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  1. First Gim with DHL?

    Gzz slider !
  2. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    Presset thé whrong button on my phone Lol i wanted to edit
  3. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    Maybe hellhound tasks are supposed to be rare because cerb Drops 3 bis items? I always do Boss Slayer and i get plenty of cerb tasks
  4. selling di and die pin nrgp

    title says it all pm me on discord or ingame
  5. What You Driving?

    seat leon fr sc 2016 citroen berlingo 2015 kawasaki z1000sx 2016
  6. List of things that needs to be worked on!

    +1 Just don't forget if all npc's are to easy with a lava or something Every op weapon gets useless. For example DHL. It's op for Hydra/vorkath but why woult Anyone pay 30-40 b for it if a lime or BP is only a little slower? I own a lava, BP and dhl. Glacors, zulrah and nomad really shoult get e nerf idk about some of these list. Gwd with blood barrage and gano set is also good but hey again Gano is bis so it shoult be easyer
  7. Add "Buy Request"

  8. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    so attack is getting buffed again and def is getting nerfed?
  9. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    Euhm why gano got nergens so much? Not happy with it but maybe if there is a good reason i can live with it... Is it to make virtus totally bis ? Is it because of to high stats compared to new gear that's comming? I don't need details but some explanation woult be Nice... I hear slot of People have thé same questions...
  10. selling ferro gloves

    Bump Already got a gano set Fero's still for sale, still taking cash of items
  11. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    +1 With DHL it's only slightly Faster as with BP and void. This is not what i expected of a 30-40 b weapon (atleast if it's still this value after thé update)
  12. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    thanks for the answer.
  13. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    Great work! Are thé stats from items going to stay like this? For example Ferro gloves r only +1 strength compared to golaiath's, this makes ferro's pretty useless.. Golaiath's are naw bis gloves because of this
  14. New Slayer Helmets

    Thé abby head made al lot of pvm'ers do wildy Slayer, because of update more pvm'ers Will stay out of wildy. Update is great but thé Slayer nerff is just fucked I understand that we need you attrackt more pk'ers the server but not at thé cost of pvm'ers. I'm happy that i sold my red Slayer 3 days ago because they Will drop in price naw Damn my English sucks
  15. selling ferro gloves

    title says it all i'm taking cash and/or items items must include at least one of these 3 => pegs or prims or gano set Will swap for prims + pegs also, seems like a fair deal pm me in game when i'm online

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