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  1. Iso maxed 07 accs

    any trusted people selling a max 07 acc?
  2. It's time for me to say farewell to NRPK

    @Devyn you gonna dip to boot camp with my lent items lol
  3. Grumbledaddy Apology

    Its okay I love you
  4. Near-Reality Downtime

    I remember last time we had a shut down for a month and was supposed to have raids at the end of it and didn't. Don't expect anything from this one either gl with server
  5. Important drop rate!!

    Give it a 8/10
  6. fix pink phats

    Yet again here I am asking when shit will get fixed got 2 weeks before I never log on again. Gl
  7. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    I think he means that the fact we were told raids would be fixed in a couple of days after v14 launched, and the fact its weeks later and the only thing v14 has that we didn't have before is a trashed pvp stores, and lag. We were told raids, a new world boss, and pvp updates where what v14 was about. Only for jacmob to try to spin it off as just a "pvp" update. Considering there seems to be less and less players every time I log in I'd say things are going great. There is reasons why players are upset.
  8. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    Still no raids, still no new "world boss" still no fix on pink phats. Wooooo!
  9. RIP - skele set l0c

    to answer the red, pink, and gold one were not mine and belong to someone who got banned with them so gone for good
  10. Raids (Restricted Items)

    Catch me in dhide gear with runecbow.

    im all for this!
  12. Till i see you again

    Staff team didn't win 3/5 events lords did
  13. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    i miss castle wars waaay back
  14. GIM point system change?


    If its causing people to cash out I will buy items from those players just pm when I'm on tonight

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