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  1. Just @crucio

  2. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    ThAtS nOt VeRy PrOfFeSsIoNaL
  3. Despawned Npc

    Nex had this issue long ago, it’s an occasional glitch and last i recall, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint. Hoping theres not a trend but. If there’s a few NPCs disappearing, I’d dare say there’s probably an issue in the last few code updates causing it. Hope Will cares enough to fix it tho
  4. [Near] Reality Check

    Glad someone finally said it. I can tell this took a lot of time and hopefully this is what staff and development needed to hear. Hope things get changed / fixed
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    Sad to see them leave but welcome back 1hit. Back to being a server slave
  6. vote

    -1 for Tradable tokens. It’s a great idea and good for new players but, highly abused and also super easy to abuse. But it I will agree that voting needs some work and love
  7. Cosmetic deathcape upgrades.

    Sounds pretty dope. +1
  8. Near-Reality back online!

  9. Server Downtime

    Lol. How many days players have complained about lag and made posts and it’s just now being addressed?
  10. Boss Slayers

    Think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the clan owner apply for his own clan lololol
  11. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    You came onto the team 3 months after Jbaikie left the first time, right before he came back The day Jbaikie resigned the first time, so did two others I believe, and myself the day prior. I’m pretty sure I had quit by time you got staff so idk what really happened with the second go around. I just know what staff members were on Project E during beta and development period \_(* *)_/
  12. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    There were a few that left / became inactive as they went with Jb’s project at the time. If you notice a few came back around the same time he did. Will also for some reason brought back a ton of ex-staff which was weird. Shit was long ago but there were a few who left, and it also left a major impact on the server and team at the time.
  13. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    Oh I’m not excusing him by any means. He’s always been inactive, you just never noticed cause upper staff usually keeps it quiet or is able to mask it. Nor does my ex-staff make me better than anyone. I’m just kicking you off your high horse that you self-proclaimed yourself onto. @HardKnoxlife since I forgot to double quote I can’t edit your quote in but. I’m not defending Will by any means. He needs to give ownership to someone who can actually run it like it needs to be. I’m simply explaining the “technical process” and also dragging the staff along with him for letting it get the way it’s getting.
  14. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    The fact that you think you’re special enough for Wil to tell you why the host change failed is hilarious. Will is a ghost / myth 90% of the time. He comes in sporadically but typically Managers/Upper Staff communicates between devs/Will and players, that’s their job. But when both are MIA or inactive, there’s no gap. Why do you think a lot of staff left with Jbaikie?
  15. White Inferno Cape

    -1 would rather see more useful content incorporated

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