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  1. double double-drops, ya heard

    Chill dude but seriously, grate and start sharing the luck
  2. demons are my bitch

    Gz man lol
  3. Hello

    Vote tickets I'll always be against bc I personally see too many loopholes in that system. Noted barrows I agree with 50/50. ::Barrows should remain as it is, and noted drops be added to di. Seperated barrows bosses is pretty bad ass in itself, but would make di more appealing to some, especially pk'ers. Agreed with drop rates, most bosses only have good drops which are anywhere between 1/500 and 1/5000, but anything below that is usually trash (some of them are good $$$ drops if you sell to gen but, not entirely rewarding either) Deep Wildy ffa I voted no for originally, but i wanna change that to yes bc it does sound like a good pk'ing incentive so +1 to that lol
  4. few suggestions

    Nice suggestions, +1
  5. Boss Killcount highscores

    big oof Definitely a great idea. Saw this kind of system somewhere else and it was really nice to have. Let's just make sure all the npc id's are right otherwise we'll have 2-5 different variations/kill counts of the same boss
  6. Was Ez Trashtalker El Chap0

    share i tb'ed
  7. better vote rewards?

    One thing i liked about a previous remake was the bonuses for voting on all sites. Could do 2x xp, 2x pkp, or npc safespot for x hours (I think 3 hours) as a reward for voting on all 6 sites without having to purchase anything. Would love to see something similar implemented as well.
  8. Ganodermic items

    Agreed. The current drop table isn’t bad by any means, only issue I potentially see is the respawn timer. Considering it takes 30 mins to kill, every hour seems a bit much imo. But I think it’s a great benefit for LDIs to have atm
  9. Make Nex more enjoyable

    Not a bad idea, or increase the drop to 2-3 players maybe? Could base it on minimum damage done or something
  10. Game Updates 13.0.19 | 10th December 2019

    Sounds great, now playing will be semi-enjoyable again lol
  11. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    Just looked, Bandos Ava's drop table looks fine. Nex items on it might be a tad much but, changing the spawn timer to 4 or 6 hours rather than hourly would equalize that fact and would imo fix the whole issue everyone is ranting about. Also look'ed at Ganos' table, it may not be a pinata but adding nex items to that would be plain stupid still. Also adding the avatar to the wild would be even more stupid than that considering it's table.
  12. (Basic) Price Guide

    Agreed, not as a guide at least. Give it a week or two and there should be enough flow to make a guide with.
  13. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    For Gano clans, it is a loot piñata. There’s what, 2 maybe 3 active clans atm that are worth mentioning? i haven’t looked at Avatar’s drop table so idk what items it drops but, Nex pieces being on that table does sound a tad extreme but at the same time, it’s the highest donor island so it kind of makes sense. Putting them in Gano instead would be just plain stupid regardless

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