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  1. bank updated :D

    what the fuck u must be the richest player now
  2. [500M OSRS] v14 Launch Events

    I can't wait to play this new version 14!! Oh wait
  3. my bank

    How much of it was won from whomst

    LMFAO im dead
  5. JiXuan Introduction

    I love taxes
  6. JiXuan Introduction

    yw for the free post count lmao
  7. JiXuan Introduction

    Before anybody asks, i do not eat bat soup and I have yet to try dog meat
  8. JiXuan Introduction

    Hi all, i'm sure you some of you have seen me in game. I am always either at revs, or waydar. I used to play back in 2011-12, went by the username Pearl Harbor if anybody ever remembers that. IDK why i picked that name, i was 11-12 yrs old, cut me some slack bruv. I like dirt bikes, bicycles, fixing bikes, trucks, cars, diesels, photography, cinematography, mukbangs, tree work, video editing, graphic design, and working out. I used to do a lot of staking back then (shoutout Bong V19), pking (shoutout flash k0 joe and party hats) but the thing i loved most about NRPK is waydar the gambler (some refer to him as a minigame). During quarantine i decided i needed a way to kill time so i decided to go back on runelocus to find a RSPS to induldge in. I tried some of the more popular ones and didn't quite find the satisfaction i was expecting. ya they were kinda fun but they didn't offer NPC gambling. I decided to search for NRPK and i ended up finding it. Therefore the only reason i came on here was to use waydar the gambler. So during my time here so far i've won soo much GP but lost probs 3-4x as much lmfao. Ya idk what else to say, oh and if anybody here is a big time ebay/amazon seller, who is considered a sole proprietor/self employed lemme know. I wanna talk some taxes.
  9. Grumbledaddy Introduction

    Hey Scott, it's your fave bot(ter)
  10. Skeagy's Intoduction

    tysm for lending me items

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