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  1. Are you really asking for 2.5m per potion lol. You know LDI shop sells these?
  2. This is an ongoing project for me, I plan to add actual drop rates in for the items, as well as suggestions on which npc is the best for a given item. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated. There will be another post with a combat equipment/ gear list. Herblore secondaries: Aquanites - 4 potato cactus and 10 grenwall spikes Hellhounds - 3 limpwurt roots Giant bats - 5 eye of newt Monk of zamorak - 5 white berries and 2 wine of zamorak Deadly red spiders (near lava maze or graveyard) - 3 red spiders eggs
  3. spun

    Ironman QOL

    sara gwd for unicorn dust, but the red spiders eggs aswell as toadflax herbs/seeds is a rough one
  4. spun

    Ironman QOL

    For one, theres no way to get red spider eggs other than venanatis. the red spiders aren't anywhere they belong. Snape grass can only be gotten from poison scorpions in taverly dungeon with a low drop rate. another one is unicorn horns. The black unicorns are not located anywhere. and they drop them, and the only option is either sara gwd minions or sara priest with a 1/20 drop rate. I grinded the priest for 30 minutes and i got 15 unicorn horns

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