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  1. Going to Rehab

    Good luck man. Stick with it! You got it.
  2. I am Walrus Q

    Hey man. I see you in game all the time!!

    Sure doesn't hurt to see what others are killing the most.
  4. Strads Introduction

    Hey see you around in-game Welcome!!
  5. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    Awesome updates thanks Ham!
  6. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    They're waiting for the release of v14 on June 27th to introduce raids.
  7. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    They want the rate at which you get hellhounds for a slayer task to be increased.
  8. RDI

    I would side with this. I get your point that it's tedious and annoying at times, but not everything in this game should be super easy. If you have anymore new benefits for RDI's or LDI's you should def let us know those too :).
  9. NR Tour Video

    Maybe some could be added to the wiki. If you did bosses and did some guides. Just an idea
  10. NR Tour Video

    Nice video. Keep making more
  11. legendary rank

    Pretty much what Grumble posted above. You get access to ::ldi (legendary donator island) and all the previous islands. You get unlimited prayer on ::ldi, access to better drop rates, more monsters, access to ::pb (change your prayer books without going to an altar, and so much more. I would skim the link that Grumble posted above for all the information.
  12. Grumbledaddy Introduction

    Hi Scott
  13. JiXuan Introduction

    Enjoy NR man!!
  14. Death2u4free introduction

    Hey Cade enjoy NR !
  15. Skeagy's Intoduction


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