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  1. Clearing The Whole Game

    These hands would choke the fuck outta u
  2. Clearing The Whole Game

    ? I'll make you my bitch
  3. Clearing The Whole Game

    Third time lucky on the screenshot or something dumb dumb, want a link pasting tutorial?
  4. Clearing The Whole Game

    How bout you stop being forum fingers and get on the game instead of making a tard of yourself here.
  5. Clearing The Whole Game

    Yh hold on whilst it just ::item pkers and spawn some people to kill, you fucking degenerate. We can't control who steps in the wilderness and what in, just how fast we claim them, how about you get online and give us a juicy kill? : D
  6. Clearing The Whole Game
  7. PVP Related Suggestions

    Lime and Lava whips dont belong in the wilderness.
  8. Clearing The Whole Game

    Fam ur doing a lot of talking im literally smoking on your dead alien cc rn. Puff Puff, El Chap0 pack
  9. PVP Related Suggestions

    Oh and also, run the tournaments a little more frequently, and perhaps announce when they're going to happen in discord via a BOT.
  10. PVP Related Suggestions

    Expecting this to get a lot of mixed feedback because a lot of the awful pkers on here rely on some of these broken mechanics and features to remain 'competitive', but here goes anyway. Make Void break on death (I believe this is something already being worked on as a clanmate suggested it previously) Incorporate The new Staff as an item that can be obtained only from PKing, perhaps make it a 1/500 chance, or an 1/250 from 100% EP. Add rag protection (To stop people returning in nothing but Dhide and bolting when people are out in the wild, risking a fair amount) Make EP increase quicker based on amount risked/wealth, will influence more players to risk in the wilderness, making it fun for everyone trying to pk and get a juicy kill. This is already a feature with Rev caves, but try put a Significant increase on Money per hour from activities inside the wilderness, rather than outside of it. Fix battle mages, and remove the battle mages that are outside the arena. (You can currently attack them with any combat style) For some reason every single NPC in the wild is aggressive? This has a really negative impact on team pking, as it's incredibly easy to tank a couple levels and sit in 30 Npcs that should not usually be aggressive, takes little to no skill/wilderness knowledge. Nerf the Lime and Lava whips slightly in PVP, you see way too many 40s-50s+ against tank gear when the user with the whip has very little bonuses/bad gear. The client is awful, I'm not sure if there's a memory leak but after being open for so long you will randomly DC, sometimes this happens in combat, you can even feel the client getting clunky over time. If you'd like help identifying the cause let me know, I develop myself. Too harsh of punishments - I believe for such a small community your punishments go above and beyond what is deemed to be necessary by a large amount, this isn't just for me, or my clan mates, this is my overall opinion. I probably forgot a few things, but let's just leave it here for now.
  11. Clearing The Whole Game

    Can anyone with an IQ atleast in the double digits translate this for me? OT: Dominant streak continues, despite the server working against us!
  12. j

    staff literally logged on the acc just to edit the topic, cringe, we've quit, the management of this game don't want it to grow.
  13. @Meridians

    games shit, staff are corrupt monkeys
  14. j

    You step in wild in void no risk and return to die over and over for spawnwables. It'll be fixed soon dw.
  15. j

    Stop hiding and step in the wild in something thats not full void untradeable you walking fence. #plank

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