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  1. any further buffs for tbow anticipated? I tested it at nex the other day and its max there was still like 70 something, even after the previous buff was announced, a far cry from its original 105 ish max a month ago
  2. dont support - do not remove those items from donator stores wtf are you crazy? you know how much harder it makes the game? what did we even pay money for?
  3. hey about the tbow...its max hit is still like 70 something
  4. +1 also would be cool to see some bigger bonuses that cost ridiculous prices like several thousand slayer points each, good motivation to keep logging in and grinding
  5. castle wars north building crate clue step still does not exist
  6. 'a town with a different sort of night life' clue for canifis crate in the shop with green shirt icon still broken
  7. I still think that the clue step 'blow a kiss in lava maze' is unnecessarily difficult and time consuming compared to any of the other steps and should either be removed entirely or counted as 3 steps (or provide some guaranteed reward for completing) good update tho, keep it up!
  8. canifis clue step is still broken
  9. additional request on clue scrolls - can you please remove the step called 'blow a kiss in the heart of the lava maze', that makes you equip the fury, fire cape, and black dhide? I've found this one to be unnecessarily tedious, frustrating, and difficult for something as simple as doing a clue scroll. it takes 5x longer than most of the other types of steps you can get. all my current presets are filled and pretty useful to me so id have to manually change my levels every time i get this clue otherwise i'll get ice barraged the second i tele to any spot close to the lava maze
  10. thanks for the update man. there are still 2 clue steps I tried after update that I found broken: 1. Map pointing to a crate in wildy Dark Warrior Fortress: cannot get through first 'open' passageway in the fortress - invisible wall. 2. Map pointing to crate in front of building north of the ::cwars tele - crate does not exist, and interacting with any of the crates in any of the buildings in that area do not complete the clue step
  11. +1 some kind of buff would be appreciated imo, based on a few factors: -some tasks are very tedious -slayer helm only works on task -private server: lots of people prefer this over 07 to just relax and not grind too much
  12. yeah some of them are tiny and easily overlooked. it'd be funny if they were all huge like kalphite pet tho taking up like half the screen lmao

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