 2.5k pkp per pair in the former? NB: Should all Suggestions threads be posted with a poll to check popularity?
  14. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    1. Brawling Gloves With the addition of the 2b xp Max Cape, I think it makes sense for Brawling Gloves to see an increase in the exp they grant; acquiring them should actually feel worthwhile -- right now, their effect is negligible. I previously estimated on average, with vote bonus exp, they give 3-3.5m bonus xp, which was already low, but I used the Thieving ones earlier on Scimitar stall and it was probably only 1.2-1.5m bonus xp -- bordering on not even worth bothering to put the gloves on so i can just keep my pvm gloves on and not forget them later! I don't know what is considered reasonable in this regard, but given that it would require around 40k Magic Logs with vote bonus exp to get max Woodcutting, which could take >300 hours (at 30 secs per 28 logs; not accounting for using wildy resource area), I would think a substantial increase would make sense -- right now, the cape would seem far too out of reach for a lot of players, myself included, and it shouldn't just be a fancy additional cape -- it should be a realistic alternative to Comp Cape (but still take longer than comp, of course) If there is any leg-work required on this to see what is reasonable, I'm happy to crunch the numbers in Excel -- obviously need to know what is reasonable first, of course, along with actual current xp bonuses of the gloves! 2. Other Skilling Suggestions With the advent of the 2b xp cape, also comes more people doing skilling presumably, and the things they notice whilst doing that; with that in mind, some quality of life suggestions (hopefully others can comment on this as I won't remember everything!): - All Skills * Chance to receive Starved Ancient Effigy, or the direct end product (Dragonkin Lamp), whilst skilling * Bonus Skilling Xp Events (be it a specific skill, a set of skills, or all skills -- although I think the former two would be more enjoyable and sociable) - Construction: Just that the xp, last time I did some chairs etc., was utter wank -- I don't know if there is a reason for this but if not, it would appear to need a boost all round - Herblore: Make All option for creating pots [if not much too difficult to implement] - Thieving: More options; Pickpocketing or anything that makes it less tedious than just Scimitars over and over - Hunter (specifically Implings): Remove redundant loot, or give gp values and/or purposes to all of the loot; e.g. Sinister Key is useless but can initially seem like a good drop to new players - Woodcutting: Same as above, in relation to Bird's Nest -- remove redundant loot, or give them purposes (much preferably, the latter) NB: Please also check out my other Suggestions thread (which I can't seem to hyperlink properly): 30649-various-suggestions Micro
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