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    Agreed with everything written on this post lol would be nice to actually see it happen.
  2. Updates 13.1.3 | 21 April 2020

    Nice work. I shall obtain thy shoulder parrot!
  3. Make Vote Points Tradeable (POLL)

    I support this.

    Agree with most of the ideas that you have listed, would love to see them implemented but in a Near-Reality way compared to other RSPS's.
  5. Game Updates 13.1.2 | 16 April 2020

    Sick updates! Good luck to everyone participating in the GIM event. OT: Was looking forward to a rare frag store upgrade xD

    lol wut
  7. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    Ehhh ight. Idk why Divine Sigil isn't replacing the Divine Spirit Shield it's self in the drop table for corp... big fail. Another thing is make the Divine SS 1 gp value similar to the Elysian. My reasoning for this is because lets say someone is doing wildy slayer and I want to PK them I won't get the Divine SS but if it was vice versa and I was doing Wildy Slayer with my Elysian I would lose it due to 1 gp value...... NTY?? The Rare Frag store is weak as fuck, no one wants to turn in there items for shitty cosmetics in that shop. Lets be real The Rare Frag store has not been syncing items like it should be. Big F. In my opinion which im entitled to.. this was a shit fucking update yet again.

    Ye sure I'm in.
  9. Multiple Skill Pets

    Just be able to trade in extra pets for rare frags would be nice. IMO only thing I support ^.
  10. Weekend Events - Jan 17th 2020

    Nice, finally looking forward to these.
  11. @whoever re added cele staff

    Lol...... damn *shrugs*
  12. Tradable Infernal Poll

    I'm with it being tradeable. To be honest it really wouldn't affect the Eco in my eyes and I say that because it's just a damn cape. Get over yourselves it's still kept on death. Do you really care about the 'next guy' who has an Infernal cape. Add Infernal Cape to the Bounty Hunter Store & PKP SHOP .... (Bounty points & PKP) would be decided up to staff (please make this a reasonable amount). Do NOT make another boss drop this cape, we have Gano & Bandos Avatar for that. We don't need another dead content boss focus on other things. Pretty much all I got at this moment until I edit.
  13. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    I understand brother @Cruz been there as well.
  14. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    @Arham Trust me bro I can vouch and say your updates are very far from buggy. He doesn't even play the server so don't mind him, continue on with your work which is appreciated by all of us. We understand what goes on BTS and understand you are just the messenger \ dev.

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