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  1. Setup

    this is the title

    This is a test comment
  2. Setup


    Welcome Back
  3. Yeah, the new theme is unfinished, so the voting, store, and hiscore pages haven't been worked on. To use those pages, use the theme selector to change to the 'GreenFox' theme.
  4. The new forum theme was something I was working on before I had originally left. This theme is currently unfinished, so it's only temporary until I fix the old forum theme. Afterwards, I have plans to finish this new theme and have both free to use. However, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it
  5. Setup


    Welcome Sanders
  6. Ever since I've joined the team, you've have been nothing but lovely. Glad to finally see a re-introduction from you
  7. Setup


    Hi, My name is Setup, 21 years old, and currently studying Japanese and web development programming. My goals are to create open minded web apps that help assist you with everyones' daily tasks, and I want to become fluent in Japanese. I usually get along with most people, so feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me. Hope to see some of you around
  8. All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. The issue will be looked into upon release, thank you. Closed.
  9. Love how this thread got derailed lol
  10. The server releases on April 9th. Join the discord to keep up to date with the latest news about the upcoming launch.
  11. who's this?

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