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  1. they should get ride of it. or give it a timer for only a few times a day it comes but I think that being ldi should have something worth da money they spend. but being a rdi my self. rdi is crap drop tables diff now. its not worth being a rdi in my eyes. I got a while ago n things have changed a lot on rdi for drop tables n shit. wish they fix shit. some new shit for pvm n pvp.
  2. I like da slayer helm. but quest tab was best ^
  3. damn prayers for da family RIP
  4. my computer started workin now.????!?!? so I gess I will b on . im hoping nothing else happens to it. seems to b workin. I kept it up side down for a il bit then sprayed some stuff on it for computers I don't rember name. and now its workin. it was comping unp no hard drive found but seems to be doing good now.
  5. Spilled Corona all over keyboard of laptop won't be on till i can get it fixed or new computer :'(
  6. hate it for him. he left with out it right thxz just good like that haha. then got da 4th one also
  7. got 3 drops then dude left his drop . got it to
  8. sitting here getting drunk n smoking some damn good weed. its my night! Got 3 drops then stayed there n got da scythe

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