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    THE EVENT IS OVER. You can leave feedback & suggestions for future scavenger hunt events under here.
  2. SCAVENGER HUNT EVENT. TRADE ME AT TAVERLY ONCE YOU'VE OBTAINED ALL OF THE ITEMS ITEMS YOU HAVE TO OBTAIN: Items listed: Bronze Med Helm, Adamant Full Helm, Mithril Platebody, Black Plateskirt, Cider, 69 Rune Knives (P++), Bird's egg, Skills necklace (4), Oak Shortbow (u), Watermelon, Splitbark Body, Torstol Potion (unf), Ahrim's Staff, Battlestaff, Antipoison (1), Fremennik Helm, 2 Burnt Shrimps, 10 Adamant bolts, Fremennik Blade, Nature Talisman, Cosmic Talisman, Body Talisman, Ugthanki Kebab, Watering can (6), 30 Rune Dart Tips, Redwood Logs, Ogre Ribs HARDCOCK WON 1st PLACE, Walrus Q won 2nd place, Blitzspike won 3rd place THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING PRIZE: 2nd place: Lava whip 3rd place: DRAGONFIRE SHIELD & DRAGON DEFENDER
  3. Game Updates | 24 April 2020

  4. Thanks to the nrwiki team!

    wiki gud
  5. Weekend Events 4/24-4/26

    This weekend's going to be fun for sure.
  6. Game Updates | 23 April 2020

    Infernal pickaxe, duh
  7. language use on server

    What Buns Said
  8. Can I have a vet title?

    Pretty sure we give out the Veteran rank very rarely and only to people who have been ACTIVE since the start
  9. ::pin #### comannd

    Cool idea but I'd say the current system is already quite simple enough
  10. Weekend Events 4/17-4/19

    Infernal cape, big pog
  11. Wiki Updates | 19 April 2020

    Great progress, excited to see what's next.
  12. First GIM spirit shield

  13. which one

    #1 all day
  14. Group Ironman Competition & Information

    Best of luck to you all!
  15. Colored Drops based on Rarity

    How would you judge rarity? If an item is considered "rare" it would mean it'll have that color even if a player drops it. I like the idea in theory but I don't see it as anything but a nuisance for the Dev team for a small QoL improvement. Another option would be to make drops have their unique color depending on the set item value but we'd have to have long discussions about what's considered "uncommon" "rare" etc. if not rework the whole price system as a whole. Interesting idea regardless. Thanks for the suggestion

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