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  1. Hello everyone, hope everyone is well We have made a good amount of progress, so here is most of the things we have worked on: · A nicer way to load NPC definitions (easier for us developers) · Many NPC’s with a size of 2+ movement has been fixed, they will be clipped more properly · Implemented Ice Demon room for Raids · Many changes to client side changes and adaptions for OSRS maps · Some Raids pathing has been fixed · Basilisk Knights have been added with faceguard Fixed a major bug with rotations
  2. It's blog time This week has brought a few changes to the development squad. Give a warm welcome to our new arrivals: @mikan and @Assadi - both brought in as freelance developers working mainly on client related issues @JP - brought in as a part time developer and already contributed a lot! @Node - brought in as a systems admin to help with forums and backend related issues Anyway; This week has brought a ton of changes to ingame content: Raids dynamic clipping has officially been fixed! After altering and changing the way dynamic clipping worked, i have ident
  3. It's that time again, another sunday post. We have been working very hard to progress raids maps forward, this week i have been focusing again on generating maps in an efficient manner, last week i was researching a lot about the maps and finally got a fundamental implementation down, due to be changed and make no duplicate rooms, this show off is purely a random map generation, from a specified algorithm. We are 1 step closer to having a decent raids base. This has been a lot of effort, sweat and tears. This coming week will be another busy week fixing some critical bugs regardi
  4. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Last week I was moving home, so all progression has been from this week. I have accomplished a deeper understanding of raids map generation and the different types of maps that can be generated using many different resources such as open source repos like runelite: runelite/runelite-client/src/main/java/net/runelite/client/plugins/raids at master · runelite/runelite ( While Runelite allows people to checkout the different blocked rooms and such, we don’t integrate with Runelite but it will not deter us from adding s
  5. Hello Everyone, hope we are all well during these strange times! This is your daily Sunday update about what I have been working on for the past week (weekends only). After successfully finishing projectile clipping, I am happy enough to mark this as complete, there was some minor issues related to projectile clipping itself that will be fixed at some point (noted these bugs). This clipping change will mean more accurate projectile pathing to OSRS. I had another post somewhere regarding movement and clipping, I have changed focus after projectiles and a solid base
  6. Small follow up before: After:
  7. So you'd rather have a combat where u hit nearly 99% of the time or a system where you actually have a chance of not hitting?
  8. That wasn't specifically targeted at what you said, but what someone else said regarding protection prayers.
  9. Always remember that damage amount, what you hit, is not accuracy. Protection prayers do not increase / decrease accuracy. We will have time to modify the current formulas and tweak them. Regarding a "revert", we are much closer to a better combat accuracy system than previous. As stated in this thread by multiple people; you could hit through everything. I and a couple of top tier pkers have compared osrs with n-r, although we never used 10,000 + spell casts to have a better accuracy rate, we still produces great accuracy from how our testing was. All this testing was done on mul

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