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  1. Information regarding Near-Reality 2020

    looking forward to NR being popping again!!!
  2. Customize your item drops colors!

    Nice! great work!
  3. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    sick update love it!
  4. Buying ::die Pin nrgp

    Pm me ingame at Wld3eman if you selling
  5. Game Updates 13.1.2 | 16 April 2020

  6. Weekend Events 4/17-4/19

    love that DH FFA just hope can win on iron :3 and i hope that i can make it to it lol
  7. Cow hunt event

    lmao too rare
  8. weekly find mula for 10b

    will u be at that spot whenever you log in or what?
  9. LDI Shop prices/rework

    In this post, I would like to discuss the LDI Shop, as the cannon set costs 4b to get, and void armour set costs 3.8b to get which can be obtained easily from pest control or pkp store, and the cosmetic Dragon armour set costing about 5b gp if you wanted the whole set. as these items arent very useful and attractive, as there are other means to get them at a much cheaper rate, aside from the cannon that is. so i would like to suggest a price reduction for the cannon set and rework to the other items as they are useless
  10. First NRPK Video

    gd shit
  11. Weekend Events 4/10-4/12

    So sick, but plz tell me ironmen can participate in the Easter Egg hunt and win on their accs
  12. What did glaivens do to my feet??

    Big Foot lmao
  13. 2b cape

    slight difference only
  14. 2b cape

    its a huge flex thats all lol
  15. Game Updates 13.1.1 | 31 March 2020

    ayyye sick update bro

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