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  1. Skilling Pets

    nice @crucio
  2. Just @crucio

  3. Combat Megathread

    Nerf korasi spec accuracy by 20%
  4. Broomba

    lmao it was literally an item i made to make fun of @crucio
  5. Death NPC - Wilderness

    I don’t think fire cape is that strong of an item to need it to break. Most people have and are using max or comp capes and those who don’t have either typically use imbued capes.
  6. ***This is regarding WILDERNESS - Safe Zones will remain the same!*** Hi, Over this relaunch there have been many aspects catering to older iterations of the server. With the removal of E-kits and other customs the average speed and damage output in PVP has decreased resulting in this thread. Smiting is a crucial aspect of PVP and should be the primary incentive of fighting opponents with stronger gear/weapons. I feel as if the mechanic of smiting is non-existent and prayer drain rates are too friendly in the wilderness at its current state. This thread is a proposal to increase the prayer drain rates, meaning, they will drain faster and in turn, hopefully, increase the frequency of which a "smite" occurs in both Edgeville PKing and deep multi/singles PKing. I am not going to set a target percentage vote for the poll but am rather looking for proper reasoning on why or why not. I feel as if this is a major required change to help move the wilderness in the right direction. One vote per player, any votes on alts will not be considered and infractions distributed. -not slim
  7. Death NPC - Wilderness

    Hi, With the Death NPC mechanics returning for Void armour and helms, we have decided to poll the rest of the untradeables and how they will react to him. These items include (deg items not included since they have regular protect values unlike the past); Rune Pouch Royal Seed Pod Comp Capes (all kinds) Max and Infernal Capes Imbued Mage Capes Kept on death rings Barrows Gloves Defenders Assembler Torso Since Death is returning, we have two main options on how to treat these items upon dying in the wilderness. They include; Same as previous iterations. This means everything listed above will have a buyback price (lower than it was in the past) aside from Imbued Mage Capes, KOD Rings, Assembler, Torso & Defenders. Prices will vary depending on the usefulness and stats of the item; eg Infernal would cost more than Max cape to repurchase. Every item listed above has a buyback price. Overall, the average price would be lower if this option is chosen. ***This only affects dying in the Wilderness*** Please leave feedback below and a single vote on the poll above. We will decide on the prices within the staff team and collect feedback throughout the first update which Death is re-released regarding prices and their feasibility. One vote per player, any votes on alts will not be considered and infractions distributed. -not slim
  8. PVP Related Suggestions

    This happened last time we changed lime and lava speeds; Rest are open to discussion.
  9. Celestial staff value

    Unholy book is auto kept on death, you should use the protect item prayer.

    Occult is too strong to be 2k
  11. Bringing up some memories

    broken set incoming
  12. Just @crucio

    @crucio @Iron Crucio
  13. LETS GO BIG!

    Lmfao learn some pking then come at me about that suggestion
  14. LETS GO BIG!

    I think participants should be allowed d spear and dds instead of r2h and d bow. Just my suggestion to make it more interesting.

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