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  1. before i post the account i would like to first understand how the sale works. How do i sell my account without getting scammed? is there a middleman service i can use? what is the scoop on how it works?
  2. I didnt know it was public knowledge that arham resigned. Its not like we are given updates on the game or anything.
  3. Basically we need new staff. It is quite obvious that some staff could give 0 fucks about the game. Fire staff members and hire people who actually care about nr. People that actually played nr. Most staff members were rarely on the game and barely played. From what i have gathered, and i can be completely wrong about this, Arham is the only programmer that is working on nr. Im not talking shit on arham. He works so hard on nr to keep it running but he needs help. Find more programmers who can work on nr. This server is so far behind in content compared to other servers that the life of the se
  4. lmao never thought I would agree with a bbe shitter
  5. I have talked with some people in the community about hellhounds task and some of them are hundreds dry for a task. Hellhounds are perfect for grinding cerberus for the best in slot boots. I suggest every 24 hours, certain donator ranks, die and up, should be able to choose a task they want to complete. This is something which I think the community would want and is definitely not too much to ask for. This will help big time with people trying to grind certain slayer tasks that they are unable to get normally.
  6. I am trying to grind Cerberus for the bis boots on my ironman. I have done well over 200 tasks at duradel, using all of my points to block and skip tasks. I have literally got 2 or 3 Hellhound tasks at most, done all of them at cerb and only have 72 kc at cerb. I talked to staff and they said they always get HH tasks and that im really unlucky. However, they did say there was another unnamed person who has gone over 100 tasks without getting HH task. Please help me because it is not being unlucky anymore, something has to be wrong with my account.
  7. please increase the rate in which you get hellhound tasks. I go many hours without getting a hellhound task. It is to the point where doing a 60 hellhound task at cerberus is quicker then actually getting the hellhound task. Please fix this.
  8. Honestly i think this update is completely bullshit. Slayers have always been like this and when you throw this update at us it makes us all lose a shit ton of money. Not only that but there are now no good bis helms. maybe serp for melee but how about for range and mage? Mods say they make killing bosses way to quick but when you have very low drop rates at bosses for a few hundred mill items, you should be able to kill them quick.
  9. are slayer helms going to be bis anymore?
  10. explain how it would crash prices of rares. If normal accounts could claim them as well then whats the problem? @BloodBuns @stiffygoat
  11. Currently the only thing ironman can vote for is a mystery box for dxp. There should be more things that ironman can vote such as party hats, halloweens, and santas.
  12. I think there are a lot of ideas in here but i highly disagree being able to get most of the items in game from pking. Being able to get all of the bis gear from pking would make pvming essentially useless.
  13. I suggest the drop rate of elixir from corp to be lowered. Most people would agree to the fact that elixirs are rarer than sigils. I know of many irons that have got all sigils before a single elixir. Either remove dragonkin lamp and clue scroll from drop table or flat out lower the drop rate of elixir. Elixirs are worth 500m. Ely's are worth 1b. explain how elixir is just as expensive if not more expensive than the sigils if its not rare?

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