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  1. Buying and Selling Donations

    I fully support this!
  2. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    Whats the point of grinding it all out to get reset every 3-6 months? Legit no point in playing then. And to add to your point, in less than 2 days regular players would already have caught up to irons.
  3. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    But also, it takes a long time for an iron te get decent "gear" to even start to pvm after a reset.
  4. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    Lets say, after when raids get released + the patches to fix some buggs. Might be worth to have a poll for it?
  5. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    And i get that dev's are working on raids, but if this topic gets support from others, then why not?
  6. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    What's the point of being an ironman then if you get your shit reset every 3-6months? It's way harder for ironman then reg accounts to get the same gear.
  7. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    Imagine saving up votes for a lime to have a reset announced just after you get it. Let alone for the donations on the forum for items.
  8. Protecting the ironmen acc's

    Not to be too harsh on the developers, but we haven't had that much content added on after the last reset. Also, if we (ironmen) kill other people that are pking, we can't pick their items up as well. So imo, it should work both ways. To add on your point, maybe we can give pk item drops (like the rev drops) if you kill an Iron man in the wildy, or a cash reward? Just some thoughts.
  9. Welp. I know that there are no reset coming in the near future (for now). But putting so much time & effort in to get the gear and then to have it taken away by a reset is a pain in the ass. So I was thinking, maybe we could make the items that ironmen drop disappear on the ground, instead of regular players being able to pick them up. Then there can't be a discussion that we could drop-trade to our mains after a reset. Since we can't pick up drops from other players, why should they be able to pick up ours? I think that it's a fair trade-off; losing the ability to drop-trade, but having our acc's protected against resets. Anyway, let me know what ya'll think of this. Cheers
  10. New From scratch series + 2 Dpin giveaway!

    Looks great! Good luck with the series!

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