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  1. Development Blog | January 24th, 2021

  2. Clan list from previous nr's

    lol, newfags.
  3. Clan list from previous nr's

    NK. Man. What I would give to reconnect with Geoff, Darkfalcorn, Purp, and all those guys. Gwas was good back then too. I miss those days. Chachi was great, but Jags/Zeroeh NR was the best times on NR. John was great too.. he never got the recognition he deserved.
  4. Hi, I am Michael

    That grammar though.. damn. I hope code is your first language and not English.
  5. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

  6. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    Ugh photobucket sucks with the watermark
  7. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    Unfortunately, I don't have the vast majority of my old NR pictures as they were lost with my old laptop. However, I was able to find some pictures in an old photobucket account. Some are of pking, some are of banhammers, some are completely random. All are guaranteed to spark the v6-v12 nostalgia. Enjoy My first ever lime whip. That was a good day. My application picture for NK, best PK & lure clan to ever grace NR. Some random PKs Random mod/admin screenshots + other random stuff (shoutout @Cayleb)
  8. Hello old friends

    @The Real Lee ugh PM me if you ever check this again
  9. Hehe

    miss you booboo
  10. Scorch's Introduction

    Long time no see. Hope you're doing well @Scorch
  11. where you at eco bankz?

    damn dude

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