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  1. Hi. I got a few questions about slayer tasks 1) The crawling hand effect (when turned on) affects just for Sumona tasks or all tasks in general including wilderness? 2) The extended tasks that requires points, does that applies to just Sumona, or all tasks in general? 3) What's your best recommendations in blocking tasks from : Sumona: Kuradel: Wilderness Slayer: Thank you for your time, and recommendations.
  2. trinionwheel


    o hello free kill :p
  3. This game can have a solo mode in which the (HOST) = NPC does a set of emotes and the player has to copy those emotes in sequence. eg: Level 1: bow - if done successfully, player proceeds to level 2, and so forth. We can have up to round 10. With a added twist, when there are 5 - 10 players who has scored 10/10 rounds goes on a head to head challenge. This is where the (HOST) ANNOUNCES SEQUENCE OF EMOTES TO BE COMPLETED IN A SET TIMER. The player that has the most score wins the challenge and given a reward at the end. MULTI MODE: can be hosted via staff member Please pro
  4. Its hard to say who plays on a ironman account in the wild. Unless the person talks and their tag shows up on the chat as i know it. I learnt it the hard way.. if ya in the wild, people attack u regardless of your status. pvm. skilling, exploring. most of the excuses are " free kill for points " .
  5. I think seeds should be balanced similarly to herbs.
  6. I like the idea! .. Or provide us with 5 spin wheels, a chance of random skill items or food?
  7. Haha.. Good one @Death .
  8. Herblore / Farming guide with locations made specifically for Ironman/Ironwomen Credits: Killerrun, Rapta, Spun, StiffyGoat and other community members. Thank you! Being an Ironman can get very tiring, but it can also be very rewarding. Pace yourself, team up with friends or pvmers alike. SPOILER ALERT: Upon writing up this guide there were alot of wilderness locations just for a particular ingredient and it wasn't worth listing em! Chances of being slain are HIGH cause pkers are always lurking for a free kill. My character isn't donator so i forgive me if my guide isn't infor
  9. In-game we have a wilderness map, and you can't zoom in. Here is an alternative method and now you can. Instructions: To view the entire map (shown from the picture provided. Holding down left button you can drag around the map. Scrolling up = zoom in. Scrolling down = zoom out or you can use the zoom in feature located on the top right hand corner Interactive Map
  10. Ty str flies for clearing some of that info. Is there a way i can mimize all the tabs where the inventory is at other than transparency?
  11. Can someone make a detailed guide on the advanced options please? What does each option do or means? Any help will be grateful to all players.
  12. Firstly need to square off some stats to 99 before my daunting tasks of completion 93/99 mining 87/99 smithing 89/99 firemaking 97/99 farming 72/99 crafting 64/99 agility 58/99 runecrafting 86/99 fletching 6/99 construction : Probably be the last skill i work on after i complete all my skills as cash can add up. Completed: 99 attack 99 strength 99 defense 99 magic 99 prayer 99 range 99 hitpoints 99 herblore 99 thieving 99 slayer 99 hunter 99 fishing 99 cooking Achievements: Easy Task - DONE Medium & Hard - in the process....
  13. Hello, Sorry of the late intro although i've joined NR April 14th 2021 My name is William. History of " Trinionwheel" was from official runescape name. It comes where i was born -> in Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago) and i was born with a rare genetic disease called Osteogenis Imperfecta. Currently, im living in Georgia, Macon as of Dec 2015. I love doing skills mostly, pvming (learning) Pking rarely, but am (willing to learn). If im of any interest to you, don't hesitate to inbox me either on forum or via game. Same name. Well, catch you around the game

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