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  1. Private Beta & Roadmap

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I know there has been little to no communication from management over the past few months. I do apologize for that but we did not have a footing with a development team where we could make significant progress. We now have a foothold where we are able to maintain progress with development consistently. As I stated in previous posts we will not return until our promises are completed. With that, we are finally opening a private beta to begin testing the changes on the Raid rooms that we have completed. Simply put, I would like Raids to be as close to OSRS as possible. Once Raids is in a decent standing, we will fix the pathing around various bosses and areas, shops, drop tables ad bug bust the majority of issues that were present on the last launch. Only when these tasks have been accomplished will we go back online. Read more about what we are working on here; Near-Reality Development Roadmap - We will be using this roadmap in the future to plan updates, work with the community to come up with future pieces of content and so forth. If you would like to be considered for the beta team, PM me on Discord (Jacmob#4915) and use the following format; Username: GMT: Knowledge of Raids: We Do Raids Discord Member (yes or no): Time available: I’m sorry for the lack of transparency, we simply did not have a development team that was proving to do work until now, hang tight, test with us if you are able to assist us, and we’ll be back in no time. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  2. Near-Reality Downtime

  3. Near-Reality Downtime

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Shut down: July 23rd, 4PM EST As many of you know, the launch was not what it was promised to be in part for many different reasons. It is up to me to no longer disappoint our loyal playerbase, we have to make changes, and we have to keep true to our word. In 24 hours, Near-Reality will be shutting down for an undetermined amount of time. We will be working on the everything that we promised, Raids, proper PKP and Bounty Hunter shops, Wilderness Drop Tables, World Boss, working Tournaments and so forth. We will not be coming back online until these things have been fulfilled. I have no intention of keeping Near-Reality down for a lengthy amount of time, but we will stay closed until we have completed, tested, and implemented every promise we made. No accounts will be reset. Near-Reality will NOT be back online until the following is completed; Raids World Boss Pathing Shops Drop Tables Blood Keys, Wilderness Key Working Tournaments I do not know the timeline but Arham and Optimum will be working daily to finish these necessary updates. We will also be posting up to date/weekly development blogs for you to look at during the time we are down. I know this may be upsetting to some, but there is simply not a reason for us to be online with so many problems and issues. We will be back one day, and I very much look forward to it. If you have any questions or concerns myself and the staff team will be able to be contacted on Discord (Jacmob#4915) Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  4. v14 Launched!

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I am happy to announce that v14 is finally here, we have encountered a few problems when implementing a whole new pathing and clipping system and a few of the boss rooms have a few problems regarding clipping through rooms, and it's a problem we were not expecting. Regardless, we have decided to launch without Raids for the time being, I can foresee it taking a few more days to fix these issues in regards to our new systems. Anywho, v14 is mainly focusing on PKing and everything new is enabled and working quite well. I know this is not what many of you were expecting, and when Raids is re-enabled in a few days, the events (Raids-related) and everything will resume. Keep in mind the majority of this update was meant to be PVP oriented anyway. We as a team do not feel comfortable releasing something that is not up to our own standards, we may have done that in the past, but that's not what Near-Reality stands for anymore. The current Raids had to had the following rooms disabled due to Clipping and Pathing issues and that is unacceptable; Vasa, Guardians, Tekton and Muttadiles. These rooms function properly, but they become broken due to our new systems. This new clipping system was required and it took a lot of man hours, and it will help Near-Reality improve in the future. I hope you will all enjoy v14 and the PKing aspect as follows, because we put in a tremendous amount of work in regardless the disabling of Raids; A flagship push in version 14 is the direction towards going back to being the best PKing experience. We've realized that many manual attempts of these systems have not been sustainable, so we have decided to rectify this by modernizing our server to be more automated. The most prominent feature of this automation is the PKing scoreboards system that gives daily and weekly rewards for different PKing types. The lust for blood is on. Fight for your glory! In the midst of the fighting, you may notice the new automated PvP hotspots that rotate every 30 minutes. To get there via a command, you can do ::hotspots. Once you drop your opponent, you'll see a new blood key system. A new system of bronze through diamond is now introduced, with rewards valued from 100K, to 4B GP, respectively. In a similar fashion, a new "wilderness key" event has been added to automate every 2 hours. To see an overview of all these automated systems, do ::events. To allure more people to the wilderness, we have revamped the drop tables significantly in the Wilderness. To couple these significant changes, we have also added the Elder chaos druids to the Wilderness, dropping the BIS robes for pures if you didn't know. We will still be hosting the following events for OSRS/NR Credits Highest amount of kills everyday of launch for the first 7 days ; 25M Per Day / 25$ Credits Highest amount of kills after 7 days ; 150M / $150 Credits I truly do apologize for the delay of Raids. Anywho, download the v14 at; The updates we currently have done since the beta of raids is as follows, we understand there is more to do. But we have been diligent and we will get Raids out soon. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  5. [500M OSRS] v14 Launch Events

    No, it's separate.
  6. [500M OSRS] v14 Launch Events

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, With the events that Flint and the team will be hosting, these are some other prizes you can win on launch. Events Most player kills the first week of v14 release - 150m OSRS or 150$ NR Credits First player to receive a Twisted Bow - 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits First ironman to receive a Twisted Bow - 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits First player to receive an Olmet - 100m OSRS or 100$ NR Credits First player to receive Metamorphic Dust - 50m OSRS or 50$ NR Credits Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  7. Suggestions/client issue

    v14 will have the voting revamp included, but not the top voter list resetting each week/month. I do agree with this 100% though. As for top donators, I disagree, some people simply do not want their names out there like that, and I can understand that. As for the client freezing, if you could dm me on Discord as much information I'll try and relay it to our client developer.
  8. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Updated v14 Release date: July 1st, 2020 - 12:00PM EST As of today we have made the decision to move the launch of v14 to July 1st, 2020. There has been numerous discussions amongst the development team and myself, and we feel an extra four days will provide an even greater experience for our playerbase, and the viability of Near-Reality as a whole. While testing Raids we have taken notice to some bugs and issues that will postpone us to the 1st of July. Regardless, this will give us more time to properly advertise, work on continued PVP content, client modifications and enhancements and so forth. We want v14 to be something special, and it will continually be a work in progress, the combat system itself has been a blessing, and it will be our bedrock as move into July and August and eventually release our Bloodlust system. Many of you are most likely wondering, what else have we accomplished over the past 50 days asides from the Chambers of Xeric. I won't delve to deeply, but below is a simple list of what is to be expected. Near-Reality will be going offline on June 30th, 12:00PM EST. This downtime is only for 24 hours, as we launch on July 1st, 2020 - 12:00PM EST Content for v14 Chambers of Xeric (Raids 1) Automated PVP hotspots Automated daily, weekly PK leaderboard - PKP and OSRS gp rewards (the values in the picture are incorrect) New Blood Key system (Bronze through Diamond keys) Wilderness Key (revamp of our current Blood Key system - automated) All Wilderness Drop Tables rewritten Ganodermic Beast Drop Table rewritten (new system implemented) PKP Shop and Bounty Shop rewritten OSRS Rasterizer, Proper FOV, Client Performance improvements (Visual) Latest OSRS data: Darkmeyer update You'll have to wait and see what else is in store. v14 will be the first step in the right direction for Near-Reality moving forward into 2020. Media These are simply sneak peeks, I don't want to give too much away. I can't wait to see you all on July 1st! Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  9. Raids (Restricted Items)

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, This is a simple yet informative post regarding what items are allowed in Raids. We have decided for the time being to only allow for 07 content to be allowed, this means no Pre-Eoc items (Nex), Custom items, and so forth. This is tentative so it is subject to change. I will be formulating a full list to show you what is not allowed, so re-visit this thread in the future if you want an exact explanation of what items are allowed. Simply put, no Pre-Eoc items, and no Custom items will be allowed into Raids. This is the list we have thus far; -Nex Gear -PvP gear (vesta, morg, zuriels) -Ganodermic Gear -Divine Spirit Shield -Blood Necklace -All chaotic items -Glavien Boots, Steadfast Boots, Ragefire Boots -Godbows -Handcannon -Celestial Staff -Spellcaster, Goliath, Swift Gloves -Dragon Kiteshield -Flameburst Defenders -Colored Abyssal Whips -Death Cape -Primal and Promethium Armor -Overloads Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  10. Till i see you again

    All pathing issues will be fixed per my thread regarding the v14 PVP revamp. It's not due to we are lazy, I believe the Ironman mode is a stand-alone mode. It should be unique and interesting to see rare items on an Ironman, it makes it far more unique as an account. Are we every other server? No. Just because someone else does something does not mean we have to abide by those rules. If your hits are awful, so are your opponents, these anecdotal examples of your losses at Duel Arena simply do not make sense in your argument. Nor is the combat system ready for v14, we are working daily on this, and you will see an update with a wide-variety of combat engine related changes. Do you understand how economics work? Supply and demand, people will be more apt to cash out. What is the point of cashing out if a pin is 2m? Yes obviously all I do care about is money, I'm very "greedy" (sarcasm), but for some reason I continually fund Near-Reality for the past seven years, through thick and thin, if the game is not making money, then guess what there would be no game. My main goal is for a fun and enjoyable experience for you guys, as long as we are breaking even I am happy as I know we progress and create a better experience for you all.
  11. Till i see you again

    I understand some of the decisions I make are not a current community favorite. I provide solutions to the ever-evolving issue of power creep with changes that will benefit the server greatly. Near-Reality at it's roots is fundamentally a PVP server. The combat system was left to perish as we worked on PVM over the years. v14 is something we have been planning for a considerable amount of time. As of now, we have the greatest amount of developmental power we've ever had, and we are about to release one of the best versions of Near-Reality. The combat system solved a variety of issues, as well as the issue with Slayer Helmets, they were simply too powerful off-task, it would never allow for new content to ever come into fruition. All bosses were nerfed a considerable amount in regards to their HP. And as we speak the live game is far behind where we are at in actuality. We are not trying to bring content to the main game until the release of v14. As we move forward into the launch of v14 and we release PVP content, revamps, systems etc., Raids and much more we will be able to focus more on these trivial bugs. So I can see why at the moment you feel unheard. Customs was a system that was removed from the game, and we implemented a system that will save EVERYONE more time. It was wasting a great deal of development-time implementing customs day in and day out, people did not receive their items instantly, and it was a head ache for everyone. If you do not wish to donate, then do not. We do listen, everything we have planned is done out of priority, we do hear our players, and the issues you speak of are on our lists. We plan on fixing them when we get to them, things do not happen instantly. We work daily to ensure the success of v14. Do I think the server is going downhill? Not at all. Everything we are doing is ensuring the success of v14 and the longevity of Near-Reality. If you can't be assed to ever tell us, how do you suppose we ever fix the drop tables? Regardless, all drop tables for wilderness bosses in v14 have been changed considerably. I miss spoke about Zach and Mula. I gave Zach LDI as he was encroaching LDI regardless, he did countless hours of work for Near-Reality whether it be for the Wiki and or the Staff Team/Testing.
  12. we need wild yrejuvination man

  13. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    Only the defence, and attack bonus on the leggings.
  14. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    I made a mistake with the ganodermic attack bonuses, these were supposed to be defence bonuses, it will be resolved soon.
  15. Wildy slayer

    We can definitely expand upon this.

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