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  1. Don't wait for perfection

    You're a moron if you think 60 players play this. He either has a player multiplier or pc starts at a set number. A more realistic figure would be 20ish
  2. Important drop rate!!

    I'd be proud of this thread. Keep going sir!!
  3. state of pvp

    PM for help to cure illness
  4. state of pvp

    Everyday? I literally come on here once in a while, I login sporadically. Bro big 2020 just put me on cv ffs ur addicted. Discord pm if u need help to overcome nrpk addiction.
  5. state of pvp

    2020 and ur still on nr, LOL irl must be really lacking hth
  6. Vet rank

  7. Vet rank

  8. Raids (Restricted Items)

    Why even make a post about something so irrelevant. Focus on ads for players?
  9. Autistic

  10. Vet rank

    Thanks for the support
  11. Vet rank

    My biggest fan
  12. Vet rank

    Search the name up bro, check db
  13. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    You need help man
  14. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Awful suggestion
  15. Vet rank

    Og here from v2, can I get rank @Cayleb

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