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  2. what is this?

  3. SOTW please v2

  4. SOTW please v2

    SOTW please, give it a go or so, forums need atleast something worth checking out : P
  5. Raids (Restricted Items)

    This is fucking stupid. Stop devaluing high level gear even more. Just make the raids harder to do and allow all gear.
  6. Jelles intro

    Hi jello!!
  7. Title I wanna tank.
  8. Near-reality, the #1 scout pvp server

    Crank min combat level for pk rewards to like 70 ish.
  9. New Slayer Helmets

    Revert them. They are supposed to be absolute bis in pvm.
  10. Ironmen in Wild

    No. Wilderness is meant to be risky.
  11. The problem is that the 1 in 15 tables arent that good and in most cases could be just made 1 in 1 to drop one item from the table. We just need a solution that makes us get drops, try killing shit like ice queens, it gets frustrating pretty quick bc you literally dont get anything.
  12. Concidering how late we are after the last reset, I dont think there is a reason to gut all pvm like this, so we either need a rollback to the older system, or a major overhaul of all droptables to make them work more reasonably.
  13. Hello peeps! Its yo boi Re1ve here,, today im going to write you all about the droptables. Arham made a fix that "fixed" droprates to be correct. But this also lead to most of pvm content being useless to do since no cash anymore. I'll use vorkath as example here Earlier this drop table was pretty fine, even if you didnt get any bigboi items, you would get atleast dhides or other supplies or cash. Now you literally don't get anything from killing it. Its very problematic since you should be able to make atleast some cash pvming without the huge drops. Also our droptables are still written differently than on rs, on rs you have "100%" roll tables, that you land on every kill and then it rolls on what loot you get from it, for vorkath this table could be the 1 in 10 table if we arent looking to a big droptable overhaul. Other point is that how drop tables show drop chances, they still and will in the future cause a lot of confusion, since they arent grouped at all, and reading the tables without knowledge gives false information, I will use corporeal beast as example for this. When you look at the table what do you think is the droprate for elixir? 1 in 128?, its actually 1 in 384, since there are 3 items on the table, when getting any sigil is about 1 in 189, since the sigils are all on different tables. So for every kill you get first 1 in 128 roll for elixir and then 1 in 3 roll to get the elixir, when for sigils you roll all on every kill. Which averages Nex is a big mess aswell, since most people think they have a decent chance at drops at nex since there are 9 of them, but actually specific nex item droprate is 1 in 4500. since if you read into nex droptables in runescape, her items are actually 1 in 24, so our nex items are over 20 times rarer than on normal runescape, which confused me in the beginning aswell. Also I'm not saying that we should buff nex drops, but to actually droptables to easier to understand. Also I believe on earlier NR's Ihave played drops were done without any tables, so lets say monster had two drops at 1 in 400, they were invidual drops instead on here you can only land either at 1 in 400 chance. TL;DR, Our droptables are confusing and we either need old drop system back, or new droptables with 100% rolls and maybe looking into item rarity on some of the tables since many mobs with cluttered droptables get to ridiculous rarity if you actually need a single normal drop, but that table has 20 items on it. Also we need to discuss that should monster drop multiple drops or not, since if we make that its only a single drop, all rarities need to be adjusted accordingly. Pls feedback and I can update thread if some1 says something really smart. Sorry for bad englando.

    I think a good way to balance wilderness and make people more interested in it, is to nerf killstreaks that are achieved by killing pvmers, and make all kills worth a bit more. Killing people at edge for 160 pkp or so isnt rewarding. Current problem is that wilderness is either pvmers or deep wild gangups, we need to make killing a single person and then dying profitable aswell. Buffing single kill pkp, and nerfing the boosts and shit at the top killstreaks would benefit everyone. Also for wilderness events, we should start having events at castle dragons for example, after the DD fix of course so you have a actual chance to tank to border. Also about the combat. I also feel that shit is too accurate. Barrage hits almost always to the point its ridiculous. Either nerf accuracy or give barrage freezes a cooldown. At the moment its impossible to be solo pker. Imo the DD is important to fix asap, also I would love to see some bridding action instead of just NHing all the time. Also the new droprates fucked up all wildy slayer, so soon there wont be even wildy slayers to kill since mobs literally drop nothing. Also Im really against putting red slayer in the pkp store, its really rare only because its from wildy slayer only and those boxes are so tempting, putting it in pkp store would crash it hard. Also add slayer helms to wilderness. All other boosts but not the 2x hit chance.
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