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  1. Raid Guide

    Welcome to Raids Guide! Suggested skills 90+ 90+ 55+ 78+ Equipment By using elite void equipment, one can attain higher accuracy rates in tandem with both overload+ and prayers, as most Raid bosses typically have high defense. It also reduces the amount of switches required when fighting bosses that require multiple combat styles, allowing for more supplies to be put in its place. If the player does not have/is not willing to use void, then an equipment alternative is provided below. Recommended equipment for Void Slot Item (most effective → least effective) Void melee helm / Void ranger helm / Void mage helm Helm of neitiznot [1] N/A N/A N/A Amulet of torture Salve amulet(ei)[2] N/A N/A N/A Ava's assembler N/A N/A N/A N/A Elite void top Void knight top Bandos chestplate[1] N/A N/A Elite void robe Void knight robe Bandos tassets[1] N/A N/A Zamorakian hasta[3] / Crush weapon[4] / Trident of the swamp / Toxic blowpipe Heavy ballista [5] / Twisted bow [6] Abyssal tentacle [1] N/A N/A Avernic defender Dragon defender Arcane spirit shield / Malediction ward N/A N/A Dragon javelin Replace javelin with arrows if using Twisted bow N/A N/A N/A Void knight gloves Barrows gloves [1] N/A N/A N/A Primordial boots N/A N/A N/A N/A Ring of suffering (i) N/A N/A N/A N/A Dragon warhammer / Bandos godsword N/A N/A N/A N/A Inventory Dragon pickaxe Boot switches (optional) Amulet/jewelery switches Super combat potion Ranging potion 2-3 Stamina potions (reduce to 1-2 in teams) Sanfew serum 1-3 Super restores Remaining inventory spots for high-levelled food or saradomin brews Best ranged body and legs (if using alternative equipment) Best magic body and legs (if using alternative equipment) Rune pouch with water spells Bosses There are several bosses that can be encountered in a raid. A minimum of one boss can be expected in a raid (that being the Great Olm). Multiple bosses can be encountered, especially in larger groups. List of bosses: Tekton Vespula Vasa Nistirio Vanguard Muttadiles Lizardman shamans Skeletal mystics Great Olm (always the last boss) Great Olm Main article: Great Olm The Great Olm is the last boss in the raid. For small teams (at least 7 or lower), the Great Olm only has three phases. This section assumes that the team has seven or less players. Before starting, ensure that you have all of your equipment and supplies, as you cannot leave the Great Olm's chamber unless you die. Olm will start either on the west or east side of the chamber. It will also start with one of three powers; fire, acid or crystal, which determines the special attacks it uses. To force the Great Olm into the next phase, both hands must be disabled. His left hand is weak to melee attacks, while his right hand is weak to magic. Attacking his head on any non-final phase will deal no damage, as any dealt will be regenerated back. During the first two phases, if the left hand takes too much damage, Olm will temporarily clench it. This prevents it from performing special attacks (lightning, crystal and teleport), but it cannot be harmed. Olm will loosen its grip after a set amount of time has passed, or if the right arm is disabled. If the left hand is disabled first, it will simply prevent Olm from performing any special attacks for that phase; this is unfeasible as it will clench very often when soloing. "Blind spots" exist against Olm. This is only useful for soloing, as it requires unnecessary coordination in groups. By running in specific spots, Olm moves its head accordingly in order to "see" the player. In addition to preventing Olm from attacking, it also skips an attack in the process - for example, if the player uses a blind spot when Olm has already attacked twice after its lightning attack, it skips the teleport attack for an auto-attack. Using the blind spots while attacking Olm requires practice, especially with the left hand. In groups of three or more, the middle player(s) are designated as the "head" runner, moving left and right to shift Olm's attention on both sides. Runners do not need to use as much supplies, and as a result, drop supplies to any players that may need them. When forced into the next phase, Olm will retreat back underground and shake the cavern. Crystals will fall from above, dealing moderate damage covering a 3x3 radius, with shadows indicating where they will fall. One crystal will always target a player in the room, but it can be easily avoided. After enough time has passed, it will appear on the other side and start using a new power alongside its old powers. In the penultimate phase, both arms must be disabled simultaneously to force Olm into the next phase (its head glows with a green aura). Weaken one hand; when that hand is on low health, focus on the other hand and disable it. In most cases, this means weakening the right hand and disabling the left hand. Once a hand is disabled, Olm loses control of it. A bar will appear over that gap; if filled before the other hand is disabled, Olm will regain control of its disabled hand with full health. In the last phase, Olm will attempt a final stand. The head can now be attacked, as its autoheal property is removed. Olm will use all mechanics from the previous phases (barring the swap attack), and now gets the ability to sap health. When it does this, Olm sends out two "shields"; when on top of them, it protects the player(s) from its sapping attack. Players should move continually during this phase, but not in an erratic way, as crystals continually fall from above until Olm is killed. Players should keep their health high to avoid being killed from the increased sources of damage. Once killed, the crystal surrounding the chest shatters and players can claim their rewards from there before returning to the surface.
  2. Raid Category

    Can we please make a new Category for Raids Section? I'm going to train a few people at raids and i think it would be cool to put information into the category like; What you inventory should look like, Items you need to take, and just like an overall help section. What do you guys think? Good or Bad idea?

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