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  1. Well for starters y'all should have done this so long ago so many more people could tell you what was wrong with the server and you would've gotten much more in-depth feedback but here I go. Tell Jacmob to hire more developers to help work on it so changes can be pushed faster and smoother. The lack of player base is not a good sign at all especially after a soft reset. The tournaments are a good idea but the pay out for it is so damn slow because the mods/g mods who are on aren't able to pay out because they don't have access to the 07 which are meant for that and that brings to another
  2. Gay Tuesday bro cmon man
  3. +1 support this! Excited to see this type of clan! I would love to join at some point.
  4. sulyvahnx

    @ Jacmob

    Yet PK is dead as fuck and more than half the player base is gone. Who cares if it's copy and pasted? There is stuff on there that can help the server overall but whatever at this rate most clans left and wildy is dead lol. Maybe bloodlust will bring back a clan? Who knows. Repeating what Jacmob says serves no purpose whatsoever.
  5. sulyvahnx

    @ Jacmob

    How is any of that outdated??? Also yeah we know that you developers aren't Pkers but there's a reason why you should've asked the players who actually pk for input on what you can do to make it better. Like what Rev Juna said earlier, the specs are complete ass and the server is dead with pk. Clans don't exist anymore either. Yet you say his thread is outdated when he's trying to suggest on what to do that can help this server lol.
  6. sulyvahnx

    @ Jacmob

    I'm sorry, did you even take a look at Spots thread for PVP suggestions?
  7. sulyvahnx

    @ Jacmob

    Yeah dude. Pretty much why I quit tbh. I felt super bored hopping on to NR aside from raiding with Schackel and Gim. Otherwise, pk was SUPER boring and always dead, PVM was just so damn stale. Even Hydra is fucking bugged now LOL. I honestly 100% regret donating to this server and it sucks I can't get my refund but oh well, was my decision to donate thinking that this server would actually amount to something but in the end, just disappointment.
  8. Aight dude that song is really damn impressive. Like damn your flow is really good lol.
  9. Hell yeah man! Congrats on Comp cape
  10. Hell yeah, can't wait to participate! Also in the future, could we possibly do a Nightmare Mass or a Raid Mass?
  11. I can see that as an issue. But yeah, I definitely am excited to see what updates are coming, very very soon haha

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