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  1. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    GJ Ham, keep it up bro!
  2. NR Tour Video

    Awesome vid, cant wait for more. Keep it up!
  3. Diew's Get to Know Me

    Yo Walrus, add me Kyle0630#0523.
  4. Diew's Get to Know Me

    Sup Crucio. Keep sweeping Just speaking from facts, updates r looking great. We have some new developers which means more ideas, contents, solutions to gameplay. Sup Flint, just got the msg from Cay. Thanks for your service to the community bro. Wish you the best of luck in life! Hi Buns Buns Buns. Thanks for the tour still. Gl on farming drops on gim. NM, wassup Stiffy/Goat
  5. Diew's Get to Know Me

    Hi Everyone, Should have done this way earlier when I rejoin, but W.E here we go. My name is Kyle, 24yrs old. I quit 07 back in 2012 and joined two rsps in total after I quit RS, played NR back in 2014 for like good 6-7months, love to flip, merch, pure pking, staking but got cleaned one day. After I got cleaned I just stop playing any RS related until the recent lock-down so I went and search for RSPS and found NR on top100arena. Before the lock-down I play alot of sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, hiking and working out 5-6days a week. After I joined NR I only go out for a run like 2-3times a week. Most of the time I sit in the same spot for 10hours to afk camping and working. It is good to see that player counts are raising and more contents will be released in a short period of time. Coming back to NR after 6years is not a bad decision, I had a lot of fun in the past 2months. HMU on discord if u wanna chat. Thank you for reading, Kyle(Diew)
  6. JiXuan Introduction

    Welcome Back! Enjoy your time in NR.
  7. Grumbledaddy Introduction

    Hello Scott, sorry to hear about your work place got shut down due to the virus. Now is definitely a rough time for us that live in the U.S especially with the protest and stuff. Stay strong bro, we can make it. Nice to meet you in NR btw.
  8. Death2u4free introduction

    Sup Cade, welcome to NR. Gz again on the LDI
  9. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    Keep up the great work Arham!! Make NR great again
  10. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    Thanks for the good update!
  11. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    Great update! Keep it up
  12. Customize your item drops colors!

    will give it a try. thx
  13. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    Nice updates!
  14. Updates 13.1.3 | 21 April 2020

    Great Work! Keep it up!

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