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  1. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    we getting primal maul and primal 2h back again?
  2. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    hey there, I understand the logic here. however, would you be able to speak on whether the price of the lime in the store will be adjusted in the future? I remember the price used to be 400 credits and it has jumped to almost double that - 750 credits now. doesn't have to drop back to 400 but I hope you can understand why people would find it to be a questionable practice to increase store prices right after doing a reset
  3. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    ok ok so even with a reset tho, why did the price of the lime in the store almost double? im not crazy right? it used to be 400 credits and now its 750?
  4. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    im excited reset? bruh
  5. 100M Release Giveaway


    im voting sleepy joe... for jail
  7. It's time for me to say farewell to NRPK

    He needs to stop botting IRL and he'll be back w us in no time
  8. It's time for me to say farewell to NRPK

    Devyn bout to get stuck in random event RIP
  9. send hate mail to devs here

    Ban Jacmob for scamming playerbase
  10. For the love of god

  11. Things to do while NR is down

    Oh god right now they've gone down so much bc my gym has been closed since March and just opened again this month. If you're talking about pulling as in deadlifts I haven't actually done them yet after quarantine but before quarantine I could do 5 reps of 315
  12. Things to do while NR is down

    Modern Warfare and more weightlifting. Gotta get back into pre-quarantine shape so I can start doing Tinder dates again!
  13. Hey there NR! I hope you're all doing well and managing to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. I'll be taking a short break from the game until the next big update (probably on break until Raids come out), though I hope I can return in the next week or 2. Long story short, I was involved in a very unfortunate incident at rev cave and lost my BP just 2-3 hours ago to Jorge and am really bummed out about it (perfect timing btw man, you really lucked out there). Yeah I know what you guys are gonna say blah blah blah it's not that much loss grow some balls and get over it blah blah... no, my already shitty bank just got shittier. Also I am a very risk averse person and this was the single greatest loss I've had so far in this version of NR for taking one of the stupidest risks possible. I'm going to be 80 yrs old and still get PTSD from that time I dropped the rest of my prayer pots on the ground for an additional stupid 15mil and some lousy ship tickets lmao. So if someone has a ton of money lying around, please buy it and hold onto it and I will buy it from you when I have the money, I swear! Anyways, onto the more important stuff. Just wanted to drop some suggestions mainly for staff from the perspective of a relatively new player (played about a month). 1. Transparency: Strong agreement with the rest of the community that transparency is absolute key for a successful server. I see big progress here with the log for raids. The transparency for raids should've been there from the beginning, but hey we all make mistakes, and we learn from them with time. Just please keep in mind why I list this this point as #1. 2. Shadow nerfing: In relation to point #1, I would like to bring up shadow nerfing / shadow updates. I can't speak for 100% of the community, but I can confidently say that this is a HUGE no-no for about 90% of us. If you are going to change the offensive/defensive abilities of a weapon/monster/piece of armor/etc., please list it in an update log (or better yet, let the community vote for whether they want that update or not). Changes like these can mean the difference to someone risking bank pking who is unaware of the change, or someone saving up money for a long ass time to buy that weapon they always wanted, only for it to be a giant disappointment by buying it at the wrong time for the wrong price. Here are some of the items I've heard and seen that were shadow nerfed with no explanation as to why they were shadow nerfed: Godbows, Blowpipe, DDS (I only noticed this one for slayer tasks in combination with slayer helm), VLS. 3. Pathing/glitches that give big advantage to a monster: Doesn't completely destroy the game experience but can make the game unplayable for new players in some cases. Prime example is Cerberus. When I was just getting started and didn't have the money to buy max melee gear, running around the room for this boss was absolutely essential to being able to complete the task, but pathing now makes it incredibly difficult to do this and you need to click on a very specific spot on the ground in order to attack Cerberus now. Another prime example is Zulrah: Pathing works but the poison clouds are now invisible and this makes the fight extremely difficult and near impossible for a newer player with weaker gear. Also quick shoutout to my boy Vorkath, who also has a pathing issue, however this one is tolerable to an extent. If pathing is not fixed, I don't think the older players would leave since these are not the worst issue if you have proper gear. But you will see a big impact on new players. 4. Voting for updates: NR used to have this system in place, and I thought it worked pretty well. This one is self-explanatory, and would be kind of a reverse effect from #3 above. New players probably wouldn't care too much, but older players will definitely be grateful for this as they've had the time to see what works and what doesn't work in the server. 5. Unnecessary glitch fixes: Ok I added this one more for fun, it's not a huge issue. It would be pretty sweet to noclip into the Edgeville bank again through the corner. Do a community poll and see for yourself, just saying lol 6. Castle Wars: This shit was fun af in old NR why is it not here anymore? There were some decent prizes too, like spirit shields. Just make the spirit shield cost a ridiculous amount of points so that the prices remain stable. Much prefer grinding Castle Wars to get a spirit shield while having a good time with fellow community members rather than grinding the current Corp Beast which is much more painful and much less fun. And I usually give up after 1 or 2 kills anyways 7. FFAs: Loving the FFA events, and big props to staff for hosting these. They add something different to the usual everyday experience. Thank you all very much for these. Enjoyable for new players and old players alike. 8. Tradeable fire cape and original Fight Caves area: This would just give players more another option of something to do in the game to pass time if other stuff gets a bit boring. Firecape was tradeable at a price of 100m-200m in previous versions. There were 2 KetZek (fire cape drop rate 1/200-300ish), one mage guy(fire cape drop rate 1/300-400ish), 2 TzKih bats (fire cape drop rate 1/500-600ish) and one Jad(fire cape drop rate 1/50-100) in the cave. Maybe add some other stuff to these drop tables too? Chaotics maybe? Mystery boxes of some sort? 9. Primal maul and Primal 2H: Not sure why these were removed from game. Lots of fun, and doubled as decent cosmetics. 10. Buff Primal gauntlets and boots, buff steads: These items are currently useless in game besides being cosmetics. I mean, you can wear the primal stuff for defense bonuses but lets be honest, who is gonna do that for PVM? Can't speak for pking, but they never come up in pking discussion from what I've heard. 11. ::Die rework: Has been mentioned before 12. Overall drop rate buffs: Some drop rates are lower than those in OSRS...I mean the whole reason why I've stuck with RSPS is due to faster progression. Can give more detailed numbers, but it does not seem like you guys are seriously considering a drop rate buff in the near future. If this is seriously considered, let me know and I will look into the numbers in more detail and provide specific rate suggestions. 13. Donation store rework: Some prices will need to change due to the status of the item in game price-wise. Again, like with the drop rates, I don't see this as something you guys are seriously considering so if you want something more specific, you'll need to seriously consider this in an update and I will be glad to give you my input in exact numbers. Prime example: Blowpipe is 800 donation points, so should be worth twice as much as lime in game right? Since lime is 400 donation points? Not the case. So either change the price in donation store, or buff the blowpipe to its original offensive capabilities to correct this issue. Someone who is new to the game may lose $40 due to this. Not a great first impression... 14. Godwars dungeon small changes: Currently, you need a hammer to get to Bandos and a mith grapple to get to Armadyl......What's the point? Never seen this implemented in NR ever before. I get that you want to convince people to get ::rdi but would it really hurt that much to just add a portal that takes you to the front of the door for each boss? You would still need the ecumenical key or killcount to get in of course. 15. PKP shop rework: I believe this is a very visible issue and that it is a higher priority than some of the above, so I won't go into detail. I don't do much pking myself but have heard many pkers express concerns over this. Well that's about it for now. I wish you all the best of luck with whatever endeavor you're going for in game right now. I will do my absolute best to get back by next week to shitpost in Trade CC and interact with the community again. But if I am unable to, I'll see you all when Raids (or another significant update) is released. Thanks for a great month everyone! Love, Corona Wash your hands you filthy animals P.S. Free my nigga Thok he's a good boy and didn't do nothing wrong. At least for PVM? Pretty please?
  14. Don't wait for perfection

    OSRS progress is too slow and I don't have the time to devote to it
  15. Important drop rate!!

    Actually, these drop rates don't matter because this boss is currently experiencing the Kree'arra bug which prevents this boss from respawning

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