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  1. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

  2. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    Hello and welcome back everyone! Launch Date: April 9th, 2021 5 P.M. EST Near-Reality finally has a launch date in mind, as many of you know we shut down in July of 2020. The shutdown was for numerous reasons (broken promises, rushing content, and missing our mark with the quality we want to actively deliver). We as a team have finally decided on a date where we are completely confident in a successful launch. The launch date is April 9th, 2021 5 P.M. EST, you can find the countdown timer on our homepage by clicking here. I understand it is still quite a ways from the launch date, but we will continue hosting events on the Discord in the meantime, please use the link in FAQs below I am happy to announce Near-Rea.lity Infinite. With this being the last launch of Near-Reality, we are going to be bringing the best version of you have seen thus far. When I posted about the downtime of Near-Reality, it now has nearly 25k views on that single thread. We disappointed you all. I had to take a step back, regain my composure and work as hard as possible to finish the promises I made, in truth, this game is yours, the community. You all deserve the best, and that is what Near-Reality Infinite will be. What is Near-Reality Infinite? In short; it’s the last rendition of Near-Reality I will host. Infinite will have the entirety of my promises, with much more. Before we launch, I will make sure we have a full-stack development team, pushing us forward in this launch. Optimum cannot do this alone. Regardless, I will be investing into Near-Reality actively, pushing it to be competitive once again. As this is our final launch, I think the name of Near-Reality Infinite is quite fitting. I want to bring the best of Near-Reality for as long as possible, bringing the community together more than ever. I know this will not be easy, but I want to make it happen, this game was made for you. We will be listening to the community’s every suggestion; we will not disappoint. I would like to apologize for this long duration of downtime. I thank you all for sticking with us during the past months and years, we have finally hit our Seven Year Anniversary. This has been a very risky move on part of the team, without you guys, we would not be here. FAQs When will this server launch? Our launch date is on April 9th, 2021, you can read more about the launch and all the events and prizes we will be giving away here: When will you start advertising Near-Reality Infinite? We will begin advertising when we have officially finished the Chambers of Xeric, and the majority of what is on the Pre-Launch Roadmap found here: Near-Reality - Roadmap Can I see some media of the upcoming server? Yes, visit the #behind-the-scenes channel for media and information. The Development Team tries to post updates frequently. Will my items, PKP be lost? Yes. All items will be erased. Including; Skilling items, PVP Gear, PK Gear, Supplies, PKP, Bounty Hunter Points, Mage Arena Points, Pest Control points and so forth. Will my pets be lost? No. Will I keep my rank? Yes. All ranks will be kept. If you were an Expansion Premium before shutdown, you will start Near-Reality Infinite on a Expansion Premium account. Will I keep my stats? Yes. All stats and experience will be kept. You will begin Near-Reality Infinite with whatever stats an experience you had before shutdown. What is happening with my Shop Credits/Total Spent? All credits purchased December 1st, 2019 onward are going to be refunded for Near-Reality Infinite. User’s Total Amount Spent will go unchanged. Do I lose my Achievements and Loyalty Points? Achievements will NOT be reset, but Loyalty Points WILL BE RESET. For example, users who have already finished the 500k Loyalty Achievement will NOT need to unlock it once again. However, if you had not reached the 500k Loyalty mark before shutdown, you would have to gain Loyalty Points once again. Is Near-Reality Infinite the same source as before shutdown? Yes Will Bloodlust ever be released? Bloodlust has always been a point of interest in every launch of Near-Reality. With Optimum being a full-stack developer, we will finally have the support of someone who is both proficient in programming Near-Reality as well as the website, so yes, we plan to release Bloodlust, no date is in mind. Will I be unbanned from previous renditions of Near-Reality? Yes, minus some exceptions. PM an Administrator+ if you feel you are wrongfully banned still upon launch. Now that I have answered some of the most pressing concerns about Near-Reality Infinite, there is a lot to be said about this upcoming launch. Near-Reality Infinite Content Chambers of Xeric Development Blogs listed below will have all the information regarding the Chambers of Xeric All Rooms asides from the following will work upon launch: (Vespula) Galvek (World Boss) This Wilderness World Boss has been in concept design from quite some time, it is something I find very unique. Using mechanics and special attacks ha you must master, Galvek will be the Ganodermic Beast’s counterpart in the Wilderness. Information below: Spawns in a variety of areas (singles). Spawns every other 30 minutes (e.g. 0:00 Gano, 0:30 Galvek, 1:00 Gano) Galvek is Singles Plus Combat. HP Amount: 5,000. All auto-attacks hit through prayer. Special atttacks: fire bomb, dragonfire, prayer disable dragonfire, fire traps, etc. We would like to keep the rest of the information a surprise for launch Collection Log As we are launching Near-Reality Infinite with an item wipe, there is no better time for the Collection Log. The Collection Log will be a great addition to coincide with the launch. Combat I know a lot of our community was not around for the July 2020 launch, but the work Optimum did to the combat system was revolutionary for Near-Reality. The whole combat system was stripped down and rewritten to bring one of the most accurate combat systems to date. Top PKers (Daily Weekly, All-Time) When we launched in July, we had many issues with the PKing leaderboards, as they were fixed, we were already getting ready to shutdown. The PKing leaderboards was such a unique introduction to Near-Reality. It rewarded the best Zerkers, Brids, Mains daily, weekly, and it kept track of all-time PKing statistics. For the Near-Reality Infinite launch, this will bring a great amount of versatility with events. PVP Hotspots The Hotspots were another system that were overlooked during the launch in July. The hotspots rotate every 30 minutes in many high-traffic wilderness areas. PKP and Drop Chance of Wilderness Keys (Bronze-Platinum) are increased. Blood Keys (Bronze-Platinum) All Blood Keys were redone, every key now should be worth it to pick up. I know this was a problem before, but we have put a lot of time and effort into revamping the Near-Reality Wilderness for this launch. ELO The ELO rating system was implemented quite a long time ago, but it was never used to its fullest extent. We introduced PVP All-Stars, and we had a successful 32 man turn out one month, but we simply did not pursue it further. PKing will always have a place at Near-Reality, and ELO will the determinant to enter some high-reward tournaments and so forth. New Monsters & Items We will be introducing new monsters and items frequently, Near-Reality has up-to-date OSRS data. We want to bring as much content possible to our community. Infinite will include; Basilisk Knights and their respective drops; Basilisk Jaw to create the Neitiznot Faceguard. Demonic Gorillas have also been moved from the Wilderness and into their respective domain. Drop Tables Drop tables on nearly every monster have been changed, we our focusing on creating an economy that opposes hyperinflation. The drop rates of high tier items did not change much, but a considerable amount of cash drops (as well as items that can be sold for high GP profits) have been reduced considerably. With Near-Reality Infinite we are looking a server that will be sustainable moving into the future. As of now we have revamped well over 100+ drop tables. Roadmap The Development Roadmap is something I have been working on in my spare time. I think it is a very useful thing to have, we will be using this Roadmap to account for all the upcoming changes to Near-Reality. The Roadmap can be found here: Online & Vote Store Changes We want to bring many integrity changes to this rendition of Near-Reality. Near-Reality is aiming for quality and longevity. We do not plan on selling majority of best in-game items any longer in the store. As I mentioned above, we are looking for sustainability, we want items to have value, the only way for people to obtain these high-tier items is from their respective drop tables and/or activities. There are some exceptions, as you know we are a custom and unique server. Regardless, you will only be able to obtain the following items from playing Near-Reality: All Chamber of Xeric Uniques Cerberus Boots Armadyl Crossbow Blowpipe Dragon Claws Spirit Shields Dragon Warhammer Godwars Dungeon Gear Online & Vote Store Changes We have designed a system where all ranks have unique benefits while increasing in a linear fashion for each rank increase. See the whole list of benefits here: We will now have a new Premium Rank at $5,000 total amount spent. This rank receives a whole new zone with it's own corresponding World Boss. As well with new benefits and so forth. Monthly/Weekly Community Events I would like to come up with a schedule the first week of launch to announce Monthly Community Events. For example, Month 1: Staff vs. World, Month 2: Server Wide Drop Party, Month 3: Clan Wars, and so forth. As for weekly events, these will continue to be hosted by Flint and the Staff Team. Discord Competition & Giveaways Leading up to the launch of Near-Reality Infinite, we will be hosting a variety of different events. Every week we will be hosting a 25-100m OSRS GP giveaway. We will also be hosting a 500m OSRS GP Discord Competition. The 10 people who invite the most people to the Near-Reality Discord will receive: Rewards: 1st place – 150m OSRS GP / 2nd Place – 100m OSRS GP / 3rd Place – 50m OSRS GP / 4th Place – 40m OSRS GP / 5th Place – 35m OSRS / 6th Place – 25m / 7th place – 25m / 8th Place – 25m / 9th Place – 25m / 10th Place – 25m This can be exchanged for shop credits if preferred. Upcoming Content Theatre of Blood & Nightmare of Ashihama Mod Jacmob and Optimum Near Reality Management Team
  3. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    The content that follows the Chambers of Xeric is far less intensive. Theatre of Blood, Gauntlet, Nightmare of Ashihama, all content that in all honesty is far less complex than Raids. There are very few servers that have Raids to the level of quality I have decided to obtain. It has taken even dedicated teams months to complete Raids. With the complex systems of Raids finally out of the way, we can utilize the systems that were created for Raids and easily adapt new content. With Optimum leading our team, we have brought on JP, Mikan, Assadi and Node to the team. We are organized and ready to deliver every bit of content that NR desires as we have proved every Sunday night.
  4. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    I think this is a very narrow-minded way of thinking. If this previous content goes uncompleted (e.g. CoX), it puts an RSPS ever further behind the competition, it needs to be up to par with future content planned. Raids was planned in September 2019, Juan promised delivery by January 1st, 2020, which eventually led to the downfall in July with it still not being done. We have to create a baseline and a foundation that we can move on from. The systems designed for Chambers of Xeric will be applicable to nearly all future content to come. We had to take a step back and form a plan moving forward and we did just that. Are we behind the curve? Yes. I don't plan on being behind it for much longer.
  5. Yo

  6. A wild Gengar appeared!

    I’m glad you’re here JP!
  7. Development Blog | February 7th, 2021

    When we have a date for launch, we will be posting ALL of the changes we have done. For now these Development Blogs are for the Raids content.
  8. Discord Rehaul & Weekly Events

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, As we near ever closer to the rebirth of Near-Reality, I have decided it's time for a face lift for the Discord in hopes the community will become more involved. The Discord had been outdated by nearly a year, it was time for a change! I have re-hauled many of the sections, fixed countless permission errors, introduced multiple new bots and systems. A major addition is our new ticketing system, we would like the majority of our reports, appeals, and bug reports to be done via an automated Discord Ticket System. You can find a variety of these systems on the main Discord under the following channels: #report-a-player #report-a-bug and #appeal-a-punishment and not to mention the new Giveaway Bot and the upcoming Discord Competition. I want our community to become close once again, to bring back old friends and for us to have an experience where we all enjoy ourselves. I can't wait for the future of Near-Reality, as I said when my promises have been completed, we will launch. Follow the Roadmap here: We will have another Development Blog come this Sunday. As for the weekly giveaways, they will be hosted on the Discord server via the #events channel. Please check it out, it only takes a second to enter! Pop in and say hello to old friends. I hope you all enjoy. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  9. Development Blog | January 19th, 2021

    This Development Blog has no warrant over Raids, it's simply the Clipping and Projectile systems we are displaying. Rooms must be tested and Bug Busted after Movement, Clipping and Projectiles are done.
  10. Development Blog | January 19th, 2021

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, As we continually re-write many of the base systems that are present in Near-Reality, we come closer and closer to launching. With Optimum joining us, it brings us a lot of knowledge and experience to finalize everything necessary. This Development Blog is a continuation to the most previous one. Without further ado, From Optimum - "I understand that everyone has lost trust, so this is why i will personally show you more behind the scenes to show that things are really being worked on, this wasn't my plan, however i think it could restore some more trust within the community of near-reality and give a further insight to a actual "launch" that has been promised." Before: After: While this isn't perfect at all. It's a major improvement towards projectile clipping. We are now working on NPC movement which is one of the final pieces to the puzzle. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Development Team
  11. So... Any updates?
  12. Development Blog | January 17th, 2021

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Please see; Over the course of the past weeks we have made it our mission to finally get the Chambers of Xeric completed. Optimum has joined the team and has made some headway in getting everything completed. We are currently working on the entirety of pathing, NPC clipping, NPC movement, projectiles and so forth. This not only allows Raids to be functional and operating in a capacity we find fit, but it will also fix a plethora of other bosses, monsters and areas with these troubles. Creating these systems is no small task, but moving forward it will allow for future content to work seamlessly. I appreciate the community's patience, please continue to stay with us as we progress forward into the launch of Near-Reality 2021. Optimum was kind enough to document everything that he has been working on, and I'm glad to be posting this Development Blog! "The goal of me coming on board is essentially to get raids working. Which still needs work, from what I have gathered, which is a universal problem is the following: clipping, projectile, npcs and other things related to pathing, movement and other along the realms of movement." Projectile Clipping There were many rooms where specific npc’s just couldn’t attack due to “projectile clipping” See: The red mage NPC could not attack me, when it should be able to. The functionality of the npc’s behavior such as when using the quick rope, they all become aggressive work fine. But this is a specific case for where we need better projectile clipping. This is a big task to get right and done efficiently and fast. This along side other changes would be very difficult to just modify as the current code is untested and not very developer friendly. So I have came on board to change this process, implementing a new system with testing in mind to ensure that there is space for change in the future of development. See: Why not change the current projectile clipping? Because there is a lack of basic testing, this is a big task and could inherently break so many different changes, so write it from the bottom up and expect that this may be the case. NPC Movement Npc’s such as Vasa Nistririo had awful movement, as this is a big NPC the game server never catered for it’s size and allowed it to fit through gaps where players can, altering it’s pathing dramatically, this resulted in a poor path making and movement system at a whole. And again; the idea is to create a tested system that will work, so this room will be fixed and the pathing wont be so bad and manual. NPC Clipping Some parts of the map lack the ability to block specific NPCs. See: This is also another thing I will be fixing to allow safe spot usage. I will be keeping everyone update here, the progress will be slow as I work a full time job and have a life outside of work. However, it should be every Sunday. I will hopefully be able to show off some progress images / videos of raids itself or just in general the movement/clipping system in place. Mod Jacmob & Optimum Near Reality Management Team
  13. Merry Christmas Near-Reality!

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Another year has gone by, we are nearly at our seven year anniversary. The staff team and myself would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I know this year has been relatively tough for Near-Reality, yet 2021 will be a new start. After Christmas we will be having some updates about what we have been working on, you will also be able to see our progress on the Roadmap as well when I update it this coming week. We have made a great deal of progress the past two weeks with the new developers on board, I can't wait for 2021 and what's to come. Regardless, everyone enjoy their holidays! Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  14. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, As we continue to test and work on the relaunch of Near-Reality, we need a staff team that stands behind myself and the developers of Near-Reality. Many of our old staff members have returned a long with some new faces, they will be working to bring the best experience to you all. I thank you all for having my back when I needed it the most. Flint has been promoted to Manager Hick has been promoted to Advisor Jase has been promoted to Advisor Jimba has been promoted to Advisor Death has been promoted to Administrator Wowzaa has been promoted to Administrator B R Z has been promoted to Server Support R3KT has been promoted to Server Support Zack has been promoted to Server Support I can't wait for what's to come. We'll have a update post coming along here soon with everything we have been working on as a team. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  15. Private Beta & Roadmap

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I know there has been little to no communication from management over the past few months. I do apologize for that but we did not have a footing with a development team where we could make significant progress. We now have a foothold where we are able to maintain progress with development consistently. As I stated in previous posts we will not return until our promises are completed. With that, we are finally opening a private beta to begin testing the changes on the Raid rooms that we have completed. Simply put, I would like Raids to be as close to OSRS as possible. Once Raids is in a decent standing, we will fix the pathing around various bosses and areas, shops, drop tables ad bug bust the majority of issues that were present on the last launch. Only when these tasks have been accomplished will we go back online. Read more about what we are working on here; Near-Reality Development Roadmap - We will be using this roadmap in the future to plan updates, work with the community to come up with future pieces of content and so forth. If you would like to be considered for the beta team, PM me on Discord (Jacmob#4915) and use the following format; Username: GMT: Knowledge of Raids: We Do Raids Discord Member (yes or no): Time available: I’m sorry for the lack of transparency, we simply did not have a development team that was proving to do work until now, hang tight, test with us if you are able to assist us, and we’ll be back in no time. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team

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