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  1. I don't think I like this idea for rare fragments as it's used for removing items from the economy. But I do agree, some sort of system to trade in extra pets would be nice. Anybody have any suggestions? Perhaps colored variants, etc?
  2. Hello everyone, Now that the Nightmare has been released. We will be spending the next month or so, working on making the server flawless. We have enough content for the time being, it's time to make sure every function works, and expand current functionality to bring a fuller experience to our players. With this, we plan on updating every day with new updates, misc content, and bug fixes. Game Updates TSOTD (uncharged) now dismantles properly ALL Slayer Helmets have been buffed by 10% across the board Slayer Helmet is now 25% for melee FSH is
  3. Hello Everyone, It has been an exciting few days, testing Nightmare, finalizing it, and getting it ready for you all. Once this is finished we will be spending the next three weeks on entirely bug fixes, I want the server to be running flawless before new content, Bloodlust, and such comes out. Regardless, the Nightmare is finally here, read below; Getting There The quickest methods of reaching Slepe, where The Nightmare resides, are: ::nightmare command Boss teleports (last page) Fight overview To begin the fight, approach The Nightmare's unco
  4. Hello everyone, This is the precursor update to the Nightmare. I've been testing Nightmare extensively, and it's quite a fun bit of content. We have 1-2 more things to finish up, which will be done upon waking up (finalizing scoreboard, drop tables etc). Regardless, this update has quite a few fixes. Tomorrow will be a big day though, Nightmare, even more fixes and so forth. Regardless, Game Updates Fixed a visual bug with Nightmare visually losing her shield hp bar. Clear all npcs spawned on the map when destroying a nightmare instance. UDI Prayer is now un
  5. Hey guys, We are nearing the release of the Nightmare, we have a lot in store, more bug fixes, and so forth. We have begun to work on pathing, and other important integral parts of Near-Reality. Read below; Game Updates Remove unnecessary byte/short from packet 53 Ground items when moving from region to region should no longer disappear Raid fixes regarding clan chats Tormented Demon Slayer Tasks Nightmare Combat AI rework Added Dynamic Map support for the Nightmare instance Added unique statuses from Nightmare special attacks A
  6. Hello Everyone, I would like to announce our Uber Premium lottery. Details: I would like to give players the opportunity to win the Uber Premium rank, we will only be giving 1 rank out. We have decided to do this due to the amount of credits refunded. Drawing date: Wednesday May 5th 7:00PM Eastern How to enter: Currently we are accepting Dpins & Lime whips for entries. Pm Ingame or discord Flint#0004 1 Dpin/Die pin = 1 Entry 1 Lime whip = 2 Entries Items will ONLY be taken by Cayleb and Flint, we will keep track of items give
  7. Hello Everyone, Small update post today, Optimum is back full-time, we were able to debug the issue with items disappearing in the Wilderness, and any issues that were pertaining to that. Please let us know if we overlooked anything. We also figured out some issues with packets being abused, which was lagging the server, we believe to have patched that as well, we will continue to monitor. Game Updates Added teleport delay checks for logging out while teleporting Use clan dedicated executor to not bog down coroutine executor Fixed the ground items spawning b
  8. Hello Everyone, If you've ever played Near-Reality in the past, you know we've always had RS Gold sponsors. I would like to welcome Alch Gold to Near-Reality. I have talked to plenty of my users about some of the more reputable gold selling sites, and I have decided on Alch gold. They are professional, respectful, and most importantly trustworthy. I will be personally endorsing Alch gold as the Official Near Reality sponsor. Click our main banner to buy OSRS from them using the code "nrpk", it will give you 3% extra gold and help support the server. Or simply click here:
  9. Hey guys, I know it's been a few days since the last blog, but we've been so busy trying to figure about the issue with lagg. We have finally identified the problem, and are working to fix it. With this update we bring some QoL changes and so forth. We have also hired another developer will be taking over bug fixes, and QoL implementations. We have had a busy few days, and it's time to start pumping out fixes. Thank you for being patient. Game Updates Buffed Dragon Claws accuracy by 25% Increased Abyssal Dagger Protection Value Increased Heavy Ballist
  10. Each update we optimize the lagg, hopefully the update we just had will solve that.
  11. Hello everyone, The past week has flown by so quickly, we saw player counts of 600+ players. It was truly amazing to see the community come back as a whole. I know we had our problems and I promise everyday the server will continue to improve. I will have Near-Reality back to it’s rightful spot in RSPS. I’ve been speaking with the team and decided on good dates for upcoming content and so forth. This announcement will be a joint-announcement for both Bloodlust, Nightmare and overall server improvement. We have about 100 tickets (bugs) in place and each day we have
  12. I'd like to keep PVP gear to PVP. What Primal gear are you thinking?
  13. Should see improves with this update
  14. Hello everyone, Once again another solid update, we fixed even more disconnects and server-sided errors. We also did quite a few fixes for Raids and many other bug fixes, please see below; Game Updates Fixed Bronze Blood Keys Buffed Blowpipe Finalized Overloads in Raids, should work now Vanguard Pathing has been improved Ancient Mace has been fixed Disable Equipment Queue Korasi value is now 5.1m Fixed even more disconnect issues Bloodkey farming has been fixed Killstreaks should be fixed You can no longer use
  15. Hello everyone, A lot of work has been going into the server behind-the-scenes, if you saw any of those client pop-ups today we believe we have finally gotten to the root of the problem of the majority of these disconnects (thank you all to those who reported them). A long with this, lagg should continue to improve, please let us know if any DCs or lagg continue to persist and we will resolve them. As I have been saying, once they are fixed we can push into content and mass bug fixes. We will have a large announcement coming soon. Anywho, Game Updates Dragon Warhammer S
  16. Hey guys, This was a major backend update, we have spent the last 36 hours fixing DCs, lagg, back end bugs and so much more. It was a large undertaking but it will be so worth it moving forward. I truly appreciate you guys sticking with us through all of these issues. We fixed an issue with our voting script that would cause the website to be throttled, this should fix the overall login server issues. But on a brighter note, we did hit 525 players today. It's time for us to grow, lets put these issues in the past and move forward! Game Updates Increased threshold
  17. It was only by 5-10%. If it's too high I have no problem reverting it.
  18. Hello everyone, I didn't want to be updating mid-day, but this will bring a lot of fixes regarding stability, and overall gameplay. Regardless it was a quick update. Thank you for your patience; Game Updates Added more Tormented Demons to RDI Added Barrelchest to RDI Added Giant Mole to RDI Buffed Ancient Mace Special Attack by 10% Buffed Dragon Hunter Lane by 5% If you get a Revenant Slayer task you can kill ANY Revenant Slayer Helmets now check to make sure you're in the Wilderness when using the effect for Wilderness Slayer F
  19. Hey guys, Stressful past few days, but we got a lot done. And we have began working at the source of problem resolving around the lagg present in-game as well as the PVP Disconnects. We believe we have found a solution and I hope to have both pushed live tomorrow. Regardless, we have worked on Raids pathing and a lot of other issues that should make the game more enjoyable. Without further ado, Game Updates Infernal Cape is now tradeable Guthix Imbued Cape is now kept on death Mage Bank Webs should be fixed, let me know if not Killstreaks will n
  20. Hello everyone, We have been hard at work once again, I understand the lagg has been pretty brutal, we have been growing steadily and we will be resolving all of these issues soon. Read below; Raids pathing should finally be fixed. The Tick Stacking zero-damage bug has now been fixed, this means vengeance, multi-hits etc will all be fixed. Granite maul has seen some modifications. Diamond Blood Key is now fixed. Elite Clue Scrolls are now fixed. Wilderness Dungeon Gates are now fixed. Slayer Helmets should be resolved. All Rev
  21. Anne I'm so sorry, I forgot about this, I'll add it right now for the next update.
  22. Hey guys! Another successful day, capped at 450 online. We spent the majority of this morning setting up an advanced logging system so we can identify any errors on the fly with real-time tracking. This means we can solve this pesky DC issue in the wilderness. I truly do appreciate you all and your patience. We tried to solve as many bugs as we could, so let's get to it; Game Updates Raids pathing has finally been fixed and you should be able to Raid freely Overall server lagg has been improved We found out this issue a little later than we would have like
  23. We believe the issue to be a networking issue, I don't believe it to be another opposing clan exploiting an issue. It has happened to everyone, regardless of which clan they are on. What I can promise you, is that we are trying our hardest to resolve this issue. I have warned and speculated many times we are still having issues and we will have it fixed soon.
  24. Hey guys! I'm happy to be welcoming back Cayleb to the Management Team, we have been through a lot together, and he will be working alongside Flint and myself to make Near-Reality rise to the top once again. I also have to say thank you to the whole team and the amazing work they have put forth, I truly appreciate it. As for the updates, please read below; Cayleb has been promoted to Manager Killerrun has been promoted to Advisor Pets has been promoted to Global Moderator Zack has been promoted to Global Moderator Scorch has been promoted to Moderator

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