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  1. Chambers of Xeric Rally your comrades, muster your courage and take on the greatest challenge in Old School Near Reality! As promised, we will be having Behind the Scenes, Development Blogs for the following content; Chambers of Xeric, the Nightmare, Theatre of Blood and the Gauntlet. Each of these pieces have been in the works for many weeks now, and I want to show case each of them prior to launch as they are some pretty amazing systems in comparison to the NR317 game engine. Raids is near identical to OSRS, and will bring about gameplay like never before.
  2. Oldschool Near-Reality We are finally ready to tell all of you what we have been up to behind the scenes. Old School Near-Reality is finally on the horizon. Oldschool Near-Reality has been on the mind of myself and Mack for nearly half a year now. We have acquired a considerable amount of technological debt over the years, and it is time we finally deal with these issues that are set before us. Near-Reality Infinite was supposed to be the answer that I sought after, but when we hit 600+ online it was like jumping into freezing cold water, it quickly became apparent that
  3. We will be having a large Development Blog which will include; Theatre of Blood, Collection Log, and CoX fixes. The next pieces of content will be along the lines of Combat/Wilderness Achievements + the Combat Completionist Cape new Slayer Helmets and rewards, and standard Achievement reworks/rewards. Bloodlust will be released once these pieces of content have been released and battle-tested.
  4. We have been speaking internally about having a sort of a spokesperson so myself and the development team can operate efficiently. I understand a lot of your concerns, and I plan to address them very soon. I believe Nightmare is in a much better standing, but for CoX it was touched by many developers and it's something Heaven will have to address, but I need to know exactly what is buggy regarding it. I love the idea of the new Slayer Helmets, I already have plans regarding this with a unique new update of our own (Wilderness/Combat Achievements). I also plan to revamp the entire Achievement s
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to get this out yesterday, but testing was necessary as some of these changes were direct system changes. But this also brings about a lot of necessary changes as we get closer to the Summer Bash events and Bloodlust! Fixed a bug causing items self-dropped in the Wilderness to appear instantly. Upon receiving a Larran's key it will now appear on the tile under you. Fixed irregular tiles around mage bank which would cause blockages with pathing. Fixed a bug preventing players from picking up their Kalphite queen pet after summoning it.
  6. Is this V's shield you're speaking of? What is the matter with the Resource Area?
  7. Hello everyone, We worked pretty hard on fixing a lot of the underlying systems that were present within the Wilderness, such as webs, gates, and so forth. In the background we have totally stripped down the combat and pathing and we will be testing those systems and making sure they are perfected for Bloodlust in 2 weeks. We also worked on a new instancing system, and implemented the first use for it for a Edgeville High Risk PVP zone, where all items are lost on death, simply speak to 'Lisa' to visit the area. This new system will allow us to create instances for PvM and bosses s
  8. Hello everyone! Today was quite an interesting one to say the least. We were made aware of an exploit, which was resolved and we were lucky enough to only have to rollback a total of 40 minute(s). We have been working for the past 24 hours getting today's update ready, solve this issue, and so forth. Regardless it's finally here, I can't thank you guys enough for being so patient! As we get through system by system, Near-Reality improves, and you will see everything will begin to become much more consistent, we are creating a foundation for Bloodlust and ALL future content. I know everyon
  9. Hello everyone, This is the precursor update to the new way we are doing updates. We will be updating weekly on Wednesdays from now on, these updates will be bigger than the standard normal updates, expect minor content, tons of bug fixes, features and so forth. This does not mean we will not be updating daily for hot-fixes, if there are any pressing issues we will update regardless of the day. Regardless, without further ado, Game Updates Fixed a bug with ground items displaying when they shouldn't within instances. Modified dark bow max hit formulas. Improved gra
  10. Hello everyone, Another follow up update to what we have been working on over the past few days. We plan to continue with fixing up the current state of the server, and make overall improvements to the game. I will be posting a few different Polls and Bloodlust information either tomorrow or on Saturday. Without further ado, Game Updates Bloodkey farming prevention measures Apply donator boost towards double XP and PKP timers Sanction improvements Seren boss will now drop loot to multiple people Godwars mobs will now attack back Restor
  11. Hello everyone, I know yesterday we had some issues with the hosts, in all my years of using them, nothing like that has ever happened. Regardless, some of the features in this update were supposed to come out yesterday. We will resume daily updates moving forward. I will also be making a few announcements about Bloodlust this week, and the events I mentioned for this weekend! Without further ado, Game Updates Overhead prayers will now apply damage reduction as expected for weapon specials that previously did not e.g. Korasi Created interface base for choosing Slaye
  12. Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I would like to wish you all Happy Memorial Day, thank you to all of those who have served in the armed forces and fought for the United States (where I reside). Regardless, I'm sorry for not keeping up with the daily updates the past two days, family obligations were required of me, but here we are, resuming with them. Also we would like to welcome Dread back as he will be joining the Development Team. Game Updates Uber donators now have the ability to make four-dose potions when making completed potions using He
  13. A lot of clue objects were fixed in this update.
  14. Hello everyone, As I said, we will be having Daily Updates from here on out. This won't stop. I expect a few big announcements coming this weekend as well. I thank you for sticking with us during these pressing times, we have so much work to do, and you guys make it worth it. Thank you! Game Updates Fixed door system replacing incorrect object id when toggling state. Fixed a bug causing doors to be impassable when opened. Fixed broken object ids for anvils. Resource gate re-enabled. Fixed a bug causing players to be immune from npc aggression when they
  15. Obelisks were fixed in this update. If this is not the case, please explain to me what issues still persist. As for any gate, door, object. We are writing the new system for them today. The instant special attacks were also fixed with this update. As for the prayer ticks, please explain to me so we can fix them.
  16. Hello everyone, Working on fixing all of the object issues, Obelisk, and overall Special Attacks today, a long with some much needed QoL. Game Updates Dex/Arcane scrolls will now be 400k PKP Heavy Ballista PKP price from 50k -> 20k Varrock multi command ::vm Siren's Tome Buffed Defensive Stats are now +10 Prayer is now 0 (previously -5) Tome of Water (50% bonus damage with water spells (normal spellbook) + unlimited water runes) Drop was added to Luminescent Icefiends You can now make jewellery wit
  17. Mod Jacmob

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    1. We don't even have the NPCs Hazeel, Carol, Charlie anymore 2. We don't even use Ship Tickets any more 3. Obelisks got implemented 4. Caves & Levers are being worked on with the major Pathing rewrites we are doing 5. PVP Keys we rewritten since this original post 6. Ganodermic Beast was rewritten since this original post 7. Killstreaks are now reset 8+ hours (not 1 hour as stated in his thread) 8. We implemented Wilderness NPC drop tables 9. We implemented more Wilderness NPCs e.g. Galvek 9. Most of everything relating to the shops that was su
  18. Mod Jacmob

    @ Jacmob

    Yes and it's been the same outdated thread since the FIRST time he posted it.
  19. Mod Jacmob

    @ Jacmob

    What exactly has been added that is pushing the server towards more of a cash-grabby state? We spent weeks rewriting systems so we are able to modify and fix things easier moving forward. We as a development team are NOT PKers, it is going to take it more than one attempt to perfect items such as the Granite Maul. The systems are now in place to perfect them, describe exactly what is wrong with them. The entire PKP store was re-done based on what Flint suggested, I don't get what you're talking about here. As for the BH store, I'm fine with revamping it. Work on an suggestion post that isn't o
  20. Half of yesterday's update was revolving around PVP? And even in this update, dex and arcane prayer scrolls were added to the PKP shop.
  21. Hey guys, As promised, daily updates. I know there are a lot of object interactions that need to be fixed. But the main reason for this update is to fix that pesky 'Fatal Error has Occurred' bug. Regardless, we were able to implement quite a few fixes as well; Games Updates Increase Kodai Value from 150k -> 10m Added Saradomin Brew and Zamorak brew to Dharok's FFA Salve EI kept on death for a price of 5m Vesta's Platebody and Plateskirt have seen a strength buff of +1 strength bonus Added ::sire1 ::sire2 commands to reach the sire rooms quicke
  22. Hello Everyone, I'm sure many of you are curious what we have been up to, and why there hasn't been an update in quite a few days. Simply put, we began rewriting major systems in place within Near-Reality. This includes, pathing, clipping, special attacks, accuracy and many more integral systems of Near-Reality. It isn't an easy process, and it took us many hours of work and testing to finalize these systems. Albeit the only one that is still in testing phases is pathing and clipping, we are finally able to bring a properly working, Granite Maul, Dragon Spear, Korasi, Dragon Claws
  23. I don't think I like this idea for rare fragments as it's used for removing items from the economy. But I do agree, some sort of system to trade in extra pets would be nice. Anybody have any suggestions? Perhaps colored variants, etc?

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