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  1. For the love of god

    Ok my bad I didn’t check the discord... I don’t consider your log to be info. I’ve know your working on raids for a year now just because your showing us what you’ve done that specific day isn’t considered new or important info. There is so much else that should be worked on that we should be informed on instead of raids. (What’s happening with pvp shop, what’s the world boss going to be like, any clue to when the server will be up and running, hows pvp rework going.) I can go on and on with things we could be getting info on yet for some reason we’ve only had raids logs released. We were told we would get all those things listed plus more July 1st and we haven’t heard anything the past 29 days. At least with the last resets Jacob stuck around for 3 weeks before disappearing for months.
  2. Stop making the same mistake. It is not hard to keep the community involved with the input of the game. It's been a week since the game was shutdown and we haven't got a bit of info about it. Why don't you take 30 minutes to make polls of things you should and shouldn't add/remove. I 100% am aware of the fact that jacmob is just using this washed up game to make a few dollars while he has slaves to do everything. I like this game and I want the best for it. If you actually listen to the community and spend 30 minutes a week just taking note of the countless feedback you've received you'll make so much more money. 07 is so successful because they poll everything, and only add what the majority of the community wants. You're doing the exact opposite and adding whatever you want even though you've spent 3 hours ingame the past year. I know you don't really care about this game anymore but do you not realize you'll make more money if you put more time into it. We're not asking a lot...
  3. send hate mail to devs here

    It's not you guys it's jacmob not giving a fk... But idk why you made a youtube vid showing scrn shots from 1-4 years ago
  4. Suggestions for future of NR and my break

    Yeah +1 but chances are jacmob wont bother to open this thread
  5. V14

    good to know, was it announced anywhere?
  6. V14

    Things we were promised in v14: - Raids - A new World Boss - A new combat system - Pvp shop rework - Advertisments - 500m OSRS events What we got: - lag - worse cmb system - terrible pkp shop - Giving small youtubers who know nothing about NR 25$ to post once about a small RSPS HMm Just do another eco reset, You'll continue your cash grab and the 30 players that you have online right now will have more fun. Lets go! can't wait for V15
  7. top suggestion 2020

    +1 I think another year long project is what nr needs
  8. Raids (Restricted Items)

    Pretty good idea, makes bandos and arma actually usefull
  9. rework on ::commands

    take out ::revs I hate wars at revs, you kill a team and in less then 10 seconds they can be back to revs with a full inv of food and screw you over. The mix of ::presets and ::revs is not a good combo. I know it's just a quality of life update but its really annoying in a 5v5 when you kill two people and they instantly come back. Make it so revs drop the teleport instead of having ::revs. or at least make it so ::revs teleports you to black chins instead of right next to the cave.

    just a raciest

    honestly I might come back just to kill you
  12. Till i see you again

    Thats a custom item not a untradable item. We have custom items on here to that can be sold This item is a know untradable item. This is jacmobs business he'd be stupid to just transfer over untradable items like that. You spent 80$ on a ass game what do you expect...
  13. RDI

    The only way i'd support this is if it was something you could vote for and the pick\ability only lasts for 10 minutes. Other then that fuck no
  14. Till i see you again

    name one? Even if other servers allow that (which I don't think they do) thats nothing to be upset about considering its common sense that you can't trade untradables. Be mad at the fact that jacmob has disappeared for half a year on several different occasions, or the fact that this server is a total cash grab and has been for years.
  15. Till i see you again

    Don't get me wrong I wish NR was owned by anyone but jacmob but those scrn shots you shard really arn't that bad you shouldn't be bale to transfer untradable items just because you quit the acc.

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