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  1. For the love of god

  2. Guess # of days before NR back online for money

    20th of august
  3. Things to do while NR is down

    Go outside and talk to people Since I left NR I actually spoke to my parents and they seem nice!
  4. Guide to beating Waydar

    You don't beat Waydar, Waydar beats you
  5. Just POG

    PoG xPeepee
  6. Grumbledaddy Apology

    Oh didnt even realize u were mean
  7. send hate mail to devs here

    Hate mail
  8. Near-Reality Downtime

    Then the server would have millions
  9. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

    Lmao gotcha
  10. Important drop rate!!

    Solid 9/10 from me lmao
  11. V14

    Gratz! And agreed. I even quit because of the lack of content. But I'll be back once everything gets settled. I just hope the developers still got faith and keep working to heal this bleeding server. It's not dead yet.
  12. fix pink phats

    Rip, won't happen
  13. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

  14. The Chambers of Xeric

    Damn Arham; you did great! I work with developers in real life and can approve keeping ur work logged as a developer is something special! Ur mindset and knowledge could be useful for everyone using developers, but we got you here I think we all should be glad having a developer like you. I hope you understand why the community has been complaining to false promises. I admire your hard work, but I won't say sorry for complaining due the communication towards us. This kind of threads is what we need instead of a random delay. I will have the patience and faith. I will return (and a lot of others) once raids is finished. So don't you even listen to the otter comments about leaving this server. We admire you Godham☆☆☆☆☆

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