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  1. List of things that needs to be worked on!

    Yeah Nex pieces are hard to obtain agree to that to the max, but we should be careful about touching the rates. becouse one slight touch can break the economy of those items. but yes it is very annoying to have 6 virtus masks 1 robe bottom and 1 torva leg (this is on my gim account)
  2. List of things that needs to be worked on!

    yeah its not that i wanted i want those items that are intended to be bis against certain monsters should be that.
  3. List of things that needs to be worked on!

    How are you not splashing constantly while ur in ahrims on zulrah? i been using virtus / gano ,cstaff, occult, ragefires, spellcasters, on my ironman to slay it. but cant go near under a minute. But i am using bp against zulrah and right now i cant do it becouse zulrah to me is invisible and untargetable and idk how it is right now Yes i have seen devs leaving this is not what was the main issue. i do know they get alot of pms. but yeah fine. if u want everyone to just ignore eaother. lets go i wont answer more questions ingame becouse im to busy pvming.
  4. Ok so i have come up to a point where i need to make suggestions of things that needs to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. or you will lose more players. i mean look how many that plays right to this date after the slayer nerf etc etc... but very well. here are some listed things you need to work on.. Defence AND Attack RATES: Defence rates right now is what makes you wanna stop grinding some monsters. we did bring these up 2 weeks ago when the update of slayer helm came through. a few thats still horrible to kill becouse they have Sick high defence and makes the kill To slow. listed below has either a little bit to high or WAY to high Defence rates. -Zulrah -Luminasient icefiend -Planefreeser -Hydra -Nomad -Kree'arra -Venenatis -Vettion -unholy cursedbear or whatever their name is -Glacors -basicly All gwd bosses if u dont safespot them at rdi -Giant mole has high melee defence -Nex what about attack rates? well while i was pking that little that i have. right now defence items are so high that its so hard to get hits on players. Such as magic it is so hard to land freezes even though you are in a really good gear compared to the one ur splashing on. full rune shouldnt tank ahrims. Mage seems to be way to heavily affected of the combat update you guys have made. proove me and the mob wrong on this one. DROPRATES: - More than 1 item on same droprate? This is what really pisses me off when i am Bossing. for example is sire.. Clue and unsired in same drop rate? whats the reason? just remove the freaking clue from it already we arnt there to get clues.... Next Boss is Corporeal Beast. Elixir dragonkin lamp and effigy or is it clue? but yeah theirs 3 items in the SAME drop rate wich means! that elixir will forever be MOST rare item from corporeal beast when it should be uncommon and not Extremely rare. - For example cerberus and zulrah i do not mind them being the same drop rate for the main items we are there for.. since theirs not a clue/lamp/or whatever there to just piss you off if u get that instead. - I do NOT mind grinding BUT - Drop rate of some items that arnt really the ''endgame gear'' are so hard to obtain as i said i dont mind grinding but if you have 8k kc and still havnt got a item thats 1in750 makes u wonder wether to just fuck it or continue it. Drop rates are still to hard For the Current Kills per hour on certain bosses... One thing i have allways been wondering about is Why make Hydra tail 1/500 from hydra. and the item you need to have is from vorkath. 1/5k? whats the reason in this.... I mean is it Outstandingly outrageously superiorly better than the other jewelry? Slayer Rework: Slayer helms - Ok so i do know that these are only supposed to be working on Task and yes i do agree with that. But! their is this tiny little thing. the bonus damage from the slayer helms isn't enough. nor is the accuracy becouse all monsters still have that high amount of defence as they used to have. the diferent coloured scheme slayer helms should work as they used to green has little boost to range.. and the rest as they used to. we didnt want to get coloured slayer helms for the looks. we got them for what they provided us with. Slayer Tasks: Duradel - should give hellhound tasks a little bit more than he currently does.. I did 1000+ Skips to receive 1 hellhound task while i allso had 6 other tasks from duradel blocked to receive the hellhound task more frequently since i was getting ready to just smack cerberus whole day... remove ork, bandits, living rock shits. (these are horrible to get if u just started slayer) Kuradel - Remove green brutal dragons..... period. Items obtained from slayer shop: Hasta - if you do not have Hydra claw this is a complete useless item. Make it so u can craft it out of a zammy spear once u have unlocked the ability instead. Arclight - I know i have mentioned this weapon alot. It is becouse it still needs some buffing.. atleast to accuracy.. Becouse hitting 10 0s and than hit a random number between 5-80. and yes i have hit 80 with arclight but i hit way to many 0s for it to be prefered to use. i still use lava whip over this everyday. on demon tasks. or Even right Attack style. it should slash but animation is stab. reason why this weapon isnt so superior as intended is becouse of lava and Lime whip. And speaking of arclight. - Cerberus is a hellhound. And hellhound is a demon. how does that not make cerberus a demon if it is a hellhound.? What do we need more of?/Suggestions More Variety of monsters that we can kill at ::ldi i know this might be way to overpowerd but a suggestion is venenatis, calisto and vetion? Drop table changed completely for Avatar of Creation/Destruction. These used to be a solid money maker now they are really just meh. Slayer box? what is in it? what can we got from opening one? Can you make it 1/100 drop rate while killing on slayer task? depending of the items within the box ofcourse! Supply drops - Such as herblore secondaries i know we already have these, but can we not get a little higher amount of the secondaries from like doing boss slayer. but at a little more rare rate. this will be easier for ironmans to obtain herblore secondaries becouse have thousands upon thousands of herbs that you cant use is just horrible. i dont wanna camp hellhounds for 2 days to make 2000 super str pots. We need that enjoyment back from doing pvm not being sweaty from a hard battle with monsters that has WAY to high defence. i know this server started as a pk server and i myself love to pk. but every since u implented ironmans and all these donator island and all these new ways to get endgame items and PKING items you need to PVM. for example.. how do i get korasi? - well kill nomad for one or from someone that has done the hardwork to obtain it. What i mean is. for pkers to have easier to kill their targets they need to have stronger items. and to get stronger items isnt to only pk becouse the drop rate of a player kill item is way to low. More shops that ironmans can use. i would love the pkp shop and the ship ticket shop to be able for us to buy items from. A suggestion i have for Abyssal sire to be bareable. is to make it just The BOSS to kill and not having to kill the vents etc etc.. this is what makes this boss so freaking aids to kill. What do we Need from the Developers? Update us what is going on. Don't just say we are working on raid1 and we have come this far but it is not ready yet it is coming 6 MONTHS after the firstly promised date. i do not want to flame you with this but how can we trust you this time? if you have over and over let us down. don't ignore us on our direct messages. speak with us. ask us if theirs somethings needed to be done. We do put suggestions up here yes. but not everyone takes their time to write whats on their mind. and i can bet i forgot atleast 50% of the things i had while i was making this thread.
  5. Complesionist cape accuired

    oh so Zack I am the First Gim with it? i thought u were done already becouse i had 2 days off :'D
  6. Complesionist cape accuired

    Thanks everyone! it feels great! what should be my Next goal?
  7. Complesionist cape accuired

    Finally i can relax and start pvming Again! the grind is over!
  8. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    hope this works now
  9. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    thumbs up on this one
  10. Game Updates | 24 April 2020

    ty for the update
  11. Updates 13.1.3 | 21 April 2020

    an yes i agree remove lava whip or it will continue to crash even more and no one would want limes anymore since its close to not being better
  12. Updates 13.1.3 | 21 April 2020


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