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  1. 1/15 Drop rate changes

    Hello all, this is my first post so please go easy on me I feel the recent changes to the 1/15 drop rate change has had a detrimental effect on the ironman game modes For example if a player wants to kill jungle strikewyrm's for Lantadyme seeds. they drop 3 of them at a 1/15 drop rate which is not a problem But this monster has 50 items with a 1/15 drop rate. So this has essentially made going for a lantadyme seed drop a 1/750 drop rate which is the same rate as the Eagle eye kiteshield I have a daily task to grow 20 Lantadymes on my hardcore account, now I have to try and kill Jungle strykewyrms for a seed knowing I have the same chance of getting a eagle eye kite shield which is crazy! Before anyone says well play a normal account or stop moaning. I enjoy the ironman mode challenge but it should not involve a potentially multi day grind to attain some seeds that are not anything special or account advancing. I have donated on 2 accounts now to help support the server so I can continue to enjoy playing, I still have points to spend on both accounts before anyone says I only donated to gain ingame benefits!

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