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  1. Some stakes and bank pics from before reset

    Seeing a thok got me quite excited not going to lie, Very nice indeed mate
  2. Game Updates | 24 April 2020

    Thanks for everything you do Ham you cutie

    Although the kind words are welcome, you can thank us by playing legitimately.
  4. Can I have a vet title?

    Cause animals are cute !
  5. Can I have a vet title?

    Yo why aren’t you vet??
  6. Wiki Updates | 19 April 2020

    Very noice work Wiki team! big poggers.
  7. wuss poppin

    Veri noice Chikin you have there
  8. What did glaivens do to my feet??

  9. Got a new doggo - Ellie

    Cute as fuck. Huskies are monsters at times though, I wish you good luck mate!
  10. New Near-Reality logo

    Did Leonardo da Vinci paint this?
  11. look at this guy

    Would you just look at this guy! Wow such elegant style. I would rate 7/10 very nice wow
  12. Firemaking pet change

    +1 I support this

    This gave me a good laugh, thanks for that! Tiki is stronk !
  14. Jason Bourne World Boss

    My mans has been watching Jason Bourne movies and thought, you know what nr needs? Some of this. Thanks for the suggestion though, I support it strongly +1
  15. 1B OSRS COMPETITION | First to Max - UIM/HCIM/IM

    Good luck nerds
  16. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    fucking poggers update, you’ve truely outdone yourself Ham!
  17. Near Reality = Illuminati?

    God damn it, this mad lad has figured it out.
  18. JUST HIT 1000!!

    V noice indeed!
  19. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    This sounds dope tbh. I’d definitely fuck with this.
  20. Store Changes | March 2020

    Where’s me fuckin Thok’s sword
  21. Slayer Dummy at POH

  22. Six-Year Anniversary Events | Moving Forward

    And you’re still not a veteran lmao git gud
  23. Game Updates | 19 March 2020

    Thanks for the quick fixes, poggers
  24. Game Updates 13.0.27 | 18 March 2020

    An amazing update all around! Awesome work Dev team, you’re doing an amazing job. We owe a few pvmarenas so if you see me ingame feel free to ask for one! Reee.

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