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  1. And end of the day Pride won that clanfight why the fuck you took killpics middle of clan fight XD
  2. Killing Oi ali isn't worth of posting lol I have own folder for hes killpics and that whole clan is pile of nonamers weird felx but okay o.O
  3. Lmao big words by nonamer remember when I made you go 3-0 front of your clan. Easy to talk trash on forums while I'm banned and if you don't know who was n1 nh on this server 2017-2019 you are just clueles
  4. It's funny how you can talk now while I'm banned but I will be back better than ever remember spots it's 6-1 Don't talk shit here remember your place.... I don't know how you did it but I have to give you respect for getting me banned from game over couple bad jokes ingame now it has been over 5 weeks ban It's fishy I trash talked you in general chat and after 5mins I'm banned ? If someone is better nh than you is the right way to handle situation to get me perm banned ikd ? seems kinda fishy and now every post message i send to staff gets deleted lmao - Godlix
  5. Gz ! good to see newplayers having good time skilling =)
  6. Should I post my killpic folder of you lmao
  7. Nr staff has made their choice to permanently ban Godlix who runs whole wildernes thats why activity had been dropping
  8. Thank you for the memories 2008 - 2020
  9. Lix

    Good old days :3

    Nice joining day good to see newplayers playing
  10. Random killpic of killing random newplayer. Torn gets clapped part 9000 Chilling in jail for your own safety I cencored your messages out luckybamf
  11. claim my name back as N1 nh on server One and only - Godlix

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