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  1. we need wild yrejuvination man

  2. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    Only the defence, and attack bonus on the leggings.
  3. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    I made a mistake with the ganodermic attack bonuses, these were supposed to be defence bonuses, it will be resolved soon.
  4. Wildy slayer

    We can definitely expand upon this.
  5. Hi there.

    Welcome back.
  6. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    There will be no economy reset. The game will continue to run as normal.
  7. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    Hello, Community Members of Near-Reality, Near-Reality v14 Release; June 27th, 2020 There will be no shutdown or economy reset. This thread will be one of my favorite threads I will ever post to date. We have come such a long way in the past half-year, Arham, has single-handedly changed Near-Reality. We have continually updated the server with weekly updates, and moving forward, we now have Andy and Optimum to aid Arham in the release of v14 Near-Reality. As you can see, we have released the new landing page for Near-Reality, and you can see the release date for Near-Reality v14 is on June 27th, 2020. ** (All other functions such as the Hiscores, Store, Pin Transfers, etc. will still be found on the forums page. The only difference is that we now have an immersive homepage for new and existing users.) What exactly is the revival launch? We will not be going offline; we will continually be updating the server and bringing updates to the community. It means the release date of Raids, the PVP Expansion, and much more content, and let's not forget advertising. We have hired a large number of content creators who will be making videos on Near-Reality for this upcoming revival launch. It will be a big spectacle, and it's one not to miss, it will be the time where we WILL make Near-Reality great for good. I can't say how thankful I am to the development team, the staff, and the community for sticking with us for seven years. Over the past few months, many great developers have come and go, which has led to our untimely release date of Raids | Chambers of Xeric. But here we are, moving into another phase of Near-Reality, with Arham at the helm we have accomplished a great deal. As of now, Arham is in the midst of finishing the last component of Raids (the Great Olm), it's nearly finished, and we want to make sure Raids is perfect for the v14 launch. We have a lot of content incoming when it comes to PVP. I understand it has been neglected over the years, over the past week, we have hired a new developer Optimum who will be manning most of our PVP content updates. Optimum is the developer responsible for creating the new combat engine, which in my opinion, is a game-changer for Near-Reality. I don't want to spoil much of the upcoming content, but a wide variety of mechanics, special attacks, passives, stores, PVP-related content will all be revamped and implemented into the game for the revival launch of Near-Reality. ** The game will still be updated weekly and online for everyone to play. There will be NO reset. The time for Near-Reality is now. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  8. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    Next update the Penance Queen will have a slight change in HP (20%)
  9. Combat Dummy

  10. Combat Dummy

    We are going to put them back when we fix the bugs corresponding with them.
  11. New Slayer Helmets

    I agree the Slayer Helmet is iconic to Near-Reality, but the colored helmets were not (they were added in 2018). Yet these changes, allows for a variety of new helmets to come into play, e.g. Neitiznot Faceguard, Sirenic Mask, Ancestral Hat. By keeping the slayers the same way, it virtually destroys any value these new items would have had in the game (asides from the value it brings in PKing). As for your arguments to the doubling effects, it's a 1% proc chance, it's does not change your DPS by a considerable amount (making it less essential than you think it is). Also as we fix the bosses to match the new combat engine, the kill times will be very similar as before, and as we introduce new BIS gear these kill times will continue to drop, not to mention the new Anguish and Torment prayers.
  12. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    Hello, Community Members of Near-Reality, Combat Engine I understand many of you are at loss of words at this current time, and I can completely understand that. As we move forward we have to take drastic measures to ensure the success of Near-Reality for the long run. I don't disagree with you, bosses and mobs have become far stronger for the current bonuses our gear now has, rest be assured, all Bosses and NPCs will be adjusted accordingly. I would like to talk to you about why we have made the changes to the combat system and slayer helmets. The main reason for the changes to the combat system, is to make Near-Reality more PK friendly, with accurate bonuses, proper max hits, it makes sense now when PKing on NRPK (at our roots we are a PK server). These changes mean no more outrageous max hits, catching freezes commonly using d'hides and so forth. The combat engine rewrite allows for new items to come into the game as well, in the past we were simply adding new items by increasing the already outrageous bonuses. Moving forward I promise to you the majority of Bosses and Monsters will have their HP and bonuses rewritten. We are not trying to make it an extremely tedious process to PVM, we simply want to allow for new gear to come into the game without effecting max hits, PKing and so forth. ** We understand there may a few issues, but it's also day one, and we will be tweaking and fixing things as we see fit. Slayer Helmets The Slayer Helmet effects working everywhere regardless of being on a task for such a long period of time, has made you accustomed to the PVM system. As we changed the combat engine it means a majority of Boss and Monster HP and bonuses must be changed as well. As I said above were not trying to make PVM an even bigger and harder grind, in fact the opposite, we want you all to have fun and enjoy yourselves. The Slayer Helmet effect had effects that were powerful yes, but it also discounted every other head slot item in the game, this was an issue. So what do I plan to do about this issue? I understand the majority's point of view, and why the community is so upset, so I have decided to compromise. The next patch will include Slayer Helmets that are kept on death (still tradeable), this means you can do Wilderness Slayer with the BIS helmet and not have any issues (other than a small buy-back fee from Perdu). This update was solely to allow for new content to be introduced to the game, and not bring about an inevitable power creep, I understand it's frustrating due to the Bosses and Monsters not being properly scaled, but that will be fixed. Moving Forward/Slayer Revamp/DHL + Arclight Fixes As I said above, we have a great deal of content coming your way, we will be making a large announcement by the end of this weekend with some news that will surely brighten your moods. This allows us to scale our items properly and introduce new BIS gear without it being overly powerful. ** We will be fixing the Slayer Helmets not working on Blue Dragon task (Vorkath), Hellhound task (Cerberus), and Abyssal Demon task (Sire). We will also be buffing the Dragon hunter lance and Arclight so it's better DPS than the Lime Whip versus these specific monsters. This also brings me to my last point, the Slayer system, this has been neglected over the past year or so, and I personally promise to re-write the majority of this system to make it more rewarding and interactive to do the Slayer skill, pre and post 99. The Slayer revamp will be a major project and will take some time, but everything we are doing right now puts us in the best possible position for advertisements and the summer. This update was based solely on my discretion, so please be angry at me, and not my staff and or development team. They did not have a say in this final decision, and regardless if they were on board with it or not, BE ANGRY WITH ME, not the people that dedicate a great deal of time to helping the game thrive. Report any issues with monsters/bosses etc, here: Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  13. United Nations

    I am still looking for members for the United Nations.
  14. I see you <3

    1. Mod Jacmob

      Mod Jacmob

      Long time

  15. a few

    It's more due to the spam to the server. It's low-tier gear, it isn't something that needs to be announced to the whole server. It's a simple Quality of Life update, we also have users that are Ironman, their XP rates different greatly from the standard NR player route. As of now the make-all option is very inconsistent, it's hit or miss, and that's something we need to fix.

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