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  1. Hello everyone, hope everyone is well We have made a good amount of progress, so here is most of the things we have worked on: · A nicer way to load NPC definitions (easier for us developers) · Many NPC’s with a size of 2+ movement has been fixed, they will be clipped more properly · Implemented Ice Demon room for Raids · Many changes to client side changes and adaptions for OSRS maps · Some Raids pathing has been fixed · Basilisk Knights have been added with faceguard Fixed a major bug with rotations and positions, we are now correctly identifying custom positions withing the raids dynamic plane, dynamic clipping and map generation have both been fixed, still issues to be fixed but none the less, progress is being made Identified another issue based on the raids translating system that hopefully will be patched soon There has been a ton of changes to the raids system itself and many bug fixes, overall, it’s in a more stable place than it ever has been and is edging towards a decent product. We are working behind the scenes just to complete raids, but it’s a massive job. I can assure you, on launch, raids will be done! While this doesn’t seem like a lot of work has progressed, we can assure you this week has been very busy for the development team, some of these bugs are hard to fix
  2. It's blog time This week has brought a few changes to the development squad. Give a warm welcome to our new arrivals: @mikan and @Assadi - both brought in as freelance developers working mainly on client related issues @JP - brought in as a part time developer and already contributed a lot! @Node - brought in as a systems admin to help with forums and backend related issues Anyway; This week has brought a ton of changes to ingame content: Raids dynamic clipping has officially been fixed! After altering and changing the way dynamic clipping worked, i have identified the main issue and it was more simple than i first anticipated. Essentially, the dynamic clipping was not caring about height and raids maps have different heights, following this i starting using the original height of original map. I worked a lot with the current map tools out there identifying the strange behaviour: Height 1: Height 0: The reason the tightrope room had very strange clipping was as i just said: it was referencing the map on height 0 and never thinking about it's original height, which means the reference was not how it should be. The npc's would never be able to hit the npc until they crossed the line. This next week will be a focus on NPC behaviour and trying to either quick fix or adapt the new clipping / projectiles system i have wrote which would be ideal for places like raids as npc's such as Tekton are behaving as 1 tile entities. These new changes will fix a host of bugs within the raids systems and other systems at a whole. The likelyhood of raids being released now is very likely as we are battling through testing, all thanks to the beautiful staff team who are taking their time and reporting issues. As much as this sounds like a simple bug, it was part of a pretty complex system, but now that it's done and out the way we can move on to raids content and finally work closer to a release. In other news: Chaotic crossbow - taken away the ability for it to fire dragon bolts Reworked mystery box's rewards Larrans chest reworked rewards Granite ornament handle has been added and works just as osrs should Updated OSRS maps and fixed some raids maps that were previously missing such as Raids Updates to core client code (adapting to new revisions of osrs data) The following monsters have had a revamp to their drop tables: Kraken (Wilderness Drop Table) Pet added at 1/1.5k Kraken (Out of Wilderness) 1/1 drops added Zilyana drop table adjusted K'ril Tsutsaroth drop table updated General Graardor drop table adjustments Kree'arra drop table adjustments Revenent Knight drop table adjustments Kalphite Queen drop table adjustments Hope Devourer and Bulwark Beast cash drop reduction Tormented Demons have had the Dragon Kite removed from their drop table King Black Dragon cash drop reduction Corporeal Beast Runes, Dragon Bones, and Black D'hide drops reduced Phoenix; Super Mystery Box and Legendary Mystery Box drop rates fixed Thermonuclear Smoke Devil useless sell value items have been removed KBD table updated Kraken wilderness and non wilderness tables updated Avatar of creation and destruction wildy tables updated Demonic gorillas standard tables adjusted / moved to the crash site cavern Chaos elemental LDI drop table updated There has been many other changes; although i will not list them here. A lot of core fundamental code has been changed and many different changes. With our workforce increasing we can expect a sooner release with promised material. Have a lovely week Optimum
  3. It's that time again, another sunday post. We have been working very hard to progress raids maps forward, this week i have been focusing again on generating maps in an efficient manner, last week i was researching a lot about the maps and finally got a fundamental implementation down, due to be changed and make no duplicate rooms, this show off is purely a random map generation, from a specified algorithm. We are 1 step closer to having a decent raids base. This has been a lot of effort, sweat and tears. This coming week will be another busy week fixing some critical bugs regarding dynamic clipping and referencing original maps. This is the most important bug before i start focusing on content regarding raids. We are also going to be recruiting more developers to help speed up the process.
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Last week I was moving home, so all progression has been from this week. I have accomplished a deeper understanding of raids map generation and the different types of maps that can be generated using many different resources such as open source repos like runelite: runelite/runelite-client/src/main/java/net/runelite/client/plugins/raids at master · runelite/runelite ( While Runelite allows people to checkout the different blocked rooms and such, we don’t integrate with Runelite but it will not deter us from adding some messages to show which rooms and such have been blocked. This discovery has allowed us to translate all the layouts to our codebase and start implementing an algorithm for placing the maps together Lots of different things have been put together and we are aiming to get the testers testing this now implementation of map generating by Friday. This is awesome news for everyone as we are stepping closer and closer to a raids launch. Screenshots and videos will be released next Sunday for the new map generation There also has been a lot of changes in the background, more towards the fixing of critical bugs.
  5. Hello Everyone, hope we are all well during these strange times! This is your daily Sunday update about what I have been working on for the past week (weekends only). After successfully finishing projectile clipping, I am happy enough to mark this as complete, there was some minor issues related to projectile clipping itself that will be fixed at some point (noted these bugs). This clipping change will mean more accurate projectile pathing to OSRS. I had another post somewhere regarding movement and clipping, I have changed focus after projectiles and a solid base for movement and clipping to raids…. Raids… Let’s talk about what we want to, as you may know, raids has been worked on by multiple people and changed throughout the months/years. There’s a LOT of code involved with raids, a lot of salvageable code too, code that I am reusing and code that I need to personally understand. The main issue with raids is clipping data based on dynamic map generation. This is a great breakthrough to discover and will be fixed when I get a better understanding of the dynamic maps themselves and how the clipping data is transferred to the dynamic map and referenced. Right now I have identified a mistake in the offsets of referencing tiles, based on regions and certain maps will not have the correct offset. This issue shall be addressed promptly when I implement a solution that will not break everything. This has always been a big problem in raids and there is a lot of math that I need to understand. I have been at the whiteboard drawing up a lot of different math solutions and stuff but this is not an easy task to do as I have had no prior experience in this field, although, I am very confident I can get this working fine. I have also got familiar with dynamic map generation itself being able to generate a map (set map atm, only specific rotations). I have also watched a lot of raid videos to get an idea of how it all comes together. I think a first step would have a 1 level room generating, with olm at the end. Even if this means that most rooms are missing, it’s a necessary step for getting near-reality released out again. As long as this generation can be stable and cause not a lot of problems. Raids - Map Preview - YouTube Thanks for reading this post, I cannot currently give a time when raids will be released, and next week (1st February, 2021) I am moving house, so that weekend I will be preparing to move and will not be able to proceed onwards with raids until the following weekend. Thanks for understanding, I currently have a job outside of RSPS and some IRL stuff I am involved with, this progress may appear slow but it’s certainly progressing. Maybe next week I will have an update if I work throughout the week Thanks, and take care, Optimum
  6. Development Blog | January 17th, 2021

    Small follow up before: After:
  7. Revert combat changes

    So you'd rather have a combat where u hit nearly 99% of the time or a system where you actually have a chance of not hitting?
  8. Revert combat changes

    That wasn't specifically targeted at what you said, but what someone else said regarding protection prayers.
  9. Revert combat changes

    Always remember that damage amount, what you hit, is not accuracy. Protection prayers do not increase / decrease accuracy. We will have time to modify the current formulas and tweak them. Regarding a "revert", we are much closer to a better combat accuracy system than previous. As stated in this thread by multiple people; you could hit through everything. I and a couple of top tier pkers have compared osrs with n-r, although we never used 10,000 + spell casts to have a better accuracy rate, we still produces great accuracy from how our testing was. All this testing was done on multiple accounts with multiple gear setups. We will certainly look into tweaking around with the accuracy. And again; remember that damage does NOT equal accuracy. Accuracy is entirely RNG focused, 25% chance of hitting doesn't guarantee every 4th hit is a successful hit. Thanks for all the feedback.

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