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  1. Game Updates | 21st January 2019

    Nice updates, they were very needed. wilderness pin update is questionable but, I trust you lol
  2. Please add this back in game

    Lmfao, why not +1
  3. Various Suggestions

    I can confirm the wildy rss doubles count towards achievement. Even if you have 1 inv spot left, and it doubles, you won’t get the second/doubled item but it will still count towards the achievement (it gives you an error code but it still counts it) also agreed on wiki, it’s a pain in the ass to keep updated and I’ve offered to start editing it again but no one has responded to that so nothing I can do. Same at barrows, but I only go there for sets. I don’t remember the amount the runes drop in but death and blood do sell for a pretty penny at gen shop.

    It depends what time Sunday, cause I go to work at 4pm EST. If it's around like 12/1pm EST, I'll join
  5. Some nice kills dude. Youtuber rank L0c
  6. Iku sat

    Imagine thinking you can only quote 3 at a time, smh. (Couldnt add your quote to previous post so don't come for me, thx)
  7. Iku sat

    Damn but fr tho, he wasnt even timing his Korasi spec's for when I was low
  8. Iku sat

    It’s like when I killed Flint and he went ::si right as he died. He at least let me collect my spoils though
  9. Various Suggestions

    Wildy rss area has double drops quite frequently, hence the 6 hour claim. Even tho it takes 19s to mine one ore, you have a chance to get 2 ore from it which happens very often. I believe Mithril Grapple location is on the Wiki (or at least for Arma boss) so the information is easily available, but even if it was in the gen shop players would still ask cause 99% of them don’t look before asking. With barrows, I’m not 100% sure on bwhip drop but I believe that and Amulet of Damned are 1/100. But the thing with your suggestion is, for new players it might be a decent idea but for exp players or anyone who isn’t brand new, getting barrows sets for pk where you’ll need 20+ of them would get even more boring some bc there’s now drops that have no relevance to them. I believe they drop a cash stack already, but honestly I think they’re fine aside from maybe double checking the drop table coding to make sure all pieces are the same rates because it feels like they aren’t. Mans like I said with high scores, most of those I’d say aren’t lamped exp’s. Most of them are probably from the daily quest bug. But quite a few people still look at them and compete over them, hence why I said “stupid idea”. The reasoning you listed is a valid point, but I wouldn’t classify it as “sound reasoning”. Lamps are tradeable and ingame for a reason, and I feel no need to remove high scores because people are using lamps to help boost their skills or exp levels. This was on my phone hence why I went out of order compared to my previous post lol
  10. Various Suggestions

    It's a 1/1 drop from Armoured Zombies found in Ancient Caverns (I believe that's the correct teleport), while adding to Gen Shop would be easier, there is an active and easy way to obtain one. Barrows drops a 'Barrows Whip' which is the 3rd best whip ingame, at a 1/100 drop rate (even lower with row, items, and di). As for adding other drops, most of the gear listed (d'hide, neitiznot, mystic etc) is in the ::shops, and it's already tedious enough to get a full set now as you'll get tons of one specific piece, but not the rest. So adding anything could make getting an initial set, as well as return sets even more difficult. Disagreed. Comp is meant to be a grind and shouldnt be as quick and simple as Maxing. I don't think Rune Ore is as slow as you stated, while it does take awhile you can probably knock out the 2k mining/1k smelting within 4-6 hours at the Wilderness Resource Area (and I've never been bothered there even after skilling for a few hours). But for BiS cape, it's well worth the grind no matter how big or small the player base is. The only issue with Comp rn is the PK'ing achievements, as getting 100 kills/Lv 10 Emblem can be rather difficult given the lack of players in the wilderness who aren't in clans. While yes, you could kill PvM'ers, there's very few of them. The only ones at ::revs usually are those in a clan, which usually travel in 2-3 at the minimum. But even with the lack of wilderness activity, this achievement can still be done relatively quickly over the course of a few weeks via PK'ing events, Edge fighting, and by joining a clan (even if only temporary). Highly inaccurate. Lamps do not give much experience. With Double XP & Voting Bonus it's around 2mil or so per lamp. It would take 10 lamps during DXP weekend just to get 20mil xp, which assuming lamps are 15m each, that's 150m cash just for 20m xp. While there's probably a decent amount of lamp xp (or Dragonkin/Effiegy xp), it's probably safe to say a lot of the current xp is from the Daily Bug when it was around and abuseable (where you could continuously complete your daily quest to gain the bonus xp for that skill) as I'm sure a few used this to achieve their 2bil's or a high xp region I'm sure. But to remove them entirely I think is a stupid idea, especially because it allows for NPC/Boss highscores to eventually be added should that move ever take place, which I hope it does.
  11. Iku sat

    Lol, item dropping disabled. What a fool.
  12. Star

    Support for some kind of revamp. No cap would be nice but even depletion after an hour would be a good implementation
  13. 10k kc

    Nice, seems I’m not the only one with Jungle luck. Pet, 2 hex and shield by 120kc but Deserts are dry asf for me (guess that’s why they’re a desert strike)
  14. Weekend Events - Jan 17th 2020

    Nice, looking good Posin
  15. @whoever re added cele staff

    Honestly, I'm 99% sure that blowpipe and limes would still be overpowering compared to Cele / Kodai even after they're buffed (if they were to be buffed theoretically speaking) so why not? Mage is a lot weaker than ranged and even mage (except for wilderness/pvp) so it should be buffed at least a tiny bit, and the best way to do that is via weapons and we have the perfect opportunity. Don't see how buffing Cele and Kodai would turn Kodai into a ray gun, we're not asking for speed enhancements just stats/accuracy.

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