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  1. PKP Shop & Bounty

    I really support the idea to bring back the old pvp shops and bounty hunter shop with adjusted prices. This is making it so hard to obtain items now, as there is NONE in the shops. If U.N cant help you with this matter I'm sure we have other skilled pkers who can and who listens to the community before removing items and or making it impossible to get. Please do listen to us and do some changes that's making everyone happy.

    May I ask who you are and who you are against? I'll consider joining if its against people I don't fancy. Edit 1 : Do you get accepted without any requirements or is there some kinds of arrangement on testing out the people joining?
  3. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    Wow, big up to the developer team. this is a huge step! can't wait for pkers to get back on sick of teams, i want singles so i can plank some asses
  4. Time to farm drops


    I dont know which clan to pay for entering wilderness now ?
  6. Hi there.

    Welcome back Danny
  7. WE DID IT!

    Thank you, congratulations you're still shit tho
  8. Royal Pod Seed Teleportation

    Please fix the current royal pod seed teleportation. I just got k0ed by someone using the royal pod seed. (He teled away I couldnt hit but as soon as he was hittin the floor getting hidden from the royal pod seed plant he hit me a 40)? Thats actually bs and it has happened not just one time but MANY times and it will continue to happen if its not getting fixed.. Thanks
  9. suggest

    +1 this. This is actually needed.
  10. Game Updates 13.0.26 | 11 March 2020

    Welcome Guruu Thanks for the updates, nice and sick items :)!
  11. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    Well aint that lame? we over here striving to get those acheivements done and there goes some random dude that has cash who can just buy lamps to 2b exp in all skills..? it shouldnt have same stats, it should have less since there are no requirements other than having 2B exp in all skills.. don't you think?
  12. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    But in order to wear this do you still need to finish all your acheivements?
  13. What's up?

    Welcome Lare! looking forward to see your work
  14. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    What are the stats on that 2B Exp cape? ( If it does have better stats than Comp cape then please make sure that one of the other requirements for the cape is also to have comp-cape+2BEXP all skills.. first..) if it has less stats then I don't mind it being purchaseable
  15. Mysterious emblem

    +1 should be tradeable so we can get those acheivements done! its tradeable in OSRS so why not here...

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