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  1. Aggression is always interested in where our rival teams are. As Bloodlust is coming up we are looking for some potential recruits for the event to help secure yet another win. This offer is open especially to all who are in anti-aggression teams such as xxx, bbe, swab and overtake. This process is all confidential and I have previous works with members of other teams who have also cashed out today. 1) Join Aggression Discord 2) PM any @Admin 3) Cash Out of your teams today for almost 2B NRGP an event. Discord Link -
  3. Public Discord - As Aggression officially makes their discord to the public, we will be giving away 2B NRPK for one lucky winner! Requirments: Must have at least invited one friend to, and must be idled. Giveaway ends in ONE WEEK. Goodluck to everyone!
  4. Public Discord - Ever since the re-release of Near Reality, certain teams loved talking about us. This all started when we farmed them in single forcing them to go back to their natural habitats. They spent a whole week preparing for this event. Five different teams versus One. The constant mass recruits, audio leaks & gwasballs will surely crumble this 'so called anti-alliance' consisting of bbe, savage shooters and swab. overtake didn't even show up lmfaoirl. Our spy got in the alliance minutes before the event and we ended up rela
  5. Aggression Public Discord - Admin(s) Nefarious (JAY#7365) 2124 (Theo#1000) Error 404 (Jake#5733) Vespula (DeletedUser1337#9732) Maple Bow (`Joe#0787) Overseer(s) Runekilla141 (Italy#2188) Bn Bruno (Lewwy#9902) ic3bfanxd (Ulquiorra#7675) Recent topics, pictures & videos [120B+] PKed Aggression Megathread Winning the Staff vs World Event; Clearing BBE, Swab and Savage Shooters
  6. Aggression Public Discord: Disclaimer; Incase you wonder why these team names are lowercased We've been on this game since the release and we really haven't made a proper topic yet (since most of the teams on this game are clearly below us lmfaoirl) I thought it would be right if we made our official megathread showcasing that we are indeed the last independent clan standing and have taken little to ZERO L's since the re-release of Near Reality. Teams such as xxx, overtake, swab, savage shooters and bbe have really barked up the wrong t

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