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Paganesque And Slim Shaco!

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Default Paganesque And Slim Shaco! - Tuesday 2nd October, 2018, 17:55

Today we feature two of my closest companions, Slim and Pagan! I've been friends with both of them for about a year, and I have cherished every second of playing the game with them. 



What is your favorite movie?

"Too many to choose. Silence of the Lambs, Inglorious Bastards, Step Brothers, Fear & Loathing, Devil's Rejects, Gone with the Wind...I could go on and on!"

Favorite activity on nr?

"Gano, team wildy events, pvm arena."

Do you play old school?

"I go through phases with it, so, sometimes."

Favorite memory on nr?

"Just one??! hmm...the days where our group dropped IVP hourly at gano and had clan battles to settle beef, which u know only created more! Also my time in Icy Hell where I bonded with my partner in crime, the great Tornino, and other friends."

What kind of music do you like?

"Anything but country"

How long have you been involved in rsps/rs?

 "Rs since I was young. rsps more recently"

Want to share anything with the players?

"I am, and will always be....THE QUEEN OF NR!! And I love you guys. well, most of you :P   I became staff to be a voice for players and contribute ideas and time to improving the server, along the way I have met some great people that I now consider friends"


Paganesque is a wonderful team member and is one of my go-to people when I need some help! Even WAY before our staff days, I knew she would be a great asset to the team, and we appreciate everything shes done for NR. Thank you @Paganesque!


OGjLIN7.pngSlim Shaco

What is your favorite movie?

"Too many, but This is the End is one of the tops. 
Best scene from This is the End"

Favorite activity on nr?

"Deleting Kurby 123’s useless posts. "

Do you play old school?

"Here and there, have a zerk in progress, just lazy to finish. "

Favorite memory on nr?

"Here are a couple memories: 
-Times at ::die2 with Cayleb, Pag, Torn, Skaterkid and Diddy before all were staff, or quit.
-Clapping the fuck out of Torn before we were friends. f u slim, idiot.
-Getting IP muted by Mamas 
- And this: a6bb80c5d143b5d6efcf1dad62066317.png
what kind of music do you like?

"Hip Hop / rap. Currently Gunna and Lil Baby are dropping some fucking fire but I enjoy some Drake, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, basically a lot of the big names and some smaller artists most of yall wouldn’t know, or care to know."

How long have you been involved in rsps/rs?

"I started RuneScape back in grade 1 when I was 5 (LOL), but never got too into it until about grade 3. Picked up RSPS in grade 5 where I was blown away by free fucking membership and how quick I was able to get items/ level up. I started with Websterscape, to Grinderscape, to Near Reality, to Soulsplit, to Generation X, to Spawnscape, to Drax Near-Reality before taking a break for a couple years returning to this rendition of NR. I’ve played some other ones here and there but majority of my time spent in the ones above."

Want to share anything with the players?

"Here are some highlights and insights of my time on the staff team.
First I would like to begin with Cayleb. Cayleb is the oldest member on the staff team and can easily be referred to as the father of the team. As he cares for two children in real life, he uses Near-Reality as his escape from reality. This is where I come along.  I’m the youngest staff member at 19 years old and make fun of Cayleb’s old age consistently, enough to get demoted. However, at his old age, he is unable to comprehend the complex user interface, that is the ACP, to remove my rank allowing continuous flame. I fear for his delicate bones and hand muscles as it is common at his age to develop carpal tunnel, take it easy Cayleb.

Moving along, when I joined the team in May, I had many aspirations to what I could provide to the server. I began with suggesting multiple PvP fixes, but most importantly, suggested bringing back the YouTube prodigy of Near- Reality “Homtatt.” I personally believed this was the key to making Near- Reality great again and I must do anything to make this happen. I brought this up to Luckybamf, who at the time, was a moderator with a solid IQ of 23. Luckybamf is not a very bright individual so he tends to agree with 90% of the things I say as he is stoned most of the time he spends on Near-Reality. Fun Fact: Luckybamf keeps his fucking toaster in his office rather than his kitchen and can not take a straight picture, we talk more about Luckybamf soon.  Silly Server Support Slim Shaco believed the Dutch moderator’s support was sufficient enough to suggest to higher staff members.

To make a long story short:  : image_uploaded_from_ios.jpg


Personally I believe Homtatt’s high quality PKing content is too much of an advantage Near Reality would have other RSPS which is why they disagreed; so we opted for I Merk V8’s high quality content and Daydrado’s iron man progress vids. 

As the months have passed, the staff team has their ups and downs and I enjoy being the little shit on the team. I look for the smallest shit on everyone to pick on consistently to the point to which they are angered in real life (sorry 1hitncya for the recent one). Here is where I will use one word to describe each member of the staff team making them further dislike me.

Cayleb: Brittle 

Torn: Amigo 

Paganesque: Lagging

Luckybamf: Rev-Juna’s favorite word 

Forg33: Whale 

1hitncya: Weirdo 

Jellyman226: Wiped 

Espire: Hipster 

Mithril: Wasteman

Phinny: New   

Also, Torn and I seem to be the only ones on the staff team to have even a remote idea to social trends and current music. All in all, majority of staff team lives under a rock and unable to understand 95% of the references Torn and I make. Here is a typical comparison of the interactions between Torn and I as compared to others: df2a155c27d2dc102509d6cd9d69be21.png

Lastly, more about myself. I am 19 years old, currently attending York University in Toronto, Ontario studying commerce with an eventual goal of becoming an accountant with a CPA designation. I live a healthy lifestyle going to the gym 5-6 times a week and playing weekly sports with friends such as basketball and or soccer/football. I know how to present myself in a professional manner when needed and can work quickly and proficiently under pressure. When it comes to my free time I am either playing Near-Reality, PS4 and or chilling with my friends. I enjoy the occasional high and take pride in my capacity as quite a party drinker. "


LOL. I can't wait to see what Cayleb has to say about this. All in all, Slim is a great help on the team. Hes a strong asset for PvP events, runs the weekly PvP tournaments, and is just generally helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything you've done @Slim Shaco!


The team and I are truly blessed to call the both of your friends. We appreciate and love both of you guys!




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