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Max Skilling Guide

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Default Max Skilling Guide - Wednesday 25th December, 2019, 04:40

Complete Guide to Max Skilling

I'm not going to bore you with excessive details, skill rates, pictures etc. This guide will give you an efficient way to 99 every non-combat skill in order to get that Max Cape. This guide's based on NO BONUS XP RATES*. I will include Bonus XP from both Voting and DXP Weekend, but the foundation of each guide is made on the assumption of no bonuses for mathematical and argument sake. This guide also assumes you have no 99's and pairs skills together for the most efficient Overall 99.
*Runecrafting is the only guide that assumes Voting XP bonus = true
**Numbers in white assume no bonus xp, numbers in green assume Voting XP (based off mathematics), numbers in orange assume both Voting XP AND Double XP Weekend (based off mathematics).

We will be utilizing the teleports found under the "Skilling" tab, unless otherwise stated.
Use Ctrl + F to quick-find information if needed.




There are two locations for Thieving, ::home and ::di. This section will include xp levels and rates for both. ::Home stalls give slightly less xp compared to ::di, but they give more cash per steal.

*I will be adding profit gained through 99 thieving at a later date.

::Home Stalls
Lv 1-30, Steal 3 Bananas[15,300 xp] {VXP/DXP Steal 1}

Lv 30-60, Steal 43 Rings[263,590 xp]{VXP/DXP Steal 15/9}

Lv 60-65, Steal 24 Hammers[176,880 xp]{VXP/DXP Steal 8/5}

Lv 65-80, Steal 192 Staves[1,534,080 xp]{VXP/DXP Steal 64/39}

Lv 80-99, Steal 1,197[10,956,010 xp]{VXP/DXP Steal 399/240}



::Di Stalls
Lv 1-30, Steal 3 times[16,500]{VXP/DXP Steal 1}

Lv 30-60, Steal 40 times[260,000]{VXP/DXP Steal 14/8}

Lv 60-65, Steal 24 times[180,000]{VXP/DXP Steal 8/5}

Lv 65-80, Steal 153 times[1,530,000]{VXP/DXP Steal 51/31}

Lv 80-99, Steal 737 times[11,055,000]{VXP/DXP Steal 246/148}



The following section assumes you use ALL tickets received from courses for Experience. If you choose to purchase Lumberjack Outfit and Inferno Adze (which I recommend), it will take longer than stated below to reach max level.

*I will be adding a part to this section at a later date for Experience rates and runs without Tickets, for those who decide to use tickets on the Agility shop instead of XP. Will also incorporate the shop's prices in that part of the section.


Lv 1-35, 3 runs via Gnome Course(2 tickets per run) [31,743 xp]{VXP/DXP run 1}

Lv 35-55, 5 runs via Barbarian Course(4 tickets per run) [75,650 xp]{VXP/DXP run 2/1}

Lv 55-99, 182 runs via Wilderness Course(6 tickets per run)[12,739,454 xp]{VXP/DXP run 61/37}


**After writing this guide, I'm now double guessing whether the numbers for those with Voting XP Bonus and Weekend + Voting XP Bonus will be accurate due to the number of tickets they receive. I'm 99% sure they are correct as it should be the same amount of experience, but if anyone following this portion of the guide who have VXP or DXP activated can confirm or deny this in a comment below, that would be much appreciated.




*Remember to use the best Axe available to you. Iron and Rune axes can be bought from the General Shop at ::home. Dragon Axes can be purchased via players, or acquired from any of the 'Dagannoth' Bosses. The Inferno Adze can also be purchased through Agility.

**The XP rates in this section are without the Lumberjack Outfit available via Agility. Acquiring the Lumberjack Outfit before doing Woodcutting will reduce the amount of logs required for each level. The Inferno Adze available through Agility will also reduce the amount of Logs required for Firemaking. I highly recommend getting these items before continuing with the WC guide as it will drastically quicken your experience for both skills.


Lv 1-15, Cut 1 Regular Logs[3,655]{VXP/DXP Cut 1}

Lv 15-30, Cut 3 Oak Logs[14,052]{VXP/DXP Cut 1/0}

Lv 30-45, Cut 7 Willow Logs[44,422]{VXP/DXP Cut 3/2}

Lv 45-60, Cut 27 Maple Logs[214,245]{VXP/DXP Cut 9/6}

Lv 60-75, Cut 110 Yew Logs[925,870]{VXP/DXP Cut 37/22}

Lv 75-99, Cut 1,294 Magic Logs[11,810,338]{VXP/DXP Cut 402/259}




*This does not include any bonus or potential xp earned via Inferno Adze.


Lv 1-15, Burn 1 Regular Logs[4,125]{VXP/DXP Burn 1}

Lv 15-30, Burn 2 Oak Logs[11,780]{VXP/DXP Burn 1/0}

Lv 30-45, Burn 6 Willow Logs[47,012]{VXP/DXP Burn 2/2}

Lv 45-60, Burn 25 Maple Logs[217,000]{VXP/DXP Burn 9/5}

Lv 60-75, Burn 94 Yew Logs[936,240]{VXP/DXP Burn 32/19}

Lv 75-99, Burn 877 Magic Logs[11,819,329]{VXP/DXP Burn 293/176}




Lv 1-5, Cut 5 Arrow Shafts(15) [460 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 2/1}

Lv 5-10, Cut 4 Regular Short bows[1,148 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 2/1}

Lv 10-20, Cut 9 Regular Longbows[3,879 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 3/2}

Lv 20-25, Cut 5 Oak Short bows[3,880]{VXP/DXP Cut 2/1}

Lv 25-35, Cut 17 Oak Longbows[14,875 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 6/4}

Lv 35-40, Cut 10 Willow Short bows[16,960 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 4/2}

Lv 40-50, Cut 42 Willow Longbows[45,024 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 14/9}

Lv 50-55, Cut 29 Maple Short bows[75,864 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 10/6}

Lv 55-65, Cut 115 Maple Longbows[323,955 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 39/23}

Lv 65-70, Cut 78 Yew Short bows[331,890 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 26/16}

Lv 70-80, Cut 303 Yew Longbows[1,249,875 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 101/61}

Lv 80-85, Cut 239 Magic Short bows[1,272,675 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 80/48}

Lv 85-99, Cut 1,715 Magic Longbows[9,775,500 xp]{VXP/DXP Cut 572/343}


*If you have Flax/Bowstring available, stringing bows will cut the required amounts in half*




In this section, we're going to be mining extra ores to accommodate for the lower XP rates in Smithing. If you do not need Smithing, disregard the smithing section and mine Gold Ores from Lv 40-99.

*Also remember to use the best Pickaxe available. Iron and Runite Pickaxes can be bought from the General store at ::home, and Dragon Pickaxes can be bought via players, or acquired via 'Chaos Dwarf' and 'Ancient Wyvern'.


Lv 1-34, Mine 5 Tin 5 Copper[21,700 xp]{VXP/DXP Mine 2/of each}

Lv 34-40, Mine 6 Iron Ore[20,580 xp]{VXP/DXP Mine 2/2}

This is where we accommodate for the lower xp rates in Smithing. In order to level Smithing up to 40 and follow this guide, you'll need to mine 4 iron ores and 8 coal. These ores were not factored into the experience rates for this guide so this can be done after 99 or wherever you see fit.

Lv 40-99, Mine 2,028 Gold Ore[13,003,536 xp]{VXP/DXP Mine 676/406}




Lv 1-18, Smelt 5 Bronze Bars, and turn them into 5 Daggers{VXP/DXP only need 2/1}

Lv 18-30, Smelt 6 Iron Bars, and turn them into 6 Iron Daggers{VXP/DXP only need 2/2}

Lv 30-40, Smelt 4 Steel Bars, and turn them into 4 Steel Daggers{VXP/DXP only need 2/1|

Lv 40-99, Smelt 3,467 Gold Bars{VXP/DXP needs 1,156/694} *Using Gold Bars on the anvil gives you Crafting Experience, so there's no way to shorten the required amount to smelt.




This crafting section will have two different methods in it. I have chosen to stay away from Diamond/Dragonstone gems due to their high prices compared to experience rates, they're simply not worth it. Diamond is only worth it if you're looking to become a Completionist. I will be adding cost-required for the gems at a later date as well.

*Gems, Chisel, Needle, and Thread can all be found at General Shop via ::home. If you have access to ::Die, the path from Gen Shop to bank is drastically shorter so I highly recommend utilizing it. You will need 374 Black D'hide and Thread if using Option 1.

**You can pick flax, bank, and tan Hides/Leathers at the 'Craft' teleport listed under "Skilling Teleports".


Lv 1-20, pick and spin 14 Flax[4,816 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 5/3}

Lv 20-27, cut 4 Sapphires[6,720 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 2/1}

Lv 27-34, cut 4 Emeralds[10,080 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 2/1}

Lv 34-79, cut 489 Rubies[1,779,960 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 163/98}


Option 1: Black D'hides (recommended)

Lv 79-82, craft 68 Black D'hide Vambraces[625,600 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 33/14}

Lv 82-84, craft 29 Black D'hide Chaps[533,600 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 10/6|

Lv 84-99, craft 274 Black D'hide Bodies[10,083,200 xp]{VXP/DXP only need 92/55}


Option 2: Rubies

Lv 79-99, cut 3,087 additional Rubies[11,236,680 xp]{VXP/DXP need 1,029/618}




Fishing supplies can be purchases at General Shop at ::home. All fishing spots can be found at the Skilling Teleport except for one.
You will need a Small Net, Fishing Rod, Harpoon, Lobster Pot, and a Karambwan Vessel.

**I will be adding in the Shark + Rocktail xp numbers in the near future.


Lv 1-10, Catch 5 Shrimp[1,450 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 2/1}

Lv 10-35, Catch 10 Sardines / 15 Herrings[21,200 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 4+5/2+3}

Lv 35-40, Catch 6 Tunas[15,180 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 3/2}

Lv 40-50, Catch 22 Lobsters[65,560 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 8/5}

Lv 50-65, Catch Swordfish(55 + 46 Tuna)[396,880 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 19+16T/11+10T}
*Because of the fact you can't "only" catch swordfish, there's no concrete number to Lv 65.

Lv 65-76, Catch 123 Karambwan[885,600 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 41/25}


Option 1: Rocktails (recommended)
*You can buy Living Minerals off players, in the ::RDI Shop, or mine them via 'Training Teleport' -> 'Living Rock Caverns'. You WILL need gear + a pickaxe as you need to kill monsters before you can mine them. You can also only catch Cave fish+Rocktails via LRC. Rocktails by themselves can be caught on ::Die and in the Wilderness Resource Area (NOT RECOMMENDED).

Lv 76-91, catch 535 Sharks[4,572,645 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 179/107}
*Cave fish are not included, but can be caught at Lv 85 using Living Minerals at LRC. This will reduce the amount of fish required per level.

Lv 91-99, catch 594 Rocktails[7,133,940 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 194/119}


Option 2: Sharks

Lv 76-99, catch 1,369 Sharks [11,700,843 xp]{VXP/DXP catch 457/274}




Lv 1-30, Cook any Shrimps, Sardines, and Herrings that you caught while fishing. For my alt acct it took 5 Shrimp and 5 Sardines without bonus XP. For VXP, it'd take 2 of each, and for DXP it'd take 1 of each.

30-40, Cook 6 Tunas[]{VXP/DXP Cook 2/2}

40-45, Cook 4 Lobsters[]{VXP/DXP Cook 2/1}

*For this next part, you more than likely won't have enough Swordfish to cook straight through to Lv 80. Therefor you'll have to do some additional fishing to complete cooking.

45-80, Either cook 169 Swordfish[]{VXP/DXP Cook 57/34}


45-62, Cook 26 Swordfish[]{VXP/DXP Cook 9/6}, Lv 62-80, Cook 124 Monkfish[]{VXP/DXP Cook 42/25}


Now you have another choice in how you progress to 99.

Option 1: Rocktails (recommended)

Lv 80-92, Cook 251 Sharks[]{VXP/DXP Cook 84/51}

Lv 92-99, Cook 201 Rocktails[]{VXP/DXP Cook 67/41}


Option 2: Sharks

Lv 80-99, Cook 610 Sharks[]{VXP/DXP Cook 204/122}




To be completed by 12/27/2019, sorry for the inconvenience.



This section will be a little more tricky to create plus follow due to the fact that there are variations in the amount of xp you're able to get, because each harvest yields different amounts each time. That being said, I'm going to give you the best xp per plot per level.
Before starting, you will need 1 rake, dribbler, secateurs, and 1 watering can (remember you can refill the watering can by using it on the water pump)
Rake all the plots ahead of time

**I forgot to incorporate Voting XP Bonus and Weekend + Voting XP Bonus into this guide section. I will be reformatting this section and adding those numbers in sometime throughout the next few days. Given that this section is more of a reference than an actual guide, it won't have too much affect on the outcome. But I will try consulting with a few players over the next week or two about creating an actual guide like the rest of the skills I have in this thread.

L Plot-
Potato 722 xp, Lv 1
Onion 1,234 xp, Lv 5
Cabbage 1,780 xp, Lv 7
Tomato 3,023 xp, Lv 12
Sweetcorn 3,987 xp, Lv 20
Strawberry 4,122 xp, Lv 31
Watermelon 6,222 xp, Lv 47

Flower Plot-
Marigold 8,244 xp, Lv 2
Rosemary 10,760 xp, Lv 11
Nasturtium 12,011 xp, Lv 24
Woad 14,122 xp, Lv 25
Limpwurt 16,377 xp, Lv 26
white Lily 20,547 xp, Lv 52

Herb Plot-
Guam 3,510 xp, Lv 9
Marrentill 4,612 xp, Lv 14
Tarromin 6,310 xp, Lv 19
Harralander 6,730 xp, Lv 26
Ranarr 7,098 xp, Lv 32
Toadflax 7,421 xp, Lv 36
Irit 8,320 xp, Lv 44
Avantoe 9,157 xp, Lv 50
Kuarm 11,632 xp, Lv 56
Snapdragon 13,467 xp, Lv 62
Cadantine Lv 14,322 xp, 67
Lantadyme 15,100 xp, Lv 73
Dwarf Weed 15,721 xp, Lv 79
Torstol 16,333 xp, Lv 85



You can buy ALL Herblore supplies via 'Jatix' at ::home, ::Di, and ::Die. Note that ::di has the closest path between Bank and Jatix.

*I will be adding XP numbers into this guide section in the next few days. I'll also be adding a second option for Lv 69-99, and that'll be by utilizing the highest XP/potion for each level instead of making anti-fires all the way to 99 (which I recommend given you'll definitely use them)


Lv 1-5, clean 5 Guam[]{VXP/DXP need 2/1}

Lv 5-11, clean 11 Marrentill[]{VXP/DXP need 4/3}

Lv 11-32, clean 4 Tarromin, mix with vial of water and add 4 Limpwurt Roots.[]{VXP/DXP need 2/1}

Lv 32-41, Clean 4 Ranarr, mix with vial of water and add 4 White Berries.[]{VXP/DXP need 2/1}

Lv 41-45, Clean 3 more Ranarr, mix with vial of water and add 3 Snape Grass.[]{VXP/DXP need 1}

Lv 45-52, clean 7 Irit Leaf, mix with vial of water and add 7 Eye of Newt.[]{VXP/DXP need 3/2}

Lv 52-60, clean 16 Avantoe, mix with vial of water and add 16 Mort Myre Fungus.[]{VXP/DXP need 6/4}

Lv 60-66, Clean 20 Kuarm, mix with vial of water and add 20 Dragon Scale Dust.[]{VXP/DXP need 7/4}

Lv 66-69, Clean 14 Cadentine, mix with vial of water, and add 20 White Berries.[]{VXP/DXP need 5/3}

Option 1: Anti-fires(recommended)
Lv 69-92, clean 463 Lantadyme, mix with vial of water, and 463 Dragon Scale Dust[]{VXP/DXP need 155/93}

Lv 92-99 Mix 388 Anti-fire(3) with 388 Phoenix Feathers[]{VXP/DXP need 130/78}
*Note that both Phoenix Feathers AND Super Anti-fires(3 or 4) are not notable. You can decant(combine) them via 'Morgan Le Faye' at home, and ::die.




*I recommend buying one of each Rune Pouch from the Zamorak mage. The Mage can be found in the wilderness at Lv 5 (NE of home), or at ::die. You can use him to enter the abyss which allows you to visit any altar of your choosing, or if applicable you can use the 'Locate' feature on a talisman for faster travels.

**This section will be based off a full inventory using all 4 pouches full of runes(53 total), and ASSUMING VXP = TRUE.
This is the only section where that Assumption will be made.

***Those using Voting XP Bonus and Weekend XP Bonus will experience different xp rates. I will be testing that rate during the next Weekend XP Bonus, and modifying this section as needed. Overall I feel it like it will be very similar regardless your XP bonus.

1-33, Air runes(1)

33-46 , Cosmic Runes(1)

46-54, Nature Runes(1)

54-65, Law Runes(3)

65-75, Death Runes(5)

75-99, Blood Runes(54)


Unfortunately at this time, I have no efficient or "decent" way to gain Construction Experience. I'm going to try and put work into one in the near future, but at this present moment I don't have the $$$ to throw into Construction to find xp rates that are worth using. @Rager Does have a Construction guide, ::thread 24889.
I personally feel using Antique Lamps is the fastest and most efficient way to level Construction, and the xp rates for Lamps can be found below.


Antique Lamps

No XP Bonuses: 225,000 Experience
Vote XP Bonus: 675,000 Experience
Vote + Weekend XP Bonus: 1,125,000 Experience


I'm maxed, what's next?

After maxing, you can return to normal game play such as Bossing, Slayer, Pk'ing etc. OR you can now start your road to becoming a Completionist. @Zander has an amazing Completionist guide, which can be found by using ::thread 27706
He also has a skilling pet guide, which can be found by using ::thread 29019


Hopefully this guide was able to be of use. It definitely took a hot minute to make, but I feel like it was worth it in the end.


I'll be doing more edits and revisions, and adding more info and possibly pictures if requested over the next few days. I started to get sick out of the blue today and it only got worst throughout the day, so writing this guide literally took all day to do. So once my head is cleared up and capable of thinking without a headache, I'll be gathering and inputting missing data and double checking VXP/DXP rates.
I'll also try and get construction rates once Beta server comes back up if I'm permitted access from staff to do so.
If anyone finds any errors, mistakes, or miscalculations in my data, please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to correct it as soon as I can. If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to PM me or leave a comment down below and I'll be more than happy to discuss it with you.



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Default Wednesday 25th December, 2019, 04:41

Beautiful man! 

NR has needed this for a bit now, that's a massive guide. 



1st both btw ^.^

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Default Wednesday 25th December, 2019, 06:00

This is a quality guide, I commend you for the time it must have taken! 
Nicely done mate.

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Default Wednesday 25th December, 2019, 06:04

Very helpful I like it :3 

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Default Thursday 26th December, 2019, 01:09
21 minutes ago, Quavocado said:

Fantastic guide! Got my herby pet following this guide :)

Glad it could help and get you a pet!

Zander has a thread with the benefits if you were curious what your pet does :)

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Default Thursday 26th December, 2019, 01:26
15 minutes ago, Zackary said:

Glad it could help and get you a pet!

Zander has a thread with the benefits if you were curious what your pet does :)

I cleaned a full inventory of herbs in once click and freaked out because I thought I found a glitch LOL. Thanks for pointing me to the guide. Cheers mate!

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