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  1. #Meridian will always be on top. Memo did this to you
  2. oh okaaaaaaaaaaaay r3er3rer333333333333333333
  3. Things are going to be nice asf, just a lil bit more waiting and we will jump from 10 players to atleast 300+ Lets just hope the players wont give up on us just yet... #OSNR ❤
  4. Human Faith

    20B stake

    Sand casino is dangerous place, ngl..
  5. watch when you make 1b and go stake and lose it all
  6. Grats, you could've also just used lamps to get maxed, but it is what it is...
  7. Looking at the state of wilderness slayer task : Add a combat level requirement for getting larrans key drops( maybe combat 110 above will get keys as drop) and lower combat level gets to only get slayer points. Now if you look at wilderness slayers theres level 40s hitting constant 80-90s with craws bows, as a peekayer its not so fun to see someone pvm and get good drops while we are starving in the wilderness only to find level 40s-80s doing wilderness slayer tasks.. With risk comes reward, you shouldnt be able to get larrans keys without risk is my opinion- and probably o
  8. Welcome, lets hope to meet when it releases again
  9. I'm done, lmao seems like good ideas if you didn't copy them trying to implement stuff that other servers have... We at Near-Reality try to be as independent as possible, we can't go around taking other servers ideas..

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