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  1. I know the name from somewhere.. Welcome to Near-Reality bud
  2. seriously man, its been at least 3 days and you still aint' done anything about my donations

  3. Dude, can you take a look at my ticket i made about me not getting points... since i was banned through the last reset for some reason my points were not refunded as i logged in, and as ou know i just got unbanned yesterday.


    I always have trouble with my donator points after a reset and even you know this as you have personally refunded my points to me after resets in the past

  4. Have you seen my appeal for my donator points? I am trying to get Tim to look at it and sort it out but he is not for listening...

  5. well, see since you have contact with tim, can you please ask him to refund my points?

    I made yet another ticket appeal for a staff member to look at..

    Cheers mate.

  6. sorry to ask again but this is kind of urgent, could you please reset my in-game password?

    I made an appeal and my ticket is still pending.



  7. Could either you or will please take a look at my appeal ticket about my password recovery?



  8. Not a clue. You'd be better off sending Ryley a PM on the forums about it.

  9. I am not. You'll have to speak with Ryley or Will to do that. I do not have access to those databases.

  10. If you could pm me my new password for in-game via forum pm when you are back from school i would really appreciate it

  11. hey dude, could you help me now, it will only take you 5 minutes maximum....

  12. can you please deal with my donation points... i have made a thread about it but for some reason no-one has looked at it



    i have been waiting far too long for something that takes a matter of seconds to do.

  13. can you please give me my ingame donator points? been waiting days

  14. Ofcourse no harm done dude, all I was saying is that even if he didn't dupe the people who he was staking could have had duped items and therefor because he won the stakes he had them in his bank..


    Also, when the dupe first leaked into the eco, the duper sold alot of items to the general store in edgeville to leak them out and when a mod got there he warned people to leave the shop or face being banned. Your friend could have been there and was not following the instructions and that may be the reason as to why he was banned.


    Not falling out over this, we are still cool.. i'll talk to you later in-game when all of this shit blows over bud.

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