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The Staff Team and Their Roles

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Default The Staff Team and Their Roles - Tuesday 22nd August, 2017, 10:47

Hello everyone,


I have created this thread for people to understand exactly what each rank within the staff team entails. This is essentially a hierarchy. For simple issues, it is in your interest to contact a server support as they're dedicating the majority of their time to this. If it needs to be escalated to a moderator, admin or advisor, then that can easily be done by the server support.

I have tried to make it as clear as possible, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 


The ranks:


Server support (SS)

Moderator (Mod)

Administrator (Admin)



Developer (Dev)





Server Support:

The Server Support is the initial rank when being accepted into the staff team. It is regarded as a trial rank where players are given basic commands and duties.

They are expected to: Help players with questions, middleman trades, hold basic events such as hide+seeks and Edgeville PKing events.



This is the rank above Server Support. Moderators are also expected to help players, middleman and hold basic events. Furthermore, they're expected to clean (moderate) the forums, punish players appropriately and solve most of player-player disputes. They are also able to host medium-sized wilderness events with or without prizes, and free-for-all events.



The administrators are responsible for the management of the lower staff team. They are, as always, expected to help players and can middleman trades if the need arises. They're expected to ensure that the team runs smoothly and are responsible for testing the lower staff team as well as potential staff candidates. They also primarily solve player-staff disputes and occasional staff-staff disputes. They are actively involved with punishments (particularly permanent ones) and can hold large-scale events such as HP events.




The Advisor rank is the highest rank achievable by players on the team. Advisors can still help players, middleman and host events, but their main role is to act as the link between developers and the community. They solve staff-staff disputes and deal with complicated punishments.




The manager is a rank held by one person. The manager is the person ultimately responsible for how the staff team is run and is the one who makes the final decisions on promotions and demotions. He is also responsible for the assessment of the current team and directly discusses issues with the owner. The manager is able to deal with the more complicated queries that require extra access that isn't available to the rest of the staff team, I.e. Rank Refunds + Password resets.

The manager is also the last-resort for complicated punishments or where disputes involving the staff team occur, especially when from within the Admin+ team.



The Developer rank is reserved to our 4 developers, Mod Jacmob, Juan, Artitium and Shaq. They're directly responsible for the server, manage donations, donation ranks and add quality content to the server (respectively). Staff issues are only brought to their attention if an advisor or manager is involved or in particularly complicated cases.

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