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  1. Till i see you again

    Thats a custom item not a untradable item. We have custom items on here to that can be sold This item is a know untradable item. This is jacmobs business he'd be stupid to just transfer over untradable items like that. You spent 80$ on a ass game what do you expect...
  2. RDI

    The only way i'd support this is if it was something you could vote for and the pick\ability only lasts for 10 minutes. Other then that fuck no
  3. Till i see you again

    name one? Even if other servers allow that (which I don't think they do) thats nothing to be upset about considering its common sense that you can't trade untradables. Be mad at the fact that jacmob has disappeared for half a year on several different occasions, or the fact that this server is a total cash grab and has been for years.
  4. Till i see you again

    Don't get me wrong I wish NR was owned by anyone but jacmob but those scrn shots you shard really arn't that bad you shouldn't be bale to transfer untradable items just because you quit the acc.
  5. Filter Game Chat

    i +1 this if its at the bottem of the todo list
  6. Killstreak reset

    The only places thats worth going in a team of 4 is gano and revs. North else would be profitable for a team of 4. People with high killstreaks aren't going to go into multi so they're going to stick to moles, nezikchened's, and other wildy slayer bosses.
  7. Killstreak reset

    You can try and trash talk all you want but face it 70% of the player base on here has never pvp'ed outside of 5 wildy. that part of the player base has no idea how to tank and a lot of the time don't even prayer switch making them a easy kill.
  8. Killstreak reset

    -1 I ain't supporting people making billions from killing pvmers in wildy. In the late hours of the night most pkers get off and you have those few who just feed off the pvmers.

    They are for sure not unkillable and if you don't believe me I will go out and kill every single boss with mithril armor. You're just crying because you want this game to be easy. This game isn't ment for us to be able to hit 100's on npcs, Its a game of skill and patients and you setting here saying this is ridiculous just shows you quit 07 because you thought it was to hard. If you think a change like this is unfair go play a different game because this change is much needed. Notice the eco, there is a massive amount of items because people can kill bosses in seconds.
  10. 2 Days Against Pherus... 10/11.05.2020

    lol you know spots is mad when hes saying shit like this and not acting like a child.

    Don't get me wrong I have 0 respect for spots, but at least he didn't have the audacity to post dh fights at edge. Spot has cringe in his post and I know you just gotta back it up but when your posting kill picks and leaving out the mini map you know its a 8v4. These posts are pure cringe do us all a favor and leave the forums how it is.
  12. Pherus leader power slammed

    “I kill him all the time” posts two pics of killing him, 1 being a 2v1 in rag gear...
  13. This game has gone down the pvm route. You have servers like 'roat pkz' where players are forced to go into the wildy to pvm, then you have servers like NR where almost every boss in the wilderness is dead content because it gives you nothing most of the time. Gano takes 15 minutes and 97% of the time you get runes. A year ago you could go to revs and get 1.6b drops and it was worth the risk. Revs should always be consent money. Revs has turned into shitty 10m drops ever 15 kills and an occasional morg's coif. Gano was always a reliable source of money. The 1/10 droprate for 300m cash was well worth the 20 minute kill time. Now, gano takes less time to kill but it has terrible loot. YOu get nothing almost everytime and when you do get a drop its a green whip. Nr doesn't have wildy npcs thats consistent good money. For the Npcs we do have its always 'get crap drops 99% of the time then the 1% of the time you get something good.' Instead make it so you still have that 1% chance to get a good drop but each kill you get small loot that added up so its still worth it.
  14. Cow slayer title


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